Say what you will about Chris Christie, he sure knows which teat to suckle.

If Obama and Romney aren’t playing politics with Hurricane Sandy, then who is?  Lord knows the GOP machine must be crapping themselves while Chris Christie sings Obama’s praises about disaster relief coordination.  Meanwhile, Romney’s hands are tied, so he’s busy staging faux events with canned food – $5,000 worth to be exact, hardly five minutes worth of interest earned in one of his offshore blind trusts.  Ryan’s already been caught photo-opping in a homeless shelter, washing pots and pans that were already cleaned.  Meanwhile, Obama is working a 9 to 5 job with mandatory overtime.  So who’s really making political hay out of Hurricane Sandy?  Big disaster news gets big coverage, big enough to eclipse even a big presidential race…

…or is it?

I don’t fault Chris Christie for being big hearted enough to accept an open dialogue with Barack Obama in helping the State of New Jersey recover following Hurricane Sandy.  It was the right thing to do, even if Chris Christie endorsed the other guy.  Mitt Romney is on record saying that the Federal Emergency Management Agency should be privatized and states left to figure things out on their own; you know, shopping around, “value contracting” to anyone willing to swindle a buck out of people in desperation.  There’s been no lack of desperation in America in recent memory, starting with the attacks during 9/11, through the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, droughts in the country’s midsection, earthquakes, floods in various parts of the nation, most recently along the Eastern Seaboard, and lest we forget Katrina…  Privatize FEMA…?!!!  Seriously…?!!!  That’s almost as heartless as a “for profit” health care system.

Chris Christie’s no fool even if sometimes he looks and sounds like one.  He knows Obama is the president for the next three months, and very possibly the next four years.  Christie can’t get far enough away from Romney’s “privatize FEMA” comments, nor can Romney.  Besides, Christie wants Obama to be reelected so he, himself can run for president in 2016.  His heart won’t hold out until 2020 given the current weight at which he’s tipping the scales.  If you’ll recall, Christie was Romney’s keynote speaker at the RNC Convention, and almost forgot to mention the “standard-bearer’s” name while chatting-up his own credentials.  But Christie, for whatever differences are to be had with him, actually does love the State of New Jersey, and honestly wants to protect it.  AND he wants to run for president; so why not invite Obama to chum along and scope out the catastrophe?  It is, after all, the only sensible, mature thing to do.

However, Obama knows geography.  Why didn’t he make a stop in New York City while he was visiting next door in New Jersey?  Because Mayor Bloomberg wants to run for president someday too, but he’s willing to wait until 2020.

There’s long been rumors of “bad blood” existing between Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama.  Obama knows where New York is, and he’s not unaware of the hurricane damage the city has sustained.  Obama merely hasn’t been offered the keys to New York like he was in New Jersey.  Obama reached out to Mayor Bloomberg and offered his help.  I’d love to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.  Bloomberg doesn’t like Obama, not merely because the mayor is a Republican leaning independent, but because Bloomberg doesn’t like Obama’s stance on the Middle East.  Obama doesn’t pander to Israel enough for Bloomberg’s tastes.  Obama does too much “reaching out” to Arab nations trying to find a middle-ground that may or may not ever exist.  Obama isn’t anti-Israel nor is he pro-Islam, he understands the insurmountable chasm between the two and keeps suggesting the high road to two different factions, neither of whom is willing to give an inch.  Bloomberg doesn’t like Obama for the same reason Netanyahu doesn’t: It’s about Obama’s failure to play favorites.

In the end, the childish politician making hay out of human disaster is Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who made a political calculation to stand with his party rather than boosting the morale of his constituents.  What’s important to the Mayor is refusing Barack Obama a photo-opp in the Big Apple.  Meanwhile, Bloomberg realizes no aid or assistance will be denied New York City, only the physical presence of the President of the United States less than a week away from the coming election: Because it doesn’t serve his own personal self interests.  Bloomberg knows he’ll still get FEMA cooperation.  But say what you will about Chris Christie, he sure knows which teat to suckle.

