Don’t Allow Organized Religion to Stand in the Way of Your Faith

Knowledgeable historians believe Christ was born sometime around Easter, and crucified sometime around Christmas, and the string religious spin-offs have been back-asswards ever since.  

Rev. Phillip G. Kayser, who proudly endorses Ron Paul for president, believes in the mass execution of homosexuals as being something justified by the bible based on the Book of Leviticus – so that makes it OK?  When will it be OK to start calling the extreme right-wing exactly what they really are?  Fascists.  Neo-cons are becoming frighteningly similar to Nazis.  There, I said it.  They – their words – actions and deeds bare NO resemblance whatsoever to the teachings of Christ. Such is the religious right.
I suspect Ron Paul in his own private thoughts, doesn’t care one way or the other about Christianity or any other religion for that matter, but he IS a nihilist who would destroy the United States government for the sheer pleasure of doing so – offering nothing as a substitute in it’s place.  Furthermore, he’ll accept an endorsement from anyone under the precept that libertarianism means anyone can do anything they want to – including harming and excluding other people, because freedom belongs only to those who agree with him.  Ron Paul is a serious contender for winning the Iowa Caucus, January 3rd, and that is terrifying.

Dr. Paul has a history of non-apologetically accepting endorsements from Neo-Nazi organizations like ‘Stormfront’ and acting as if there’s nothing wrong with doing-so – using double-talk to weasel his way out of taking responsibility for his actions.  After all, he’s a libertarian, and shouldn’t be held accountable for anything.  It’s his right to idiocy.

Sure, why not?  Drink a glass of tainted raw milk, see if I care…

So it should come as no surprise that a lunatic like Rev. Phillip G. Kayser, Ph.D. – (Philosopher of Dogshit) would endorse the Ron Paul campaign while waiving the banner of death to all homosexuals.  The more I see of religion, the more convinced I become that I will never allow organized religion to get in the way of my faith.  I’ve come to believe that organized religion is the crutch of the weak-minded who require explanations for that which cannot be explained.  

There are a lot of problems with taking any religious text written thousands of years ago with it’s origins in oral tradition – handed-down for countless generations and reinterpreted with ‘tweaks’ here and there incorporating whatever bias pleased various interpreters along the way – and then pass it off as God’s own “word.” This can only create a world akin to the child’s game of ‘whisper-down-the-barrel’ where the “faithful” try to apply their ideological mythology to laws governing us all and retrofit whatever definition of relevance is most convenient toward justifying their ’cause.’  Only certain basic principals of our ancient texts relate to the contemporary world – take ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ for instance.  A concept lost on the dogmatic faithful who favor extermination of anyone who disagrees with their illogical fantasy world, rushing to war and clinging to guns while pretending to worship the Prince of Peace.  Ron Paul’s own newsletter once included an article about how to best kill a black youth and destroy the evidence – as a paranoid solution to car-jacking.

To Dr. Paul’s credit he is openly anti-war, however, it’s almost to the point of international isolationism.  But what kind of outcome does he think will result from welcoming endorsements from hate-groups and fringe religious cults?   

America has a frightening and noisy faction of regressive thinkers who want to fuse America’s Constitutional laws with religious texts.  This is the exact same brand of lunacy that has caused some Muslim nations to have so much difficulty assimilating into the rhythms and logic of the more sophisticated industrialized world.  It’s also WHY the Framers of OUR Constitution insisted on the Separation of Church and State. 

Curiously enough the same Americans who hate Muslims, are doing their level best to become the mirror image of everything they proclaim to despise ABOUT Muslims.  These are the same people taking-up the imaginary cause of banning Sharia law, when the execution of homosexuals is one of the most notorious and backward-thinking tenets Sharia Law.  What’s next?  Guidelines on what size and shape of stone to use when stoning people to death?  Or how to correctly beat one’s wife or wives?  Those handy little tips are part of the Qur’an, and no sane Muslim I’ve ever met ascribes to them.  And no sane Christian or Jew should cling to the more violent and archaic “teachings” of the old testament. Religious texts were written by men, edited over the centuries by other flawed human beings – and are not edicts written directly from the invisible hand of anyone’s God – and that includes Christ.  Christ never wrote anything in His own words or defence.

