Why the Republican Party Doesn’t Want Mitt Romney to Win

Like Mike Huckabee….  like Chris Christie….  like Rand Paul….  like Rick Santorum….  like Condoleezza Rice….  liken all the way up to Paul Ryan….  Each and every one of them went through the motions of perfunctorily endorsing Mitt Romney for one reason and one reason only: To get nationally televised sound-bites they can later use when making their own presidential television commercials in the run-off leading up to the 2016 race.

No one likes Mitt Romney and no one trusts him.

No one is enthusiastic about him, and no one really wants him to win, fearing the risk of Romney becoming a two term president, thus further delaying everyone else’s collective political ambitions.  The only introductory speaker who wasn’t actively focusing her eye on the 2016 presidential race was poor, simple Ann Romney.  Condoleezza Rice went so far as to blatantly state her aspirations outright – nearly as if she was thinking aloud and forgotten she was speaking directly into a microphone.  Condi’s rehearsed the words “Madam President” in the reflection of her medicine cabinet mirror for years….  but Ms. Rice is not alone; each and every Mitt Romney endorser in his or her own conniving way talked more about themselves than their candidate.  Each in turn limply sung the praises of the titular head of the Republican Party only so they’d be able to speak at the Convention about what they care about most:  Themselves.

None of the future GOP hopefuls wants to challenge an established Romney Administration in 4 years, and all of them realize there’s no way the economy is going to turn around quickly enough (should they win) so as to NOT leave the impression on 2016 voters that the GOP is doubly responsible for the nation’s myriad of short-falls and financial woes.  There isn’t a Republican out there who genuinely wants a thing to do with governing this country until after someone else has restored and repaired it.  Then, and only then can those politicians get rich by re-breaking America all over again.   Every single future GOP presidential hopeful realizes the nation is far more “broke” (and broken) than anyone wants to admit, and it happened on the GOP’s watch, which is historical and inarguable fact.  Every one of them realize their party is better off with Obama getting reelected to a second term if only to shorten their own waiting period before hats are re-tossed into the 2016 GOP presidential ring.  Not that the GOP wouldn’t feign jubilation were Romney to win – but it would present a huge stumbling block in the paths of other ambitious Republicans hungry for power.

While wearing-out the phrase, “We Can Do Better,” Mike Huckabee made reference to the GOP not messing up “this time” if the voting public gave them a chance, making a subconscious acknowledgement of how the Republicans are indeed the ones who got us into our national fiscal mess….

But hark….

In swaggers Paul Ryan confidently striking a delicate balance between the “awe-shucks” boy next door and Medicare’s own Jack the Ripper.  Note to all politicians: When you’re on record as wanting to gut Medicare, push your mother out in front of you so senior citizens won’t think they’re about to get screwed. The Vice Presidential pick dripped with honey-toned lies while the Republican man-crush he enjoys left true believers moist in their seats.  Ryan turned in a damned good performance addressing the RNC Convention – the key words being “damned” and “performance.”  Of course nothing he said checks out with reality and recorded facts, but the 2012 Republican Party is not to be deterred by the truth.

Remember, the GOP is running a Stepford suit mannequin at the top of the ticket….

Condoleeza Rice made sense when she spoke about unpopular topics like, not allowing our public school system go down the toilet – greeted by a small smattering of polite applause from a delegation of caged crickets outside the revival tent.  Condi’s words were true and sincere when she spoke about a variety of domestic issues she normally avoids.  So sincere, that she nearly came across as sending a subliminal message to voters that they should reelect Barack Obama.  Or perhaps she’s dreaming of playing a game of feminist-presidential-transformer-dragon-ninja-warriors opposite Hillary Clinton in 2016?

But get real.  The 2012 election is already a lost cause for Republicans.  Frankly more viewers were tuned-in to hear updates on Hurricane Issac than to witness how Mitt Romney would look and sound if placed in Walt Disney’s display of talking, animated wax presidents.

But before Mitt got to speak, we were treated to Newt and Callista Gingrich reading “tag-team” off a teleprompter extolling the memory of Ronald Regan, sounding for all the world like a pair of Oscar presenters accepting the ‘Irving G. Thalberg Award” for posthumous presidential achievement in mythological revisionist history.

Oh the anticipation, still waiting for Mitt Romeny to deliver a speech in his own words….

Mitt’s son, Craig Romney, looking curiously sexy and Latin spoke in Spanish to prove that no one knows anyone’s genetics when you’re of historic Mormon lineage in a family who expatriated themselves to Mexico in order to avoid bigamy laws.  Craig’s kinda cute.  So what?  So are a lot of people….

Then the crowd went wild for Jeb Bush since Daddy Bush I and Baby Bush II must have had other plans.  Bush I and Bush II were only available via video tape – during which time George Herbert Walker Bush looked somewhere between confused, embarrassed, humiliated and on the verge of tears.   In good family tradition, Jeb did his level best to exonerate his idiot brother and pin the nation’s troubles on the black dude.  He then set-up and knocked-down the public school system winding things up with the stirring words of “Got Milk?”  Jeb equated privatizing education with choosing lactose-free dairy products at your local supermarket as opposed to purchasing whole chocolate milk.  Then he duped a black student to read scripted words.  Cute.  A little manipulative but cute in a sickening sort of way.  Jeb would like to be president someday too.  His mother, Barbara wants him to be president as well so she can be the first American woman to have at least three presidents pass through her vagina: Quality of leadership notwithstanding.

More Romney anticipation….  The crowd’s lids are growing heavy….