UPDATE:  Oh wait, everything’s changed…. Politics makes for strange bedfellows. After a full day of Obama/Christie bromance, Michael Bloomberg has just endorsed Barack Obama.  Apparently the photo opp Christie got with Obama won him over.  Who knows, that Big Apple photo opp could still happen. Staten Island might be a good place to start.

- Dissociated Press, 11/1/2012

Mitt Romney continues to endorse senatorial wannabe, Richard Mourdock as God’s own representative of sex offenders here on earth.

For some reason, Mitt Romney continues to endorse senatorial wannabe, Richard Mourdock as God’s own representative for sex offenders here on earth.  Everyone understands the opposing arguments to abortion rights (even though I don’t personally buy into them) but it astonishes me how Mourdock and Romney are opposed to abortion under just about every “conceivable” circumstance.  Mourdock, however has taken the cause one step closer to utter, preposterous  insanity, upping the ante, declaring a child born as a result of rape “is something that God intended to happen.”  When pressed to clarify his statement an example was presented to him of a rape resulting in pregnancy involving a 13 year old girl.  Should that child be forced to endure a full term pregnancy before her own body us fully matured?  Mourdock referred to that as a mere “hypothetical.”  Richard Mourdock has apparently just landed from another planet and has yet to grasp earthly truth and reality.  Every day teenage girls are raped and made pregnant all over this country and all over the world, but in the eyes of the righteous, those children don’t deserve mercy or a second chance for the crime of being victimized.

Mourdock is currently running a television endorsement featuring Mitt Romney touting him as the Republican candidate of choice to become the new Senator from Indiana.  The ad is still airing, although Romney has made a halfhearted attempt at distancing himself, but he has yet to fully condemn the man’s moronic comments.  Why?  Because Mitt Romney shares Mourdock’s worldview, and Paul Ryan is on record as having an identical stand on rape-related abortion.

With all the pressing problems facing this nation, how is it the Republican Party enjoys so much success dividing us with social wedge issues?  What is it with people like Todd Akin and his legitimate rape / pregnancy shut-down mythology?  Or Pennsylvania’s senatorial hopeful, Tom Smith equating his daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy to rape?  All of these freakin’ dirty old men are obsessed with rape, determined to make the victims suffer the consequences and shoulder all the blame.  Each and every one of these candidates should be laughed off the national stage, but somehow they blunder on, fool’s speed ahead as if something’s been slipped into their political drinking water.

Everything about the contemporary Republican right wing agenda, from social issues to fiscal policy and foreign affairs have become frighteningly regressive to the point of collective retardation.  Women, minorities and fair-minded people of reasonable intelligence need to snap-to, come to their senses and take a stand against miring us in the muddy swamps of the past.  So let’s take a tally here, since embryos are so freakin’ “dear” to the neocons, perhaps they need to reconsider a new set of 10 Commandments that more accurately defines their religious governmental agenda:


1.) A woman raped by a man who may be potentially carrying a deadly transmittable disease while hyped-up on drugs, should be doomed to carry a resulting child to term, such is God’s will.

2.) A child born into hopelessness and poverty, burdened by fetal alcohol syndrome or brain damaged through parental crack-cocaine use, is better off living a life of deprivation devoid of opportunity so he or she can be later imprisoned or executed by people who pretend to believe in the sanctity of life, because that’s all part of God’s greater plan.

3.) Children born with spinobifoda or other debilitating birth defects should bankrupt their families who may well love and care for those children with all their heart, but everyone should be denied health care, especially those with preexisting conditions so that all concerned reach maximum levels of despair as part of the Lord’s design.

4.) Our planet, which is already groaning at the seams with 7 billion people and counting, should face food and water shortages resulting from over population, and everyone needs to be denied birth control so conditions of misery can fester out of control through the mercy of our Lord, Amen.

