Why is it When Mitt Romney Enters a Room, it Feels Like Somebody Just Left?

Next stop for Mitt Romney is ‘Super Tuesday’ on March 6th where he’s facing challengers in 10 states fresh-off having just barely pulled a Michigan win out of his tightly puckered white-bred ass.  It’s as if Mitt Romney enters a room giving the impression somebody just left.  He stumbles over what to say, rambling ‘off-message’ blurting-out stream-of-consciousness comments praising the ‘height of the threes’ — and blathering-on about how many Cadillacs he’s bought for his wife, Ann.  All this while trying to connect with a state, who up until the Obama ‘Auto Bail-out’ (which Romney opposed) Michigan families were all but rationing cat-food to feed their families.

How does Mitt connect with voters in a state he’s betrayed (aside from bombarding them with treacherous SuperPAC TV advertising…?)  He reaches out for solidarity with common Michiganders by bragging about knowing NASCAR team owners.  Now THERE’s a social achievement everyone can identify-with(?!!!)  The unscripted Mitt Romney bears an almost startling resemblance to Forrest Gump — idiotic comments just fall from this lips but lacking Gump’s primitive wisdom and child-like insights.

Romney turned his back on his Michigan family roots — both in the automotive industry and the state government squandering the good-will of his father’s celebrated achievements.  Mitt was ready to toss the auto industry under the bus. By the way, the Romney Michigan mansion was just recently bull-dozed due to the decay of the neighborhood where his once prosperous childhood home lapsed into hard times.  I don’t even know why Mitt Romney is running for president aside from avenging his father’s primary loss to Richard Nixon in 1968.  Maybe he’s got an economic plan where he can leverage the United States into bankruptcy and then sell our assets to foreign powers?  It would be just like the bad old days at Bain Capital.  Mitt’s political winnings are only by negligible margins and during an unenthusiastic low-voter turn-out year.  Why?  Because Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich won’t get out of the race knowing their supporters might flock to Rick Santorum who’s even crazier, and MORE off-script.  As Santorum slips further and further into an almost ‘Elmer Gantry-like’ brand of religious fanaticism — conservatives who might secretly agree with him on some levels, think Santorum’s too radical to win the general election.   I think he’s too radical to join the Taliban, with whom he shares a mirror-image-like backwardness in crafting his invasive ‘Christian’ version of Sharia Law.

Nevertheless Santorum’s putting a damper on Romney’s victory’s.  What should have been a slam-dunk for Mittens has been far-from it.  Romney is a wounded front-runner with nothing to show for his efforts than narrow wins and hollow victories.  This was not the series of walk’s in the park he anticipated.  All the same, Mitt Romney will probably win the GOP candidacy — and in doing-so, he’ll waste truckloads of conservative money on a campaign destined to fail in the general election — unless they can fix the results again — they’ve already started practicing voting irregularities in their own primaries.  I wonder if anyone ever heard conclusive results of who won the Maine primary election…?

3 thoughts on “Why is it When Mitt Romney Enters a Room, it Feels Like Somebody Just Left?

  1. I have to applaud your artistic choice of putting Mittens in the AOL car, since America On-Line is so Y2K, so outdated, and such a lost (and gone) cause, and also one of the employers famous for doing the Romney bit of sending jobs (mine included) to India. However I think Home Depot makes too much of a “Can Do -Handyman” attitude for Rick Santorum. How about a re-edit with the Viagra car?

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