The last course of action was to show a visual arts presentation/film-strip and then wheel-out the living legendary carcass of Clint Eastwood who charmed the audience by gasping out a string of incoherent words and going all “senior dementia” on live TV, talking to an empty chair.  The man’s 85, don’t trot him out like a curiosity.  Even I felt sorry for him.   Marco Rubio spared Mr. Eastwood further embarrassment by stepping forward to remind everyone he’s Cuban and the GOP’s not doing well with the Latino vote – then as an afterthought he introduced the candidate himself:  Willard Mitt Romney.

Finally Romney made his way past delegates shaking hands and smiling his sneaky smile, stepping up to the podium, reading from the prompter, he treated constituents to a damned good impersonation of Elmer Gantry….  Nothing of substance was addressed.  It didn’t matter.  America had already fallen fast asleep….

- Dissociated Press, 8/30/2012

The Republican Party vs the Invasion of the Vaginas: Mother Nature Style

As we slide into Labor Day Weekend 2012, and the RNC is busy with their convention oiling their way into our hearts, let us not forget the irony of a storm making landfall on the anniversary of George Bush’s deplorable mishandling of Hurricane Katrina.  With a tropical storm as the backdrop, all the GOP Convention circus hats, tea-bag adorned tricorns and foam rubber fingers seem particularly preposterous.  Let it serve as a reminder that the GOP was the party in control during Katrina and couldn’t assist in vital rescue and repair missions on the gulf coast because incompetent Republican “leadership” had deployed everything required, including boots on the ground to oiled desert sands in the WRONG gulf – leaving us quagmired in two shamefully mishandled and preposterously costly wars as Americans died in BOTH gulfs.

We need to brush up on our recent history and remember how the GOP is the party who was handed a record surplus and handed us back a decade’s worth of lost and ruined lives with no money left in the national coffers.  Only death and debt to take its place.  And the Republicans want to be put back in power again?  Seriously?  It’s less than four years since Republicans ruined the world, and somehow that same party believes they deserve to be handed back the reins of power?  Doesn’t anyone remember the 2010 midterms that brought about the do-nothing Congress that did even less once tea-bagging freshman ground the government to a halt.  Does anyone remember how that inaction led to our national credit rating being subsequently downgraded to the detriment of us all?  Or how the collapse of the economy on the GOP’s watch?  Does anyone remember all that…?

I thought not….  It’s so much easier to blame Obama.

There isn’t a scintilla of difference between Romney and Bush, and even less between Ryan and Cheney.  But the RNC doesn’t want you noticing that or recalling the prior Republican mis-administration’s failures and the part they played in destroying our national growth.  The GOP’s solution to “fixing” our problems is to tax the middle class up the wazoo and give massive tax breaks to the uber-wealthy.  Their plan is to repeal the rights of women and minorities like some kind of diversionary hat trick banking on Americans having such low self-esteem as to place the Republican Party back in control – when all they’ve ever done is obstruct the economic recovery from the mess they’re responsible for creating in the first place.

Romney is a bold faced liar who’s attack ads claim Obama is going to destroy Medicare (which is patently false) while failing to mention his own running-mate is on record calling for an end to Medicare in favor of privatization.  The GOP Convention is being attended by delegates who are all one corn-dog short of a clue, hawking smaller, in your crotch government while hurricanes slam into the Gulf shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the West Coast of Florida.  What more appropriate time and place than the seven year anniversary of Katrina to pitch bad ideas like cutting senior Medicare benefits, in hurricane prone Florida with its large population of voting seniors….  Or denigrating minority rights, also in Florida while Hispanics face voter descrimination.  Who ARE these weird republican people who’re devoted to cutting back on government spending, except for the invasion of vaginas?  ALL while a hurricane slams into Florida and neighboring states….  So the GOP dances on, balloons fall from the ceiling and shallow thinking speakers speak-up in platitudes gauged to resonate with the tone-deaf conservative ear.  A voter would have to be crazy, stupid or comatose to seriously WANT a Romney/Ryan presidency.  The Romney/Ryan playbill reads like a rehashing of the roles played by Bush and Cheney at a time when the wounds inflicted by their own party still remain unhealed both within the nation and the party itself.

Any impatient American disillusioned with Obama needs to wrap his or her mind around the reality that a Romney/Ryan administration would be nothing more than a rerun of the Bush/Cheney years.  If you can’t detect how Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are lying out of both sides of their mouths, then you probably won’t recognize the truth when you hear it either.  The truth is, the economy is slowly but surely turning around in spite of Republican knuckle dragging.  Any president who can withstand the repugnant evil hurled at him from the extreme right wing deserves to be reelected.  The strongest argument for giving Barack Obama four more years is one good, long look at the Republican Party dancing and celebrating in the wake of their own disarray.

- Dissociated Press, 8/29/2012


Is Ayn Ryan, I mean PAUL Ryan Lyin’ About Medicare?

Ayn Rand wrote indigestible tripe that appealed to pseudo-intellectuals and young readers who weren’t yet sophisticated enough to know better.  Paul Ryan, (a.k.a. Ayn Ryan) gives copies of “Atlas Shrugged” to to be absorbed by the spongy brains of anyone misguided enough as to join his staff.  “Ayn” (pronounced “iii-eee-aaa-nnn,” rhyming with “lion” or “lyin'” if you prefer….) was popular in the post WWII years of the 1940’s and 1950’s.  Her romance novels feature unsympathetic protagonists who serve as propagandists to spread the word that greed is good.  The “what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” philosophy based on acquiring wealth through any means – justifiable or otherwise.