5.) It’s OK to start senseless wars that kill scores of thousands of people, with no exit strategy or plan to pay for any of it just so long as the country under attack has oil.  But social safety nets should be eliminated because they aren’t properly pre-funded, and benefits promised to soldiers sent off to fight these wars should suffer the indignity of reneged promises.

6.) It’s best to overcrowd our prisons with pot smokers who were largely minding their own business, and get ‘em while they’re young so they can acquire the skills necessary to become hardened criminals. The Lord recommends this confinement be largely visited upon anyone who isn’t of white Anglo-Saxon Protestant stock.

7.) Embryonic stem cells should granted “personhood” in spite of their not being remotely aware of their own existence, and therefore prevented from being used to cure suffering and disease, as God has intended.

8.) Masturbation, shall be outlawed, as there’s a strong argument to be made for those “precious bodily fluids” to be defined as life.  In turn, Congress shall stop jerking off and engage in actual carnal congress so as to give birth to a congress of baboons.  Such is the self-fulfilling prophecy of the Lord.

9.) Gay couples should be prevented from providing homes for children who would otherwise live in squalor and poverty.  Furthermore, straight or gay people who want children of their own should be denied in vitro-fertilization because government needs to be smaller and less intrusive except when it comes to poking around in other people’s crotches.

10.) Every citizen who respects the sanctity of life should have a fully equipped arsenal of AK-47’s and other automatic killing devices including hand grenades and bombs.

The moral is: The moral majority have mistaken God for Satan and left us all to be godforsaken.

- Dissociated Press, 10/28/2012


Like a shell within a shell within a shell, Taggart the braggart and all the Romney clan do in fact own the voting process.

Like a shell within a shell within a shell, Taggart the braggart and all the Romney clan do in fact own the voting process.  The one and only thing we know about the Romney fortune and finances, is the fact that very little is disclosed about them.  The Romney’s have billions in blind-trusts hidden in offshore bank accounts acquired by means the “Governor” is too squeamish to disclose.  He refuses to release his tax returns, and his opaque, shadow Super PAC’s finance political advertising where the truth lives in an alternate universe.  Romney has made a political calculation that most Americans aren’t paying attention to his lies and distortions, and sadly, he’s probably right.  During the primaries, “hawkish” Mitt Romney swindled the far right by promising the regressive social agenda and war-mongering they longed to hear.  Now that he’s the Republican standard-bearer, his calculations tell him the brighter general public won’t be on board with the same extreme rhetoric that dazzled the the dimwits; so suddenly he’s a “dove” and a social centrist to boot.  No one can believe a word that slithers from his lips.

Romney’s political worldview is forever morphing, not evolving, merely changing to adapt into whatever he thinks his victims want to hear.  Yes, “victims.” That is, after all what he’s on record as calling nearly half of our nation’s population, and to some degree he’s right, but not in the way he intended.  The American people have been repeatedly victimized and “illegitimately raped,” to borrow from right wing sexist lingo.  We’ve been “had” before and it’s Romney’s intention that we will be “had” again, only this time at his hands, and by whatever means necessary to achieve the shiny object he desires: Power.  Power over people he hasn’t a clue of ever understanding.  Power to become America’s president, while failing to comprehend the qualifications of the job – merely blinded by his desire to obtain something once denied to his father.  And so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I was a young man when Mitt’s father, George Romney threw his hat into the ring, only to be bested by Richard Nixon, who was the lesser of the two men.  Mitt seems to have taken to heart the corruption that worked so well for his father’s rival, owning and absorbing it, instilling it in his own favorite son, Taggart.  Taggart Romney, Mitt’s eldest son has inherited his father’s cruelly handsome good looks and the ruthless bluster to go along with it.  Barack Obama is their target, because he represents something better, higher and beyond all the Romney’s collective understanding.  Obama has “failed” only by being human and not turning the world around fast enough following years and years of slow decay that ate away at the fabric of our nation.  The current president is perceived as not having fixed the irreparable quickly enough for an impatient populace raised on fast food and immediate gratification.  Romney can’t deliver change, let alone do so any faster than Obama, but he’s banking on voters having a short attention span that he can manipulate to his advantage.

