The Democratic National Convention Showed the Republicans What Genuine Love of Country Looks Like

There was a very different mood at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte than what we witnessed in Tampa from the RNC.  There were special guests of honor in attendance at the Democratic Convention, all of whom were notably absent from the Republican gathering.  There was “Honor” taking center stage with “Facts” connected to “Reality” to back her up.  America’s military was represented by “Grateful Thanks.”  Plus, there was the presence of “Grace,” “Humility” and “Love.”

Historians will reference the 2012 Democratic Convention for generations to come for three days of stunning speeches which addressed the concerns of the American people, with one home run after another.  The issues weren’t dodged, talked around or otherwise ignored with doubletalk.  At the DNC Convention everyday working Americans felt heard.  And FINALLY the Obama Administration took a long overdue bow for all they have managed to accomplish in spite of Republican obstructionism.  Women, Hispanics and the LGBT community were fully embraced.  Frankly, as a natural born smart-mouth, there wasn’t much of anything for me to make fun of like there was with the stumble-bummery of Romney/Ryan and the never ending clown car.  The comedy didn’t start until Sarah Palin responded to John Kerry’s rousing words by tweeting “John Kerry diminished himself by even mentioning my name.”  Even the Republican pundits had to laugh at Sarah’s own inadvertent self smack-down.

But back to Obama…. I have never felt more patriotism or personal commitment to a presidential candidate in my life.  I only admire Barack Obama more, recalling myself tearing over when he gave the 2004 Keynote Address, moving me to say to myself, “That’s who I want leading my country.”  America has the good fortune to have a humble man of greatness guiding us out from the murky swamp where his predecessors stranded us.

Republicans are forced to admit their own convention was long on wind and short on substance.  I watched both conventions from start to finish largely because I’ve been stuck inside with a bronchial infection, so I can compare the two reasonably well.  The GOP was flat and the speakers were self-serving.  At the DNC the speakers took-on specific tasks to define the accomplishments of Barack Obama touting his achievements during the most difficult years the nation has faced since the Great Depression.  The pundits will analyze every word and syllable from both conventions, but from where I sit, the Republicans were lackluster, flat and disorganized – devoid of any genuine conviction.  Mitt Romney even forgot to mention Afghanistan and honor our military for past and present service.  And this is the man who talks of starting more preemptive wars…?!!!  By comparison, the Democrats exploded onto the national stage with more talent, intelligence and heart than their opponents could have ever cobbled together.

Why?  Because Barack Obama is on the right side of history and has our best interests at heart.

On the first day, expecting nothing less, Michelle Obama charmed the nation and the world with love and common sense, sharing the insights that only a wife and mother can attest-to in her husband.

On day two, Sandra Fluke, with the poise and presence of Meryl Streep, reminded us there are still bright lights among our upcoming youth baring the strength to defend the future of America’s women AND the men who love them.  Elizabeth Warren made a plea for a return to fairness and a level playing field for the American people, and there is no one better than she to underscore the dangers of inequity favoring the wealthy over the masses.

I missed the name of a woman speaker who’s words were in progress when I was coming back into the house after taking Winnie for her afternoon walk.  I have to look up her name, but her words were on target: “In Mitt Romney’s world, the cars take the elevator while the auto workers get the shaft.”  My hats off to her.  It was damned clever no matter how you slice it, and it summed up the entire GOP’s competing platform and worldview.

Bill Clinton took the wind out of Romney’s refrain of “Are you better off today than you were four years ago” by literally mesmerizing everyone with the sheer power of his words.  Clinton underscored the answer to Romney question illustrating Barack Obama’s accomplishments by transforming complex policy into clear, simplistic focus for the average citizen to understand and grasp.  Clinton reminded the nation that NO PRESIDENT in recent history has come into office facing more dire challenges and no other person in the world, including Clinton himself could have done any better than what Obama has accomplished.

Joe Biden reminded supporters why we first became infatuated with Barack Obama and in doing so, convinced us to continue loving and trusting in him.  The paring of Obama and Biden is decidedly one of history’s “oddest couples” but they’re the proper partnership destined to lead America’s restoration out from under the rubble we inherited.  I admit to tearing over any number of times just hearing how our shared humanity is not lost on our current administration.

When Barack Obama himself spoke, once again I was struck by how the past four years have aged him while seeing us through environmental disasters, economic woes, international crisis’s, ending one war and in the process of ending another all in the face of obstinate Republican obstructionism…. and what does our president say?  He says: “America, I never said this journey would be easy, and I won’t promise that now. Yes, our path is harder – but it leads to a better place. Yes our road is longer – but we travel it together.  We don’t turn back.  We leave no one behind.  We pull each other up.  We draw strength from our victories, and we learn from our mistakes, but we keep our eyes fixed on that distant horizon, knowing that Providence is with us, and that we are surely blessed to be citizens of the greatest nation on Earth.”

He may not be perfect, but who is?  What he IS, is our president, and if we fail to reelect him, we do so at our own peril.  We, the American people must find the patience needed to endure the long path to recovery.  As Bill Clinton pointed out, the Republicans inherited a gigantic surplus and turned it into a catastrophic deficit over the course of eight years.  Shouldn’t we at least grant Barack Obama the same eight year time-span to set us right?