Paul Ryan, who looks like such a nice boy, is a weird fitness freak who’s workout routine is reminiscent of HR Haldeman’s torturous self-flagellation.  Ryan overlooks the fact that he is from a very privileged background, and has deluded himself into believing he’s a self-made man.  Perhaps that’s where his greed-motivated view of social Darwinism first took root, only to be reinforced by the sophomoric writings of Ayn Rand.  The things that standout as odd right off the bat, is Ryan is a “devout” Catholic, yet he demonstrates a total disregard for anyone who is not as well-off as himself advocating a further financial strangulation of the middle-class and the poor.  It’s not particularly “Christ-like” of him….  But then again, his heroine, Ayn Rand was a Russian atheist.  Can you just IMAGINE the ‘hay’ Republicans would be making out of Barack Obama if HIS idol was a Russian atheist who’s worldview included greed as his “Apostles Creed?”

Much has been made out of the comparative math between Paul Ryan’s “ideas” about Medicare and those of Barack Obama.  When it comes to Medicare, Ryan’s ticket-topper, Mitt Romney, chastises Obama for his plan to cut $716 billion from Medicare without mentioning that Paul Ryan’s plan also calls for $716 billion in cuts.  What the Romney/Ryan ticket fails to articulate, is Obama’s cuts come from wasteful spending and over-payments to insurance companies eliminating waste and fraud.  The Ryan plan comes from slashing benefits to seniors leaving the elderly to immediately find themselves stuck with hundreds to thousands of additional out-of-pocket medical expenses; not in the distant future, but levied on the current living senior population.  Obama’s cuts do not dig into senior benefits.  But where do Ryan Medicare “costs savings” go?  Into the pockets of the wealthy and to corporations just like Ayn Rand taught him in her dime novels.

Americans need to start paying closer attention – especially seniors and anyone in need of the social safety nets we’ve come to rely upon in times of trouble and despair.  Ryan has an oblivious disdain for people in need, as does Romney (to a lesser degree, as his opinions are all over the map depending on whatever is most convenient at the time.)  Disdain for the needy is NOT a Christian “value” as it’s come to be historically defined.  To my observation the Religious Right, for whom Ryan is a champion, have morphed into Christians in name only, using shaky misinterpretations to justify greed, racism and dis-inclusion.  Ayn Rand, who hated Ronald Regan, religion and vulnerability would be gratified to know her philosophy has taken root with the very group she detested most: Flag-waiving religious zealots.  Small wonder the Republican party is working overtime to suppress the elderly, youth and minority voters.  Between voter suppression and fixed voting machines, that’s just about the only way the GOP is going to put the Romney/Ryan ticket over the finish line and into power.  Most reliable polls, including the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll has Obama in the lead 75 days before the election.  Have no fear neocons, election fraud doesn’t happen at the voting place, it happens in smoky rooms after the votes are cast.  Ayn would be so proud, stretching-out her bat wings and rubbing her hind legs together wherever her distorted soul resides, knowing she lives on in Paul Ryan’s greed and cruelty.

- Dissociated Press, 8/24/2012

Note: Written just before our weekly mass shooting, this week at the Empire State Building, courtesy of the RNC/NRA and their poorly thought out and ineffective gun laws.

The Pitiful Remains of the RNC: Have They Angered God and Other Extraterrestrials?

Has anyone seen the pitiful remains of the RNC lately?  Everyone from Joe Biden to Hurricane Issac have made reservations in Tampa to view the remains soon to be on display at the Republican Convention.  It’s only logical to conclude that the Republican Party has angered the Gods and other extraterrestrials based on the weather forecast alone.  But acts of God notwithstanding, the entire GOP presidential nomination process culminating in the unsavory ticket now facing conservatives has been a freak circus from start to finish.  ONLY a tropical hurricane could upstage the most surreal elimination of presidential hopefuls in living memory.  From the beginning the RNC has been dogged with “gaffs,” obscene corn-dog photo-ops and illogical sound-bites; all of which would have once been considered headline buffoonery outlandish even by the National Inquirer’s standards, presuming they have any.  The GOP is a party in complete and utter disarray.

Enter Todd Akin….

Even while the airwaves in every swing state in the nation are ripe with attack ads using the hushed, sultry over-voice of a no-nonsense woman accusing Barack Obama of everything from murdering Santa Claus to instigating the Boer War the real attention has been on the latest series of passive/aggressive assaults on a recently diagnosed preexisting condition known as being “born female.”  Everything the over-voice lady says is suspect and distorted and subliminally geared toward the sex-crazed male ear, purring venom in every sultry tone.  The Madison Avenue whores use a woman to deliver the over-voice, but the ads themselves couldn’t steer further afield from addressing genuine women’s concerns.  But courtesy of Todd Akin, the Republican War on Women is back on message front and center.

There is little good to say about a man who thinks raped women secrete their own personhood-killing morning-after juices during the height of a sexual assault.  The man is ill-informed and crazy.  No matter how much he tries to back-peddle what he said, his words will stick and splash all over the Romney/Ryan ticket.  It’s trickle-down guilt by association.  Ryan and Akin have been frequent co-sponsors of prehistorically insensitive legislation targeted at controlling the life choices and rights of women.  Akin is attempting to jump from the House of Representatives over to the Senate by trying to defeat Missouri’s incumbent senator, Claire McCaskill, who represents not only Missouri, but the voice of reason.  She doesn’t cotton to the over-voice GOP lady and her doom and gloom scenario condemning Barack Obama.  McCaskill knows she’s on the front lines of protecting women’s rights, and her opponent’s gaffs and missteps have most likely secured her reelection.  Here are Senator McCaskill’s own words:

“For the state I love, I hope this is a moment for everyone who hasn’t been paying close attention.  This statement is a window into Todd Akin’s mind.  I hope this is one of those gut check moments when they [Missouri voters] say this is not somebody we want speaking for us on the floor of the United States Senate.”