In 2004, the State of Ohio was key to the presidential election when the office of the presidency was was held by a human failure known as George W. Bush.  Bush’s opponent, John Kerry was smeared with lies, “swift-boated” into runner-up as Ohio’s voting tally took a rapid and unlikely turn from a Kerry “win” to a Bush “victory” by way of electronic voting machines owned by a Republican campaign contributor named Walden W. O’Dell.  Mr. O’Dell was the CEO of Diebold Election Systems, and on record as promising to “deliver Ohio” to George W. Bush.  Kerry’s victory was snatched from the jaws of defeat just like Al Gore’s before him, and the United States was “victimized” with two terms of Bush idiocy in the White House.  A witness named Michael Louis McConnell stepped forward to testify about electronic voting fraud in Ohio, but he died in a private plane crash after receiving threats from Karl Rove.  Let your imagination wander…

…History is in the process of repeating itself.  Mitt, Ann and especially soulless son, Taggart Romney (the one who wants to punch-out our president) all have holdings in an equity fund called Solamere, managed by an investment firm called H.I.G. Capital, who are the parent company and overlords of a company called Hart Intercivic, which is the heir apparent company that owns the notoriously flawed Ohio voting machines and machines in other key swing states that will determine the outcome of the 2012 election.

For all the hype we’ve endured about “voter fraud” at the polling place, voter fraud happens with the mere stroke of a finger on a computerized keypad, and the necessary head-count required to defraud us of our honestly elected officials is stolen from us with a “manipulated” outcome, if you will.  You might ask yourself “why then didn’t the Republicans pull the same stunt during the 2008 election that swept Obama into office?”  I’ll tell you why: The Republicans had left the country in such disarray, that someone else had to repair what they’d broken.  Now that the country is back on the mend, the Republicans are ready to take back the reigns of power.  In true elitist fashion, a person of color has cleaned-up the mess, so now the “ruling class” can step back into the White House.  But don’t let them get away with it.  Not this time.  Sign one or both of the petitions below:

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

- Dissociated Press, 10/25/2012

Geopolitical freefall with Dr. Strange Mitt….

Mitt Romney is a sociopath.  This is one of the most foolish, confused and incompetent presidential candidates we’ve seen in years.  He makes George W. Bush look reflective, clear headed and well informed.  During the final presidential debte, Willard Mitt Romney made it abundantly CLEAR that he is completely UNclear about everything including that which is NUclear.  I’m not saying, mind you, that Romney is stupid, only that he has a barely nodding acquaintance with truth and reality.  The man tells bold faced lies contradicting himself on a daily basis.  Whatever it takes to close the deal.  All appearances indicate that Mitt and the “truth” have never been formally introduced.  Truth is an unnecessary commodity for snake oil salesmen, and Mitt Romney went on record once again turning his back on his own repeatedly stated positions as if no one has been following him around for the past five years recording his words and documenting his platform.

Barack Obama knocked Mitt Romney out with a one-two punch when Mitt got all histrionic about our historic military naval needs.   Obama reminded the inexperienced one term Governor from Massachusetts that we’re living in a modern world.  Romney said: “Our Navy is smaller now than at any time since 1917, the Navy said they needed 313 ships to carry out their mission. We’re now at under 285. … We’re headed down to the low 200s if we go through a sequestration. That’s unacceptable to me.”  Obama retorted with: “You mentioned the Navy, for example, and that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. Well, Governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military has changed. We have these things called aircraft carriers, where planes land on them. We have these ships that go underwater, nuclear submarines.”  It was difficult not to laugh out loud.  Romney proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is completely unprepared to lead the country, even as he faked his way through being a centrist in order to hornswoggle the nation’s sane voters into believing he isn’t the same crackpot firebrand he’s was impersonating as recently as last week.  And certainly not the same man who campaigned during the Republican primaries.  No one knows WHO he is.  Like him or not (and I genuinely do) you know who Barack Obama is, and you know where he stands.  Obama is a thoughtful man of consistency and integrity.   Romney is crazed with lust after a position of power he hasn’t the slightest idea how to constructively use.  The man is a fool.

