3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Duck D. Duck

  1. it wouldn't be a party without winnie & beihl!

    today is the anniversary of my springing fully formed from the head of a waterfowl god. the fates had me suffering cruelly for years in a public park until i was swept up and relocated to a life of luxury by a typist and outfitted in the finest fashions by the house of winnie & beihl. i'll never forget my early phase as a fashion plate when grandma betty was my muse, back before i knew how to trash a hotel room properly but, man, could we ever rock a daisy in our perfectly washed and set hairdos.

    (the guy who built my house had a winnietoon vision. he saw winnie and me flying first class with beihl stuck back in coach. poor beihl!)

    anyway, as you've probably heard, the plan at the pond is for cocktails, tap dancing, gossip, scandal, a possible government coup, and a nap.

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