The only good thing to be said about Todd Akin, is he’s forthright enough to stand-by his own irrational dogma rather than trying to conceal it from the eyes and ears of swing voters – which is a lot more honest than what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are attempting to pull-off.  Basically no one in his or her right mind is really enthusiastic about Mitt Romney except those who want to see him defeated.  He’s a weak and scatterbrained leader incapable of inspiring passion or adhering to one cohesive message.  The Republican Party refuses to admit they’re still lost in the quagmire they were dropped-off in, in the wake of the Bush Administration.  And, speaking of Republican administrations, nothing about Romney/Ryan leads anyone to believe either man’s end goal is anything other than power and the intention to misuse it: Starting with women….

When a political party isn’t solidified within it’s own ranks and facing overwhelming moral indignation from women and the men who love them (across party lines) then it only makes sense that party’s convention should be hit by a tropical storm.  I interpret it as a sign of disapproval from the Lord on high.  After all, that’s what the Religious Right says whenever misfortune befalls anyone who disagrees with their worldview.  Perhaps the Angel Moroni will watch over them, waiting to clobber the convention with some kind of post biblical catastrophe like the legendary destruction of the Seven Cities of Gold?  Who knows?  But what modern Republicans should take away from the experiences of this entire process is:  Next time book your convention at “Area 51.”

- Dissociated Press, 8/23/2012

Pussy Riot Causes Protests. Free Pussy Causes Riots.

Vladimir Putin is the perfect example of a huffing, puffing quasi-macho villain – the sort that possesses a certain blatant bravado that only manifests itself in deeply insecure men.  Despots of all kinds are generally speaking deeply insecure as that is the core foundation of a bully’s mindset.  An all female Russian punk rock band called “Pussy Riot” was jailed for protest performance art directed at the Russian government.  The government sentenced them to two years in prison.  There is only one clear conclusion to draw:  The punk band has won the moral high ground.  We take our American freedom of speech for granted.  The internment of these young women should be an object lesson to us all that whatever gripes we may have with our government, we still have the right to criticize it.  It’s that right to criticize that ultimately makes us stronger.  Suppression of speech by any government is an admission of weakness.

Putin has never realized what an international laughing stock he’s always been.  That’s not to say he isn’t scary and dangerous, only that he’s unbalanced and fundamentally insecure.  Who else subjects a squirming audience to his off-key, phonetic rendition of “Blueberry Hill?”  OK, Mitt Romney’s “America the Beautiful” was pretty cringe-worthy too, but at least he didn’t hire an orchestral back-up and lock the doors so no one could escape while he sang.

Putin rules his people with an iron fist and the compassion of a psychopathic madman.  His shirtless photo ops astride his stallion and other embarrassing demonstrations of excess testosterone have left the world seriously questioning his masculinity.  Why else would he feel so compelled to overstate his inner psychological “scrotal” neurosis?

Condemning these three young women for expressing their dissatisfaction with Putin’s totalitarian regime has accomplished nothing more than drawing attention to Putin’s own core weakness.  Perhaps the band should re-brand themselves as the “The Putin Pussy Riot” because Putin IS a riot AND a pussy.  He just doesn’t know how unintentionally hilarious, dangerous and embarrassing he really is.  The young women are a threat to him because they DO understand what a blithering nincompoop he is.  If Putin was a real man he’d swallow his false pride and commute the harsh sentence levied on these young women who did nothing more than demonstrate the courage to speak their minds.  And don’t let any of us forget how lucky we are as Americans, even in our imperfection.

- Dissociated Press, 8/18/2012


When Did Crazy Become the New Normal? The Same Day Lies Became the New Truth….

Appearances have nothing to do with sanity.  As an old hippie that was an early life lesson.  Our parents thought we were unbalanced based purely on our long hair and bell-bottomed jeans.  Unconventional appearances were threatening to the older generation back then.  Modern young people have worked overtime to shock their former hippie parents and grandparents with more and more flamboyant expressions of personal style.  That, however, does not make those young people crazy, nor does it condemn them as drug addicts or criminals.  Choices in outward deportment are after all, nothing more than window dressing.  In my own youth after a prolonged period of being seen in public wearing outrageous things like sequined bolero jackets, torn jeans and shoulder-length hair, I realized life went more smoothly when I blended-in rather than drawing attention to my own inner eccentricity.  It also made it easier to get a job.

But appearances aside, you can say anything you want in today’s world and be guaranteed someone somewhere will take your words out of context.  It’s also an age when people create custom personal realities defining the word “truth” by hand-me-down predispositions.  To look at Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan based purely on appearances one might be inclined to barely scratch the surface and think “they’re nice looking men, I’ll vote for them.”  NEVER cast a vote based on physical appearances and NEVER assume a punked-out young person with green hair and a nose ring must have compromised integrity.  It doesn’t work that way.  Listen to the content of what people have to say before forming any opinion.

What Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have to say is frightening to free-thinking people who want to live in a civil society.  Frankly, most of what Romney and Ryan have to say is either self-contradictory and/or potentially damaging to the principles on which our nation was founded.  The most glaring example of which is their touting the virtues of “small government” while decrying a woman’s decisions concerning governance over her own body.  Dictating what a woman does with her vagina could not possibly be a more strident example of governmental overreach.

