Be Careful What You Vote for, You Just Might Get It.

We have to trim our budget.  Federal, state and local.  Everyone agrees, but not as to HOW.  When 2% of the country controls 87% of the nation’s wealth, something is out of whack.  In the same breath, Americans like to buy inexpensive goods, so corporations send jobs abroad where the work-force is not unknown to slave-labor, prison-labor and child-labor – all things we purport to abhor in the United States of America.  We don’t stop to think about the 3rd world child chained to a cobbler’s bench making Nike soccer balls or Kmart clothes produced in Chinese prisons.

Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, is a very ‘green’ politician – but not in the good way – he’s clueless.  The man’s a green-Tea Party politician with family in high and convenient places who wants to remove collective union bargaining from the table, effectively breaking-up unions and disrupting vital services he’s too dimwitted to comprehend.  Actions like his would further divide the huge gap between the over-privileged and the hard-working – giving labor far less voice in their own rights, lives and futures.  And while no one thinks union bosses are always among the most admirable of people – Wall Street bankers and corporations, along with the politicians they carry around in their pockets have far more to answer-for as to the country’s fiscal crisis on all levels of government than anything they’re trying to pin on the card-carrying,  blue-collar labor unions. 

Where else have we fiscally gone wrong?  Look no further than the senseless wars brought about by the Bush Administration.  Afghanistan should have been an international police action and not a war – every sensible thinking person knew that.  And the Iraq War is completely indefensible – nothing more than a corporate/government gas station robbery costing countless lives, not to mention financial resource.  So if you’re wondering where all our nation’s wealth went – it went to illegal and mismanaged wars, congressional and corporate corruption and the extension of the Bush tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans – many of whom further benefit from corporate welfare.  WHY are we subsidizing the oil companies, when all 6 of the top earning corporations in the WORLD are oil companies?

Personal family wealth in most cases, is accumulated generationally, passed along – and there it stays handed down with protective inheritance laws that are far too generous to the spoiled-rotten trust-fund babies who only know about their own comfort.  Talk about entitlements…!!!  

We need to rethink the tax-codes for inherited wealth AND on-going accumulation of wealth back to where it had been during the Clinton years.  End the offshore corporate tax loops and subsidies for companies who ship jobs overseas, and STOP BEING war-mongers.  Then there just might be enough to go around so all our nation’s people have a fair chance to attain the American dream that gets John Boehner all weepy-eyed about his own good fortune.  He needs to start crying-a-river over the plight of the people who strive to attain the same American dream for themselves.  And when Boehner’s “young-gun” crony, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin says the people of Wisconsin are “going all Cairo on us” – THAT to me implies that Republican Governor Scott Walker is being unwittingly compared to former Egyptian dictator, Hosni Mubarak.  

Well voters, be careful what you vote for, you just might get it.  Hopefully voters will someday at least understand the value of their vote and stop pulling levers for candidates who act counter to their own best interests. People also need to start paying attention to midterm elections.  Not that I go in for sports metaphors, but the younger voters, black voters and liberal voters did not have their ‘star’ player’s back when he needed them most – right before halftime. 

8 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Vote for, You Just Might Get It.

  1. One other thing, when looking at contribution to parties, in the top ten big givers, the only Democrats that made that list were Unions. Looks like the Republican corporation backers just want to have there large gifts on top and this is all a ploy to get rid of Unions. Do you see how the other states are watching!

  2. I have noticed how many states are watching – Ohio and Indiana in particular. If Wisconsin's foolish governor is allowed to get away with this, it will ultimately harm the quality of life for the majority of people across the country.

    It also amazes me how anti-union/anti-government people are the first to complain about how government services aren't doing enough, and where is the government when there's a crisis – natural or otherwise. they can't have it both ways.

  3. Bill, just when I think you can not be more brilliantly on point, you surprise me. You are so correct on this. Yes, trimming the budget is necessary, but how? Republicans want to cut funding to the things that are important to the have-nots, like Planned parenthood(now to be history) and food assistance and fuel assistance and environmental improvement. But we need to keep dumping money into the Defense budget, homeland security, keep the military machine running on the blood, sweat & tears of the poor majority. Conservatives argue that tax cuts for the wealthy help to boost the economy, and I want to know how? It makes no sense! They already own all the businesses, they are the CEO's and they have all their money stockpiled away. It is the working poor and middle class (is there such a thing anymore?) that boost the economy, and we are the ones that need to have a better income and better chance at life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. Then and ONLY then will the economy, and the Country for that matter, move forward like it did before Bush blew it to pieces (pun intended) and sunk us into the hole we are in now.

    • I live in Los Angeles, CA and it’s pretty much a ditto of what you have in Illinois. We are broke, bkrpnuat, and yet the voters chose Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman and a host of other democrat-socialist pols.Depressing, but not surprising.

  4. Beihl, there's nothing I could add to your insightful & well-written post. Likewise for the Comments of Susan & of Paul.

    Feel free to use my lengthy comments, or any portion thereof, about the article on state unemployment compensation tax rates that I emailed to you this morning. Its just one more example of how the "have & the have-mores" as W called them, have used their political contributions & their lobbyists to tilt the "game" even further in their favor. You might want to consider a 'Toon blog on the topic.

  5. The Ratpublican'ts are are all bought and paid for by the corporate execs (unless they are the corporate execs themselves, can't buy yourself) so is it any wonder that they are doing everything they can to ensure that the top 2% have 100% of the wealth in the country? And Paul, you asked if there is a poor or middle class anymore. Poor, yes, far larger than ever before. The only thing keeping the numbers of Americans living below poverty level from reaching staggering numbers is that the government won't update the level. That way they can insist we are all doing well, while more and more Americans HAVE to be two-income (or even three and four income)households. It used to be that the dad would work 40 – 50 hours a week and a families needs were met, unless he was a deadbeat. (In the majority anyway. Yes, that is a poor generalization, but still, before the 60's single income was the norm) Now if both parents don't work, and sometimes have more than one job, there is no way they can make ends meet. The middle class is rapidly shrinking, and could vanish in our lifetimes at the current rate. The Reich from the right will not be happy until the vast majority are serfs, or outright slaves so that they can live in obscene opulence and idleness, all while complaining how overworked they are, and how stressful their (lack of) leadership and dalliances are.
    Maybe it is about time that the American people took a page from Egypt's playbook (or is that papyrus scroll?) We need change, radical, determined, and extreme change. The status quo is killing us, and the "American Dream"

  6. Meg Whitman suffered from Foot in Mouth disease. In the end, the California voters might not have made the wrong call after all. She all but destroyed Hewlett Packard.

  7. I live in Los Angeles, CA and it’s pretty much a ditto of what you have in Illinois. We are broke, rkpabunt, and yet the voters chose Jerry Brown over Meg Whitman and a host of other democrat-socialist pols.Depressing, but not surprising.

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