Organized religion of all stripes are collectively the most destructive force working against a peaceful world, providing once and for all conclusive evidence that the devil hides in plain sight.

Dangerously stupid religious cults like the one known as “The Family” located in Washington, DC’s House On ‘C’ Street (where House Speaker, John Boehner lives) have already spurred a Holocaust of killings and torturings of homosexuals in Africa.  This has led to threats of executions to those who harbor or hide homosexuals – all as a result of The Family’s “missionary” work, specifically in Uganda.  The ‘C’ Street’s ‘Family” receives a tax exemption as a religious organization.  Curiously enough, the House on ‘C’ Street has also served as an assignation site for extra-marital affairs by Capitol Hill Republicans outwardly committed to ‘family values.’  But that’s heterosexual misconduct, and only exposed when hit by sunlight – leaving politicians scrambling like insects from under a rock.

Are we to believe that Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter, Mary – or Newt Gingrich’s lesbian half-sister Candice are to be burned at the stake or given lethal injections if Ron Paul’s supporters get their way?  Is Richard Simmons really all that threatening?  Are we a nation who will allow the minority of hateful loud-mouths like those of the Westboro Baptist Church to set the tone for America?   In case you forgot, the Westboro Baptist Church sends protestors pumped full of hatred to disrupt the funerals of fallen soldiers and harass families grieving over a loved one who died of AIDS.

Why do the thoughtless loudmouths like Qur’an-burning pastor, Rev. Terry Jones take-up so much of our national attention?  And now we have the wrong Rev. Phillip G. Kayser, Senior Pastor of Dominion Covenant Church in Omaha, Nebraska having his own, slimy dark-day in the sun.

If history has taught us anything (presuming anyone pays attention to history) hate groups have a way of hypnotizing the weak-minded and uneducated into joining their fold.  Interesting how the Department of Education is one of the first government agencies slated to be cut as a ‘cost-saving’ measure by ALL the Republican presidential hopefuls.  Nothing could be costlier in the long run than a stupid, superstitious and uneducated populace.  They’re already on the rise.  I’ve had just about enough from the religious right.  As I’ve heard it said, “Climb down off the cross, we need the wood.” 

6 thoughts on “Don’t Allow Organized Religion to Stand in the Way of Your Faith

  1. Climb down off the cross, I want to mount my solar panes on it??

    "Organized" religion is the same as Organized Crime.
    In fact, they, like Right Wing politics go hand in hand:
    That link is to an article with a photo of a smiling Ron Paul with Don Black, director of the white nationalist Web site Stormfront, and his son, Derick. Old Don is a current Grand Wizard of the KKK. This picture is recent. The article lists a long diatribe in print from Dr Paul about how sinfully promiscuous the gay community is, how violent and criminal the black people are.
    So tell me, is the "good" Dr Paul running for President of the United States, or President of the Confederacy?
    An hate monger of his caliber is as bad, if not worse than the war monger we had running against Barack in 2008. It cannot be allowed.

    • Well, this is just great. One more thing we agree upon . . . Christians and/or those that call themselves Christians do not unllarseivy agree on biblical interpretation.There’s a horrible joke/cliche to the effect of the reason Republicans are against abortion is because they need more bodies to go to war. Then they complain when they’re disabled rather than killed since they have to make welfare payments to them and pay medical care until they’re dead.

  2. Once again, Beihl, you nailed it with your commentary on "organized" religion. And once again I chuckle as your current 'Toon reminds me of our visit to the movie theater about 3 years ago to view Bill Maher's "Religulous." Lots of good laughs!

  3. That's because they are "firm believers." Remember what a "firm believer" actually is: someone who says, "I know what I believe; don't confuse me with the facts!" Most, but not all, "firm believers" in the U.S.A. are right-wing Christians. And they've never put forth a coherent, workable solution that benefits the Nation & it's citizens as a whole. Happy New Year!

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