The more I hear them both speak and the closer I study their combined demeanor, the more Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan do indeed seem unhinged.  Both men sound like crazy ideologues willing to reconfigure what they stand for (whatever that might be) into chameleon-like contradictions with the end goal being power and power alone.  Power to implement regressive changes to our way of life and hard won freedoms.  Power to put seniors on a “voucher program” effectively ending Medicare as we know it.  Power to further impoverish the middle-class by surrendering all our social safety nets into the greedy hands of corporations who’ll subject us to another roller coaster ride on the stock market.  What exactly a Romney/Ryan administration would do with power (should we be so unfortunate as to find out first hand) would adversely rock the world for seniors, women, Hispanics, sexual minorities and any swing-voter who isn’t enjoying a tidy quarter million dollar income each year.  I strongly suspect Mitt Romney to be an unapologetic liar – a sociopath to be precise – obsessed with his own personal wealth and finding “special” ways of hiding it.  Let’s not even bother go into how he acquired his wealth….  Or Mitt’s views on creating commercial prisons knowing his son, Tagg Romney has investments in privatized prisons – what has come to be known as the “Cash for Kids” penal system….

Romney launched into a self-righteous verbal spew the other day, feigning outrage over an ad aired by an independent Obama Super PAC.  His performance left studious observers scratching their heads.  Romney Super PAC’s are the masters of brutally false political ads.  While addressing a generic attack ad aimed at his campaign, Romney said “Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago, and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting America.”  Those would only be convincing words if Romney’s own Super PAC’s hadn’t already cornered the market on ugly smears and falsehoods.   Falsehoods that have consistently emanated from the Romney camp starting with the Republican primary process where he stunned and cannibalized his fellow presidential hopefuls with impunity.  Now the same advertising tactics are well underway in the lead up to the November elections.  As of this post, the elections are a little better than two and one half months away….

The Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision unleashed a new era of ruthless insanity coming from all political camps giving license to independent “outside money” to say or fabricate anything they want while the candidate’s distance themselves as if butter wouldn’t melt up their asses with a blowtorch.  All sides are doing it across the political spectrum for every single elected office in play.  However, the way Romney delivered his self righteous “lines” appeared to my seasoned ear like he was mimicking Ronald Regan in tempo and tone, saying “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.”  It was a poorly acted moment of manufactured foolishness where Romney – and later Ryan – both appeared squeaky clean in their starched shirts while betraying their mentally unbalanced worldview using their own words.  Obama has never uttered a single word anyone could misconstrue as filled with divisive “anger and hate.”  I defy anyone to produce recorded footage of Barack Obama spewing hatred.  It doesn’t exist and isn’t in the man’s natural demeanor.  If anything our president is too calm, too collected and too measured in his words.  Expressing hatred would be completely out of character for Obama but that doesn’t prevent his adversaries from lying about him.

A spokesman for the Obama camp criticized Romney’s reaction as hypocritical. “Gov. Romney’s comments tonight seemed unhinged, and particularly strange coming at a time when he’s pouring tens of millions of dollars into negative ads that are demonstrably false.”  Barack Obama doesn’t have to say anything hateful about the Republican presidential ticket, Romney and Ryan are fully capable of diminishing their combined integrity all on their own.  The Romney/Ryan strategy is to keep telling the same lies over and over whether it’s about the Affordable Health Care Act or Obama’s fitness to lead until those words take root with the gullible – especially anyone predisposed to reject ANY position held by a black president.  A faction of this country will reject Obama’s ideas without giving a thought as to whether or not his policies will better serve them in the long run.  In discussing the Romney/Ryan ticket, friend of mine said, “they would rather see civil war than civil discourse” and I think he’s right.  All the Romney ticket needs to do, is go on record demanding an apology for an implied brogue of doubletalk and conservative ears will hear what they choose.  No one has cited or recorded a hate-filled word coming from Barack Obama’s lips unless pointing out Romney’s own factoids is considered hateful.

I am a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant who can dress-up to look like a banking executive, but that doesn’t make me a banking executive.  Besides, I have too much moral conscience to play the role.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both look cast as made-for-TV presidential candidates, but that doesn’t make either of them presidential.  Obama/Biden may not look like the stereotypical president and vice president, but history will bear me out that they ARE the political paring who have done their level best against all odds and Republican resistance to pull our nation out from under the burdens left in the wake of the last Republican presidency.

The Romney budget plan is fundamentally the Ryan budget plan, which is essentially the Bush budget plan.  Allowing Romney/Ryan a free hand over the United State budget will result in disenfranchising millions of people dropping them off a cliff into far worse despair than anything we’ve experienced to date.  When millions and millions more people fall below the poverty line there can be no such thing as social rest.  Does America really want a nation devoted entirely to the caprices of the rich?  Or do we want a world where our collective morality affords everyone a fair chance at the American dream without dis-including individuals based on race, gender, color, national origin, religion or lack thereof?  The former is the recipe for an elitist ‘country club society’ where 99% of us will never be granted membership.  The latter is the recipe for a stronger and healthier society where even the rich will prosper.

That said, accumulation of wealth should never be the criteria for implementing social Darwinism any more than poverty should be a condemnation for a deficit of character.  Not every bald man is a neo-Nazi skinhead anymore than any rich white man in a suit is an inspired world leader.  To my eye, our half white and half black president has already demonstrated his commitment and willingness to govern the American melting-pot with compassion and fairness rising above old prejudices and preconceived notions.  The Ship of State does not corner quickly nor easily.  Obama’s detractors have allowed irrational fear to shape their tragic worldview – and the rest of us should never let the ignorance and fear of others govern our own.

