Winnie & Duck Explain Health Care Reform In a Way Even FOX News Viewers Can Understand

Winnie and Duck have decided to explain the reasons behind President Obama’s Health Care Reform Act so even a FOX News viewer can understand what issues are at stake.  Here’s the long and the short of it:  You and your employer turn-over exorbitant amounts of money to ‘for-profit’ health insurance companies.  They in-turn give you as little as possible in-return for those payments while laughing themselves all the way to the bank.  Some estimates report that as much as 65 cents on the dollar goes into the pockets of investors plus administrative costs while the policy holder cowers in fear of their next rate increase.  FOX News viewers bought into the propaganda-line about ‘socialized’ medicine being some kind of Communist plot, but then again those folks are easily led.   They’re the same people who can’t differentiate between health insurance, health care providers and the pharmaceutical industry — hopefully they’ll sort it out for themselves someday…

Medicare is ‘socialized’ medicine.  Just try and take that away from grandma, and she’ll bite you with her dentures ’til she draws blood.  Don’t mess with seniors they might not have their own teeth, but you can stick the cat to the ceiling with Poligrip…  No matter what bull-pucky you hear, Medicare works and seniors are not going to let go of it.  The money the insured are paying to keep the rich ‘RICH’ is money being kept OUT of circulation and out of the average citizen’s pocket.  In other words, money that is not stimulating other aspects of the economy.  By the way, don’t think for a minute that your insurance company is committed to making you and your family any healthier, physically OR financially.  The health insurance companies would cut you loose in a heartbeat — literally — for an extra nickle.

It boils down to what you’d prefer to support…  Socialites living on stock dividends?  Or Socialized medicine?

Socialized medicine, as a point of fact is working quite well to the benefit of most other industrialized nations — except the United States, who refuse to implement it while bowing to the will of corporate lobbyists.  Other nations look down on America’s ‘for-profit’ health care system as nothing short of barbaric, heathen and immoral — not to mention ineffective.  America needs to be striving-for Medicare from ‘cradle to grave.’  Health care needs to be viewed as a ‘right’ – not as an unaffordable luxury.  Hopefully health care reform will survive the trials and tribulations of the lower and Supreme Court challenges.   The next step would be an amendment including a ‘Public Option.’  Then, and only then will FOR-profit insurance companies be forced to compete by lowering premiums.  That puts buckets of money back into the economy which would otherwise be siphoned-off, making rich people richer while they sit on their financial ASSetts.

The system we currently have - (bearing in mind Obama’s complete health care plan doesn’t take effect until 2014) – is simply this:  People want to live, and live in good health.  So entrepreneurial, profit-motivated insurance companies who answer only to their shareholders, blackmail every single American citizen using fear as a weapon — driving-up exorbitant premium payments — and the entire country tolerates it because people naturally want to live, and live in good health.  The first thing fiscal conservatives then ask is who would pay for this ‘cradle to grave’ coverage?  Every citizen during their prime working years.  That’s how it functions in other nations.   Then regular citizens would get coverage very similar to what members of Congress and their families already enjoy.  Everyone gets health care as children.  Everyone gets health care as adults.  Everyone gets health care as seniors.  Anyone who is disabled gets health care.  Stockbrokers get nothing by way of financial gain.  They pay into the system just like everyone else.

The current Obama plan is far from perfect, but look at the tooth-pulling process the President had to go-through just to get as far along as he did…  Sadly, health care reform is being challenged in the courts — backed by special interest groups — with the single-minded goal of taking away hard-won gains from American citizens.  Health care gains taxpayers will grow to value once they have them…  Some reforms are already in place, thanks to Obama:

  • Things like not being denied insurance when you have preexisting conditions.  Which is worth more?  A person’s health or shareholder dividends?

  • Which is worth more?  Not being dropped by your health insurance company because you or a family member have developed a life-threatening disease or disorder?  Or shareholder dividends?

  • Which is of greater value?  The health care needs of you and your family or maintaining the lifestyle of the upper one percentile?

  • Under the Obama bill, young people just starting-out in life can remain on their parent’s health insurance policies up to age 26 instead of being cut loose at age 18.  Which better propels the future of the next generation?  Assuring them good health while getting a foothold on life?  Or more shareholder profits?