Heaven help us if the American electorate is naive enough to elect Romney for president, because if they do, it will be obvious that we as a nation learned absolutely nothing from the recent historic catastrophe laughingly known though our tears as the “Bush mis-Administration.”  At this point in time, there is absolutely no need to switch our commander and chief midstream.  We’re doing just fine with the guy we already have holding the office.  Progress may be slow, but it’s steady.

- Dissociated Press, 10/23/2012

What kind of dirtball candidate (Mitt Romney) tells corporate business owners to threaten their employees with job loss if they don’t vote Republican?

What kind of dirtball candidate tells corporate business owners to threaten their employees with job loss if they don’t vote Republican in the November election?  Who does something that smarmy?  Willard Mitt Romney, of course.

Romney’s quote:

“I hope you make it very clear to your employees what you believe is in the best interest of your enterprise and therefore their job and their future in the upcoming elections.” 

Mitt Romney is a bully, an elitist pig and a spoiled rotten brat who has no business running a “business” let alone a country.  He’s the quintessential boss from hell who has never heard the word “NO” applied to anything he desires.  Romney will stop at nothing to obtain power nor will he curb his own misuse of power if we are so foolish as to elect him, and find ourselves doomed to suffer through a presidency under him.  NONE of the Romney men have ever served in the military, but ALL have been hawkish on each and every one of America’s wars.  War is one of the primary components of our economic woes (not to overlook destroyed lives, emotions, minds and bodies.)  Romney has made it perfectly clear, if elected, he will make a preemptive strike on Iran.  Doing that would be our final national undoing.

Arch villain billionaires, Charles and David Koch sent out pro-Romney packets to 45,000 employees at Georgia Pacific stating in no uncertain terms that: “More than 50,000 U.S. employees and contractors may suffer the consequences” [if Obama is reelected.]  This is nothing short of unpatriotic voter intimidation at its most egregious.  No one ever thought the Koch Brothers were honorable men, but now it’s abundantly clear they, AND the titular head of their political party are un-American.

Laughable fraudster billionaire clown, David Siegel, the CEO of Westgate Resorts says: “If any new taxes are levied on me, or my company, as our current President plans, I will have no choice but to reduce the size of this company.”  What Siegal needs to reduce the size of, is that disgusting, tacky palace he’s building for himself in Florida.  Seigal, if you’re unaware of him, is the nincompoop who allowed a film crew to follow he and his vapid trophy wife around while they were constructing their vulgar, nouveau riche mansion, the largest in the world.  (Look up the film “Queen of Versailles.)  Siegel is currently building the biggest private home in America – even bigger than Romney’s California beach estate with the built-in elevator for his automobile collection.  Siegal made his fortune conning gullible slack-jaws into buying time-shares in resort hotels designed to amuse anyone foolish enough to be parted with their money, and he hasn’t always made good on those “deals.”

No one in the world could have done a better job of restoring America’s recovery than Barack Obama.  He inherited the worst situation since the great Depression, and even when Democrats had control of both houses of Congress, House Republicans instigated a record number of filibusters to block recovery efforts: frequently on jobs bills the Republicans themselves had drafted.  This was done purely to deny Obama and hard-hit citizens the relief and recovery needed.  The American people are collectively guilty of not paying close enough attention.  Those lucky enough to have jobs are doing overtime or holding down two or more jobs.  Those with children or caring for elderly parents don’t have the luxury of time to stay properly informed.  When these voters have a moment to themselves, they’re more inclined to REcline on the sofa and watch entertainment television, than pick-up a newspaper or watch any of the news networks (which granted aren’t without a serious slant one way or the other.)  The American people are more malleable than they should be when comes to voting counter to their own best interests.  Hence, the Bush presidency and reelection.  The polls show a terrifyingly close election looming on the horizon, and granting power to Romney/Ryan would truly be George Dubbuah Bush’s third term.