- Dissociated Press, 8/16/2012

Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP Running Mate to Alienate GOP Seniors As Part of a Strategy Intended to Disenfranchise the Entire Republican Party

Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his vice presidential running mate for a very good reason:  To alienate GOP seniors as part of his strategy to disenfranchise the entire Republican Party.  As it is, there’s hardly a Republican out there who is genuinely enthusiastic about Mitt Romney for dog catcher, let alone president.  So as Romney straps the GOP to the roof of his car for a long road trip to catastrophe, no wonder Republican voters are even more bewildered than usual.  To quote Cassandra Coulter, “If you don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we‘ll lose.”  Good.  Let’s hope so.  And by the way, if they’d run Chris Christie there wouldn’t have been room for anyone else on the ticket.

So Paul Ryan is Romney’s choice.  Ryan looks like such a “nice boy” as he pulls the plug on your grandmother merely to save another nickel for health insurance companies.  Ryan is opposed to birth control in all forms including condoms and takes a hardline stance on abortion even in the case of rape or incest.  So if you’re a raped eleven year old girl who’s pregnant against her will, your entire life should be ruined while you’re saddled with an unwanted child.  Ryan, like Romney is the child of extreme privilege and is completely out of touch with reality – be that human day to day reality or fiscal reality, Ryan represents LaLa Land.  Already, not even one week into the Romney/Ryan unholy alliance, Romney is already trying to distance himself from Ryan’s extreme social and fiscal agenda.  Even Romney realizes Ryan is bound to alienate independent voters and ALL sensible women.

Paul Ryan is the great pretender when it comes to budgetary issues.  He touts the same austerity measures that have already tanked the economies of so much of Europe, but why learn from the mistakes of others when you can touch a hot stove all by yourself?  The simple truth is the American economy is on the rebound in spite of all Republican efforts to keep it in the crapper merely to try and make Obama look incompetent.  Our financial woes were not caused by entitlement programs, they were caused by two immoral, poorly thought out overseas wars that our children’s children’s children will still be paying for long after the polar ice caps have melted into the sea.  Our financial troubles have far more to do with ill-advised wars and unregulated greed coming from Wall Street after Congress fought to successfully repeal the Glass Stegal Act of 1933.  The repeal of Glass-Stegal was success by failure cementing the economic woes most Americans began experiencing toward the end of the Bush Maladministration.  You can’t fix the economy over night, and you certainly can’t do so without raising taxes on the obscenely wealthy.  Merely cutting back on entitlement benefits designed to be paid into by citizens who expect a return on their investment isn’t going to improve the economy.  Nor is cutting back on Federal, state and municipal services from police and firefighters to nurses and teachers.  Those measures will merely place more Americans into the unemployment line.  Note to Wall Street: Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security weren’t designed to be a speculator’s market.  Nor were they ever intended to be a slush fund to bail out the government when America foolishly elects incompetent spendthrifts like George Bush and Dick Cheney.  Those who can think no further than the tip of their nose say “Obama has had almost a full term to fix the economy” so they thoughtlessly conclude that it’s time to go back to another empty suit like Mitt Romney.  That economic crash was coming for decades and no one can fix it in four or even eight years.  It’s a systemic problem being exacerbated by House Republicans like Paul Ryan stonewalling the jobs bill.  I’m sure Paul Ryan’s economic plan is just peachy if you’re wealthy enough to have your money hidden in offshore bank accounts.  For the rest of us, it’s a total ass-chap.

Sadly, most of America (generally speaking) isn’t paying attention.  Politicians bank on that and have ever since the Roman Empire.  “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt” said satirical Roman philosopher, Decimvs Ivnivs Juvenalis in the 1st century AD….  And little has changed since.  Contemporary Americans focus on the Kardashians and junk food, but they still can’t tell you the name of their own senator.  I hazard to say most Americans don’t know about the litany of horrors perpetrated at the hand of Bain Capital under Mitt Romney’s guidance.  Nor do they know that Paul Ryan is actively working to strip away the very social safety nets they and their elderly relatives have come to rely upon.  An alarming number of Americans will cheerfully vote counter to their own best interests as long as the candidate looks like a Brooks Brothers suit model.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan certainly do resemble suit models:  Empty suit models.

Paul Ryan is the only Republican politician that comes to my mind when I think about senior citizens screaming and jeering at speakers during town hall meetings.  Ryan wants to gut Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare while affording tax breaks for the the wealthiest 2%.  Seniors normally are a largely Republican demographic, almost robotically so.  But Ryan is the one politician who has the credentials to alienate them.   So now just about everyone in the Republican Party openly or secretly despises the Romney candidacy.  Their last hope of winning the election is to count on subliminal racism to give them a boost at the polls.  Well that, and minority voter suppression.  You have to remember, there are sporting events to watch and bowls of chips and dip to be consumed.  There are Buffalo chicken wings and ‘Dancing With the Stars.’  What’s Snookie up to this season and what’s leftover in the fridge…?  It’s not so different from the ‘bread and circuses’ back when Rome ruled the world.  This coming election voters have a choice between Barack Obama, a brilliant man who’s patient to a fault, or electing Herman and Eddy Munster to raid the coffers.  It has me hanging like a ‘chad’ on the edge of my seat.

