Rick Santorum Brain-washes Himself in an Old Maytag

Rick Santorum doesn’t want you or your children to go to college so all citizens can be every bit as dimwitted as he is…  AND easier to manipulate.  But HE went to college and became a millionaire.  He says college-educated “elites” like Barack Obama are trying to make-over our nations youth into Obama’s own image.  Yes, I hope he is, and I furthermore, I hope he succeeds.  We had our fill of stupid from 2000 to 2008, and just look where it got us?  Into two wars with religious overtones, oil-greed and a crashed global economy.  So what’s next?  Trying to turn the United States into a nation committed only to one religious doctrine?  Yep, that’s exactly what Rick Santorum has in mind.  He wants America to be mandated as a Christian nation, siting John F. Kennedy’s speech outlining the Constitutional separation of church and state as making him want to throw-up.  Now he knows how his former constituents from Pennsylvania feel about him.


To those of us who live in Pennsylvania, watching the national rise of Rick Santorum is more than a head-scratcher — it’s frightening at the same time it’s painfully funny.  Granted bible-blasting, rifle-toting, red-necked knuckleheads reside in Pennsylvania too… but everyone I know — including Republicans — are embarrassed Santorum ever served as one of our senators.   When is the GOP going to come to their senses?  Every single one of their presidential candidates have tourette syndrome – Romney can’t form full sentences without having to pull a shoe out of his mouth.  And Santorum is radical even by extremist standards.  You know a political party is in deep trouble when Ron Paul appears to be the only marginally sane candidate.

Does the republican ‘sink-tank’ pay no attention to national opinion polls?  What have their strategists been listening-to and watching?  Apparently nothing reality-based, because they’re crafting candidates who’re appealing to the opinions of voters who’ve been dead for centuries.  And deservedly so.   When a national candidate speaks-up in opposition to the American dream of a good education while promoting a ‘sacred’ rather than ‘secular’ government, you KNOW the Taliban has blown into town.  There is no real philosophical difference between Rick Santorum and radical extremist Muslims — they’re merely two different religious mythologies with the same common purpose:  Encouraging people not to think for themselves.

The best thing Santorum has going for him, is his own self-destruction, because he and the rest of his debating-team can only serve to benefit the people of the United States by failing.  Face the facts neocons — your party has imploded and your big-wigs have already written-off 2012.  The four beauty contestants competing for the GOP ‘candidacy’ and that’s all their doing… Competing for the candidacy, because no one believes any of them are remotely presidential.  Dictatorial, perhaps – but presidential, no.   There will never be a President Santorum or a President Romney — a President Gingrich or a President Paul.  It just ain’t gonna happen, and that’s a damned good thing too.

The single most patriotic thing these four simpletons can do, is fail.  And then seek psychiatric help.

- Dissociated Press, 2/28/2012

11 thoughts on “Rick Santorum Brain-washes Himself in an Old Maytag

      • I have seen several pictures of the President laughing a deep, loud, unrestrained laugh with great joy on his face. I imagine that this is the result of him seeing the latest from the GOP clown car race.

  1. Remember when the Santorums lived in Leesburg, VA, enrolled their kids in a cyber charter school, and got PA taxpayers to pay more than $100,000 in school fees? I guess education is important for rich families, just not for other families. And public funding of education is OK if it benefits rich families, but not OK if it benefits the rest of us. I am in awe of Little Wicky’s capacity to triumph over such wrenching ideological contradictions.

    • Cunning greed and being bright don’t necessarily go hand in hand. I think Santorum is dangerously crazy and not actually all that bright making him even MORE scary.

      • Actually, wealth usually goes hand in hand with a lack of ethics, not intelligence. I could be wealthy too, if I could learn to lie, cheat, steal, back-stab, connive, bribe, murder etc, etc.

      • For me personally- I don’t know. Of coruse, no politician has any real moral superiority over the average person- it’s foolish to think they could, even more so to believe their BS when they claim so.But since we’re talking about Republicans, whose whole raison d’etre according to the campaign propaganda is moral superiority, hell yes. They *make* it relevant by spouting all junk designed to reel in those who are browbeaten by their dogmatic beliefs into wanting to be strongly led by moral authorities.

  2. (And in other great news, Breitbart is dead, call me petty if you will, but his passing makes this world a better place)

  3. Beihl, I don’t know why this wasn’t asked on this thread already, but, HOW can Rick Santorum wash what he does not have? Gotta have a brain to wash it!

    • I agree about that approach, Mike. Republicans like Santorum want big goevnrment programs to impose their archaic morality on everyone else and then they can’t even follow that same moral code. Their pseudo-moral posturing makes it relevant, in my book.

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