Here in Pennsylvania, state Republicans have worked overtime at voter suppression and intimidation.  Spanish language voting brochures have been “unintentionally” printed with the wrong date stating when the polls are open.  In spite of the misprint, the brochures are still being circulated.  Voter ID laws that were struck-down and put on “hold” are still being touted on billboards and television ads both in English and in Spanish.  The economic collapse our country has suffered through was brought to us courtesy of the Republican Party.  If they get back into power and further destroy the recovery, all they’ll do is blame it on the black guy.  Wake-up voters, Romney is no champion of the common man – or woman for that matter, unless you’re into finding yourself placed into a “binder.”

- Dissociated Press, 10/19/2012

Obama won hands down…. Romney lost pants down and on fire

Obama won hands down. Romney lost pants down and on fire.  The Tuesday night debate is the Barack Obama I longed to see:  The man who believes in the things that protect me and the people I love.  After watching Obama’s performance, I’m doubly convinced he was oxygen deprived during the mile-high Boulder debate.  Our president has a naturally quick mind, and that mind was going full throttle squashing all of Romney’s “carefully rehearsed” talking points.

Romney pulled a generic repeat of his previous shtick but this time to an entirely different result.  Romney lied again as he has all along, operating under the assumption that no one is paying attention, so he can switch positions at will, saying whatever is necessary to con voters into casting a ballot counter to their own best interests.  Romney has a barely nodding acquaintance with truth and reality fostered by an obnoxious sense of entitlement.  At both debates, he smart-mouthed the moderators telling THEM how the rules were to be played out, bulldozing over them like a CEO as if no one has ever reigned him in or said “no” to him.  In other words, he acted like a petulant, spoiled brat.  A spoiled brat who believes he can reinvent his own facts and alter his well documented political positions.  Obama didn’t let him to get away with it – this time.

The most notable gaffs on Romney’s part related to women, where clearly he has a tin ear as to how his own words are perceived.  Example:  Romney talked about his exhaustive search for qualified women to serve in his Massachusetts cabinet, going on to say that he saw to it there were flexible hours so those moms could go home to fix dinner for their children.  This is the 21st century, Mitt, dad can fill-in and cook dinner when mom has to work late.  The modern marriage now strives for equality in parental roles, a social trend Mitt has yet to be informed of.

Glaring factual information was mangled to fit Romney’s own worldview of the Obama Administration and accomplishments, making his worst error in demonstrating his failure to fully understand the power and weight of the events in Benghazi, only reinforcing his preemptive comments on Libya and his shameless stabs at making political hay out of human death.  What should we expect from a man who baptizes the dead against their living will and the tenets  their own faiths?

If optics matter, then Romney came across as the indulged rich kid who inherited his daddy’s accomplishments without ever personally experiencing self-sacrifice.  Now he’s the boss from hell, and no matter how much he looks like a suit model, his facial expressions belied his impatience about not being handed the toy he craves.  Obama came across as strong, willing to take responsibility not only for our country’s successes, but also our failings.  That’s what makes a leader presidential and genuine.  Obama is both….  Romney is neither.

- Dissociated Press, 10/17/2012

Biden vs. Ryan – Battle of the Bad Hair

This past Thursday night’s debate was a lot more satisfying than the preceding presidential debate regardless which side you thought won.  It was a spirited debate, well controlled by Martha Raddatz, who as the moderator, wasn’t afraid to tell the candidates when to zip-it and move onto the next topic.  Both Biden and Ryan at different points attempted to out talk each other, but on content and consistency, the debate definitely went to Biden.  Ryan did his best to spin a good story, but very little of what he said was consistent with the positions his ticket promotes on the stump.  What an astute listener came away with was this: Romney/Ryan have no compunction whatsoever about involving the United State in another war in the Middle-east, this time with Iran.  Perhaps they still believe a wartime economy will drive economic growth?  What war does best, is create a boon for psychiatrists, undertakers and the prosthetics industry while destroying lives, families and dreams.