- Dissociated Press, 8/13/2012

As the Olympics Draw to a Close All Eyes Aren’t on the Horse Mitt Romney Has in the Race – They’re Fixed on Bain Capital’s Connections to Murderous South American Drug Cartels and His Unholy Alliance with Newly Announced Running Mate, Paul Ryan

Short of pole dancing not receiving the proper respect it deserves, the Olympics were predictable enough.  Supposedly it was going to be Mitt Romney’s trump card for winning public support and cashing in on his high profile contributions to the games.  The man even had a horse in the race, but his own blundering inability to form complete, coherent sentences that don’t offend the entire world led to the tour’s inevitable failure.  The man can’t speak off the cuff without something smarmy crawling out of his sleeve.  The latest smarmy thing to crawl out of Romney’s sleeve is fellow suit-model, Paul Ryan, who has just been announced as Mitt’s VP running mate.  Talk about and unholy alliance….  Paul Ryan is undeniably one of the most boyish looking, doe-eye monsters in Congress.  Ryan’s a kind of living, breathing political intestinal blockage dedicated to protecting obscene wealth while keeping the middle class in a perpetual struggle.  In other words, he’s a perfect match for Mitt Romney

Gaff prone back-asswards behavior has become Romney’s personal signature style.  With practice he could be another George W. Bush.  Paul Ryan has been infused into the Romney campaign in an effort to draw attention away from Romney’s own natural clumsy incompetence.  It’s as if Mitt has never had the opportunity to observe how normal, grounded human beings behave.  Maybe he hasn’t?  But he has no problem lying with impunity – so much so that one starts to wonder if he grasps the blur between unvarnished truth and pure fabrication.  The man will say whatever he thinks people want to hear in the same breath he conceals everything people want and need to know.  Paul Ryan is a more skillful liar than Romney and hence perfect as Mitt’s sidekick and attack dog.

But neither Ryan nor Romney can keep changing the topic.  Where are Mitt Romney’s promised ten years worth of tax returns that are never quite forthcoming?  He said he’d “look into it” but apparently never has.  Why isn’t John McCain (who has seen Romney’s financial records) coming to the candidate’s defense?  Even tragic little RNC nebbishes like Reince Priebus want to know why Mitt’s tax statements are MIA.  It’s unlikely there’s anything blatantly illegal in Mitten’s tax dealings, but it’s more than probable his returns are spattered with more unethical loopholes than a slice of processed Swiss cheese.  Make that Swiss bank account cheese.  Voila: Introduce Paul Ryan as a distraction and hope it works.  Shady financial dealings are Ryan’s forte – well that, and double talk.

So even as the world’s eyes have been trained on Olympiads “sticking” landings and horses foxtrotting to Tchaikovsky, darker and more ominous storm clouds are forming over Mitt Romney’s sordid fiscal profile.  A story broke in the Huffington Post last week citing reliable sources and naming names dating back to the early days of Bain Capital while the company was still completely under Mitt Romeny’s own personal guidance.  The article alleges a troubling link between Bain Capital and funding connected directly to Latin American drug cartels.  If you’ve been living under a rock and never heard about the South American drug cartels: They’re the heartless hombres infamous for mass murder and ritual executions while illegally peddling hardcore drugs to the United States underground market…. I wonder if Mitt still has “family” connections from when the Romney Clan fled America to avoid United States laws, taking up residence south of the border?  The “implied” explanation for Bain doing business with such shady characters boils down to Mitt not wanting to risk start-up capital provided by rich white people.  Why risk white Anglo-Saxon money when you can risk South American blood money instead?  So now we have Paul Ryan to contend with too, a man so innocent looking, he can say almost anything and people will fail to recognize they’re being screwed.

It keeps occurring to me that Mitt Romney is quite possibly the most skillful sociopath ever to seek the highest office in the land, with Paul Ryan possessing similar diversionary “skills.”  Meanwhile, the Olympics will come to a triumphant end for many an athlete worldwide:  But the story with the real “endurance” and “legs” will be the decathlon of financial chicanery following around Mitt Romney and his personal empire augmented by Paul Ryan and his agenda to pick the pockets of every middle class American in hopes they all die before ever needing to draw on the government safety nets they’ve already paid into.  An association with either man is tantamount to an endorsement of greed – and now they have each other….  And a very ticklish connection to murderous drug dealers.

- Dissociated Press, 8/9/2012


Skinhead Hate Rock Prays on Weak Minds While Lowering the Standards of the Word “Music”

Music can create powerful emotions.  Cheap AM radio bubblegum songs can evoke memories of your first high school love.  Mahler’s 5th can bring even a novice music lover to weep aloud.  Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D’ can sooth the fears of the dying.  ‘Amazing Grace’ is capable of making atheists, agnostics and true-believers alike turn to hide a tear, even when played on an un-listenable instrument like the bagpipes.  Music is undeniably a powerful force, mostly for the greater good.

Last year a neocon political candidate in the Midwestern United States used punk rock music to spread his word endorsing hate and prejudice in an effort to reach gullible younger voters easily swayed with or without music.  I forget the neocon politician’s name, but I do recall that he lost in the primaries.  Just as well not to use his name, as his message was hate, and people who spread hate should all have their names forgotten forever.

The appalling mass murder sprees that have overtaken this country now have a connection to music.  That connection seems illogical unless you happen to be goosestepping along humming “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.”  The latest murder rampage cruelly spent the lives of six Sikhs in a Milwaukee-area temple – killed by a forty year old melon-brained skinhead with links to white supremest groups.  Groups that spread their “message” (such as it is) by way of “rock music.”  These groups also use hate-rock as a recruiting tool:  Tools recruiting ‘tools’ if you will.  Impressionable minds devoid of proper guidance may at first be attracted to merely the loud “sound and the beat” but it’s the lyrics that are deadly.  I don’t care if it’s white supremest rock or black gangsta rap, as there’s little difference between the genres insofar as both are counter productive and for the most part sophomoric – except to those who don’t know any better.