What the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party have failed to accomplish is the messaging aspect of health care reform, and how essential it is to our economic recovery.  Think of the shareholder in terms of ‘parasites’ – remove the profit incentivised-middlemen (a.k.a. parasites) and both the citizens and the economy stand a fighting chance for a healthy recovery.  Who cares if the Dom Perignon ‘set’ have to forgo building a wing on the beach house or postponing another shopping trip to the South of France?   What’s more important?  The health and welfare of American families?  Or making an obscene profit for health insurance stockholders?  Stockholders who’re doing nothing more than making money off of money at the cost of your well-being — playing off your fears and not giving a moment’s thought to every individual’s natural desire to live their life in good health.

Note to the Right Wing Christian ‘Moral Majority':  This is another one of those dilemma moments you dread:  “What would Christ do?”

Statistics below from ‘The Healing of America’ by T.R. Reid:


USA – 15.3%

Switzerland – 11.6%

France – 11.1%

Germany – 10.7%

Canada – 9.8%

Sweden – 9.1%

UK – 8.3%

Japan – 8.0%

Mexico – 6.4%

Taiwan – 6.2%

Occupying Spring Weather is Easier Than Occupying a Mild Winter So Get out There…

Occupying spring weather is decidedly easier than occupying even the mildest winter.  That said, I have no doubt determined occupiers would have weathered this past winter outdoors had they not been forcibly removed from nearly every location on the national map — which isn’t to say the ‘Occupy Movement’ is a thing of the past.  More likely it’s just getting started as we face the final stretch to the 2012 elections.

Here in Philadelphia, the ‘Occupy Movement’ stayed well within the sensible confines of our peaceful right protest as granted to us by our Constitution drafted right here in my home city.  And for whatever gripes Philadelphians might have with Mayor Nutter, he was nothing like the thoughtless despots we saw in other places like Oakland, UC Berkley or even in New York’s Zuccotti Park.  But in Philadelphia, we had an odd collision — not of blunt objects against flesh — but of purpose.  Life is complicated.  Our city’s problem came when the location of the protest-village was preventing an on-going restoration project of Philadelphia’s historic City Hall.  In all fairness, the jobs to repair that august, old Beaux Arts building are hardly a drop in the bucket when measured against the numbers of jobs needed to get Philadelphians reemployed on the payrolls…  But there was a certain symbolic conflict insofar as people protesting a lack of jobs were preventing people without jobs from becoming employed by reporting to and performing paying work.  Now that the weather is back on the side of the ‘Occupy Movement,’ I hope a Philadelphia location will be negotiated where there’s less of a mixed message.

I’ve attended a number of Philadelphia’s ‘Occupy’ rallies and protests, and as an age-ed hippie, I’m an old hand at these sorts of gatherings.  They almost have a nostalgic familiarity to me.  More importantly what ‘Occupy’ represents is a sense of people participating in the process.  If I’ve got one single criticism, it would be the lack of people working the crowds to register protesters to vote – AND seeing to it people obtain legal ID — given the direction this nation is heading…  (Sidebar:  Having worked at my voting poll for decade and a half — in-person voter fraud is next to impossible to pull-off — in fact there’s no evidence of any kind of widespread voter impropriety at the level of the national voting-public.) 

Flawed as our system may be, in 1791. we were granted by our Constitution, the right to assemble peacefully under the First Amendment which includes freedom of religion or lack thereof – The freedom of speech – Freedom of the press – AND the right to assembly and petition.  There are NO Constitutional Amendments insuring your right to be pepper-sprayed, clocked on the head with blunt objects or in any other way harmed while peacefully expressing your beliefs regardless of who agrees or disagrees with you.  Small wonder the ‘Occupy Movement’ scares the bejesus out of the Koch Brother’s fake ‘Tea Party’.  The ‘Tea Party’ is all about Paul Revere costumes with tea-bags hot-glued to their tricorn hats and making asses of themselves because they don’t like having a black president.  The ‘Occupy Movement’ is about uniting the 99% of our people from all races, colors and creeds in a unified goal to regain the American Dream…

The ‘Occupy Movement’ itself is bred from a rich history of patriotic fortitude and invaluable social courage.  But please — the tented libraries are great…  The first-aid stations are an act of sensible mature responsibility.  All I suggest is this:  Don’t get duped into thinking your vote has no value by neglecting to register.  If you’re not registered to vote, your voice might just as well be shouting silently into the wind.