Both Romney and Ryan audaciously strayed from their well documented previous positions when given live airtime on national TV – because only the crazies in their far-right base can tolerate the coded bile they spew.  Anyone who hasn’t been paying attention might think Paul Ryan is a nice young man, but he failed to come across as fit to be second in command.  Ryan’s an extreme neocon who’s ideas and ambitions would further damage our nation fiscally and destroy our world standing literally.  His boss, Mitt Romney isn’t quite sure why he’s running for president unless it’s to avenge the failed candidacy of his father, who was a far more honorable man than his son.  Mitt Romney is a slick businessman who will say whatever is required to close the deal, and then turn on his heels and do whatever he pleases with the spoils.  Paul Ryan is cut from the same cloth, and whether Romney wins or loses, Ryan now has the household name recognition he craves.

When you listen to either Biden or Obama speak, both remain true to their positions whether talking on the campaign trail, addressing the nation or facing confrontation during a debate.  Democrats may not have cared for Obama’s high altitude performance in Boulder, but no one can accuse him of switching positions to pander to a wider television audience as breathtakingly demonstrated by both Romney and Ryan.  Reuters gave Biden the winning nod for the VP debate, but most pundits scored Ryan as winning the argument about the attack on our Libyan embassy.

I disagree.

Paul Ryan did NOT win that portion of the vice presidential debate by accusing the Obama Administration of failing to protect our embassy during the attack in Benghazi due to one simple fact: Paul Ryan is on record voting with the Republican block that prevented funding to protect our embassy’s worldwide.  The Obama Administration asked for additional funding, but House Republicans blocked it and voted it down.  Ryan needs to personally own some of the responsibility for the failure in Libya.

War, finance and international policy are only different subjects in the abstract. In reality, they’re all ingredients in the same soup.  If you’re properly informed and listening carefully, every obscure and opaque thing uttered by the Romney/Ryan ticket is a return to Bush era tactics and policies.  Both men look good in a suit, and that’s the sum total of their qualifications for leadership.  America is war-weary.  The only reasons to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket, is to restrict women’s rights, grease the palms of the rich and see America mired with boots on the ground in another war in the Middle-east: this time in Iran.

Ann Coulter peed all over Mitt Romney, and now she worships him like white Wonder Bread…

Ann Coulter peed all over Mitt Romney when she said, “If we don’t run Chris Christie, Mitt Romney will be our candidate and we will lose.”  Now Ann worships Romney like white Wonder Bread….  Such is the consistency of political allegiances during an election year.  That said, in spite of Romney’s dazzling, yet fact-free performance at the last presidential debate, I still hang onto hope that Obama will pull a win out of the Sesame Street trash can.

Ann Coulter is a woman (or so she claims) – of intellect and discernment.  Yet on FOX Spews she made the tasteless comment: “You could see at the end of that debate, Obama knew that anniversary or not, Michelle wanted to go home with Mitt.”  Really?  I have news for you, Ann – just because a man lies convincingly doesn’t mean he’ll be a good lay.  The debate I’d like to see, would be the one between Michelle Obama and and the not so subtly race-bating Ann Coulter.  Ann Coulter was recently quoted as saying “Yes, civil rights are for blacks only.”  The statement took my breath away, clearly missing the point that civil rights are for everyone including HER.  I’ve never agreed with Ann Coulter, and always thought of her as a pseudo-intellectual snob and GOP slut, but it finally dawned on me, she’s all that and blatantly stupid too.  Ann Coulter is stupid and nasty.