A comment was made to me that “perhaps the shooter mistook the Sikhs for Muslims, you know, because they both wear turbans.”  As if that was some kind of justifiable error.  For Christ’s sake Grace Kelly wore turbans.

The Sikhs are a peaceful faith who’s doctrine is based on lending a helping hand to their fellow man.  It doesn’t matter to knuckleheads (like the now dead shooter) that the people he killed would have offered him food and shelter as that is the tenet of their faith.  The shooter proved nothing aside from one more glaring example of why the NRA needs to be bitch-slapped into submission and fast.  When the founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment granting us the right to bear arms, automatic weapons were not yet dreamed-of – there were only front loading muskets, and that’s a big distinction.  No private citizen needs the kind of firepower used in our nation’s recent history of shameful killing sprees:  Especially when the murderer is a mentally unbalanced skinhead with a dishonorable military discharge.  But we were talking about music.  I’ve quoted the song “You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught” on this blog before and I’ll probably quote it again….  Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, melody by Richard Rodgers from the musical, “South Pacific” and the subject and irony of that song is prejudice through brainwashing.  It’s a short little song, direct and to the point, written nearly a half century ago but it still rings true today:

You’ve got to be taught
To hate and fear,
You’ve got to be taught
From year to year,
It’s got to be drummed
In your dear little ear
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
You’ve got to be carefully taught.

You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
Before you are six or seven or eight,
To hate all the people your relatives hate,
You’ve got to be carefully taught!


Chick-Fil-A is Run by a Homo-hating Man Named “Cathy” Willing to Feed You Filthy Food With a Side-dish of Ignorance

Chick-Fil-A is a Christian corporation.  Fine.  Keep it to yourself.  It’s bad business at best to alienate consumers by rending judgement on even a small portion of your customer base and employees.  Who does Chick-Fil-A they think they are?  The Amish?

I’m not quite sure why “thinking” people are expected to show tolerance and respect for the opinions of bigots who’s worldview is shaped by intolerance and disrespect.  And the in case of Chick-Fil-A: BLATANT LIES.  Lies like “all gay people are pedophiles.”  No, truth be told, most pedophiles are disproportionally heterosexual.  If you’re looking for pure truth here it is: The poultry industry is filthy beyond repulsion.  Unless you know where and how the chicken was raised, you’re taking a risk by consuming it – especially at a fast food chain like Chick-Fil-A.

It would be one thing if Chick-Fil-A’s dimwitted president, Dan Cathy held his backward thinking to himself, but “Cathy,” as I prefer to call him, is actively raising money to bring substantial harm to the lesbian and gay community using funds to fight the implementation of equal rights for taxpaying LGBT citizens.  Why?  Because HIS religion teaches intolerance.  I have no appetite for extending tolerance to the intolerant knowing intolerance has become the primary agenda of “moral majority” right-wing Christians.  Genuine Christian doctrine is lost on them.  Christ never once made mention of homosexuality nor did he condone persecution of any kind.

In the case of Chick-Fil-A and “Cathy” the dunderheaded CEO, not only is the company promoting hatred and misinformation, they’re selling a potentially tainted product.  Chickens are raised in disgusting, over crowded, disease laden conditions.  Processed chicken, produced for the mass market are filled with chemicals, not the least notable of which is arsenic.  Seriously, there’s arsenic in your chicken sandwich as well as a heaping helping of greasy, salty, fattening hatred.  In other words, if obesity, heart disease and the idea of ingesting questionable foods into your daily dietary intake doesn’t bother you, then choke back a Chick-Fil-A with that warm, fuzzy feeling that you’re coming down on the wrong side of history AND your own health.

If you’re none too quick on the uptake, then “hell, it’s a damn good chicken sandwich” is all that matters to you.  That’s probably because the company selling the sandwich isn’t actively trying repeal your human rights.  Their only concern is destroying your health for a tidy profit.  Between the grease, the sodium, the mysterious chemicals and the appalling growing conditions, prepared with tender, loving prejudice and hate; poorly educated American consumers can’t get enough fast food.  The only upside to this controversy is the people addicted to this poisonous fare will live shorter and less healthy lives.

Given the choice between eating at any kind of a “chain” restaurant and taking a meal at a privately owned restaurant, I’ll choose the small business every time.  Fast food slaughter houses like Chick-Fil-A are for long trips on the turnpike when there are no better options available.  Still, I recommend merely using the bathroom and leaving hungry in disgust.  I know a gay man who used to work for Chick-Fil-A when he was in college and he told me what went on in the kitchen was repulsive and he’d never eat the stuff.

Lobbyists and corrupt congressmen have seen to it the Food and Drug Administration lost all its teeth a long time ago.  In other words, no one is really protecting you from the harm that can befall you from eating animal products in general.  Mad cow disease is back in the news.  Animals get mad cow disease from adding ground-up animal waste parts to the feed served to livestock that would otherwise be vegetarian by nature.  This taints the safety of the slaughtered animal food supply leaving consumers with a disease that can have a ten year incubation period and no cure leading to progressive nervous disorders and ultimately death.  MCD it is not necessarily confined to cows.  Mad cow disease cannot be eradicated even if you burn the barn down around the animal.  The charred corpses will still test positive for mad cow, so you can’t “cook” it clean.  Or in the case that “tasty” Chick-Fil-A, you can compromise your health and your integrity all in one toxic bite.   So why not live dangerously?  Have a disgusting, unhealthy fast food sandwich severed with tender-loving ignorance and hatred, knowing full well that it might just ruin your life.