If You Can’t Vote in the Primaries, Then Register Prior to 2012

I have very little to say on this subject other than this:  If you don’t register to vote and participate in the process, then you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to voice any complaint about your leaders.  Be they city council reps, town or city mayors, senators, congressmen, or state and local judges…  You forfeit your right to complain about ANYTHING.  Your opinion is less than vapor with no meaning.

So shut your pie-hole or participate.

On more than one occasion people who possess fully detailed knowledge of who won ‘Dancing With the Stars’ or texted-in their vote for whatever brain-dead shallow talentless travesty filled with embarrassing contestants and shameless self-promotion.  Some of the has-been failure second-string celebs – all frauds sucking-up obscene salaries merely to renew contracts on tired and boring faux “reality” TV programs.

But intelligent people I talk to have no idea of the mortgage crisis.  The extent of the graft and corruption on Wall Street.  These folks work 9 to 5 jobs and have no patience for absorbing the information which truly impacts their lives. 

We’re talking REAL life here.  People in the Middle East are loosing their lives and limbs to obtain the very rights we take for granted while failing to take advantage OF those very same hard-won historic gifts.  

Read.  Think.  Talk to people who both agree and disagree with you and pull the levers you believe-in.  For if you do not, you then fail the generations who follow you.

I don’t know if I can be any more clear.  Whatever state in which your live – believe in something fair and right, and stand behind that belief.  Failing to do so is a foolish folly ignored at your own peril.

VOTE…!!!  It’s that easy.  If you can’t vote this election cycle, then register.  You might be surprised to discover your vote matters.

2 thoughts on “If You Can’t Vote in the Primaries, Then Register Prior to 2012

  1. No voting today in Washington. So that I may live vicariously, tell me the PA results.
    I hear there is a rather contentious race in New Dork in a staunchly Ratpublican't district that may go left for a change, is that vote today? I'd really like to know what happens there as it will have a ton of fall-out in 2012.

  2. New Dork has a contentious race coming up to replace the "CraigsList' flasher. The republican't party is being torn in half by the Tea party, and NO ONE likes the Ryan Medicare evisceration plan.

    I Philadelphia, the most amusing race was Milton Street, convicted felon and brother of the former mayor John Street pulled an impressive 5 votes in my district – hehehe.

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