Ann’s career isn’t based on insight or intelligence, it’s based on chasing whatever looks like her best bet at the time.  She doesn’t like Mitt Romney, but blind party loyalty has her championing him nevertheless.  She hates Obama, not for anything he’s done or attempted to do, but rather because he’s an African American.  Were a white president to have followed Obama’s course to the “T” Coulter would think he was the greatest thing since black bread.  The woman’s a hypocrite and a fool, and we can only hope that someday people stop giving her a platform to piss all over the truth.  OK, OK, Obama turned in a lack-luster debate performance, but unemployment is officially down to 7.8% and the stock market is at an all time high.  Coulter can say all she likes to reinforce Romney’s lies about Obama’s job performance, but it won’t ever make her right – only FAR right.

- Dissociated Press, 10/7/2012

Note to America’s “undecided voters” – Never vote for a candidate who looks a bit too eager to get the job….

I’m toying with my own thoughts on last night’s first presidential debate.  Romney gave the better “performance” of the two, and that’s exactly what it was: a “performance.”  A theatrical star-turn chocked full self-contradictions and factoids that fact-checkers are going to have a field day picking apart to the quick.  Sadly, the people who most needed to be reached, actually were watching last night.  The viewing public are all to frequently ill-informed to start with, and now many of them have an otherworldly view of but ONE of Mitt Romney’s many, many faces.  Some voters have likely made up their minds to vote counter to their own best interests because last night’s debate was about as politically engaged as they intend to get prior to November 6th.  “Swing” voters (if there are any left) are from this point forward focusing on the matters at hand that most consume their time: watching TV sitcoms, sporting events and trawling the internet for porn.

Obama was handed a variety of openings, not the least of which was Romney’s comment about how, when HE was the governor of Massachusetts, he worked in a bipartisan way with a Democratic state legislature to pass universal health care. Obama should have asked Romney how well he’d have fared trying to pass the very same bill had he gone up against a Republican legislature instead….  But he didn’t seize the opportunity.  Obama almost seemed as if he’d been slipped a Xanax.  He paused too frequently, stared down making notes too often, and even appeared “put upon” by even being there.  Our only hope as a nation, is the fact that both debating “orators” were dull as dishwater when they mired themselves in economic details, boring the viewership half to death.  Neither candidate is capable of delivering simplicity in messaging, like what Bill Clinton so easily demonstrated at the Democratic National Convention.  Let’s hope most of the “undecideds” fell asleep, why wake them now…?  Even the sleeping masses would have to have been comatose not to have missed Romney’s flip-flops, insults to the middle class and out and out blatant lies.  Romney is a good looking sociopath, on whom there’s far too much self contradictory file footage for anyone paying even MARGINAL attention to believe a word that drips from his lips.  But as earlier stated, the masses may well be fast asleep….

That said, Romney is a handsome devil, with all the charms of a snake-oil salesman saying whatever he thinks he has to in order to close the deal.  That’s what corporate grifters do, and he does it very, very well my “little oysters.”  Facts, partial facts, fiction and conviction exist only in the abstract to Mitt Romney.  Like Elmer Gantry, he pulls out whatever’s available in his grab-bag of convenient distortions to seduce the gullible into converted believers.  Obama never wandered far from within the confines of checkable reality and facts when constructing his slowly considered statements, but by that time he’d lost everyone’s attention.  Obama was distinctly off his game at last night’s debate, and optics matter.

I found Jim Leher’s moderating style to be unfocused and clearly not in control of the task at hand.  Romney with his inherent (and inherited) sense of entitlement interrupted and plowed right over Leher’s attempt at moderating, in a way I found petulant and offensive.  But Obama, missed one blatant opportunity after another to crush his opponent with pure facts.  Some pundits went so far as to say Obama didn’t even look like he was all that interested in being rehired.  Who knows, maybe that will work for him in the long run, as a wise man once said: “never vote for a candidate who looks a bit too eager to get the job.”  Romney thinks he can taste “power,” and that’s a frightening thought if you’ve been paying attention.  Crickets…. crickets…. crickets….

- Disassociated Press, 10/4/2012