Treyvon Martin and the Present Danger of Skittles and Ice Tea…

WinnieToons is usually a sarcastic political jab in the ribs – edgy maybe – but meaning no real harm unless you think confronting hypocrisy square in the jaw is an affront to your “moral values” – if that’s the case — move along — this blog is beyond your understanding.

Not everything is funny.

Somethings are blatantly raw, exposing the underbelly of what eats away at the core-principals of our nation.

I have a confession:  I’m the self-appointed neighborhood-watch person for my block.  I live in Philadelphia, where there isn’t exactly a pristine record for urban safety.  I call 911 if I know-of, or are witness to, anything suspicious.  We’ve had four crimes of note in the past 365 days.  Three out of the last four crimes have been committed by Caucasian drug addicts…  Just sayin’…

I send-out emails to my neighbors if there’s anything they need to know about or be on the lookout-for…  Do I want or carry a gun?  NO – I’d prefer to be killed than be the one who does the killing.  You gotta live with yourself even if you die for your beliefs.  My perceived “safety” is not worth living in paranoia.  When my time is up — my time is up.  God knows I haven’t missed anything.

My responsibility as a citizen is to keep a level-head and come to grips with the reality that good guys don’t wear spandex tights and a cape…

…Neither do the bad guys.

People do not look on the outside the way ‘learned’ stereotypes dictate.  And by the way, as a safety-conscious neighbor, I do NOT carry or own a gun — nor do I approve of firearms.  I begrudgingly respect one’s right to legally own a gun as guaranteed by our Constitution, but I don’t want one myself.  Guns are the worst and most violent invention the world has ever seen — after, of course,  the internet and automobiles.

I’ve listened to the 911 tapes of an idiotic hysteric in Central Florida — living in a paranoid gated-community — (which is in and of itself weird) — being told by police 911 dispatch NOT to follow an individual he imagines as being “suspicious and on drugs.”  What did the moronic vigilante do?  Against all professional advise to the contrary, he went ahead, locked-in and loaded, after a seventeen year old black child visiting family who happen to live in that same gated community — and shot the boy dead in hopes of being heralded as a hero.

The “dangerous” black teenager was armed with a bag of candy and a bottle of iced tea.  The police 911 tapes clearly record the sound of a youthful voice terrified, screaming and pleading — confessed on tape by an adult — better than a decade older than his victim and a great deal heavier, not to mention, armed with a gun — shooting and killing a child in cold blood.  WHY?  Because the vigilante – (George Zimmerman) – is a self-appointed asshole with a record, and he’s still ALLOWED to carry a gun.  He defied police dispatch orders and stalked a person doing nothing wrong other than being born of a race Zimmerman finds suspicious.  Truth and reality be damned…

Now it’s Sanford, Florida’s turn — Arrest the assailant: George Zimmerman — and arrest him NOW before this becomes even worse (if imaginable) and let justice take it’s course.  Walking down the street toward your father’s house carrying a bag of candy and an ice tea, last I checked, is not suspicious behavior.

That said — you know what I find very, very suspicious…?  GATED COMMUNITIES.

Treyvon Martin – Born February 5th, 1995 – Murdered February 26th, 2012



Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Does Exhibit of Mitt Romney Impersonating Abraham Lincoln During Illinois Primary

Whether it’s the heights of trees, American made cars or really, REALLY bad patriotic acapella, Mitt Romney’s your man.  You can find him bravely eating catfish with cheezy grits or reciting the Davey Crockett theme song, depending on which state Mitt Romney chooses to bring his own campy interpretation of a GOP political campaign.  Romney was born and raised on Planet Zavnar where he was trained to give-off the impression of a humanoid-like “resemblance.”  Unconfirmed reports have Mitt Romney appealing to Illinois voters by standing perfectly still in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum impersonating Abraham Lincoln.  Local Chicago resident, Doug Updegrave said “Romney looked almost life-like.”  His brother, Phil Updegrave disagreed, “I put a mirror under his nose and there were no signs of life – just a vague aroma of formaldehyde.”

Romney, who’s also been reportedly impersonating a Republican for many years, is a master of disguise and assimilating local color — changing his appearance, accent and attitudes according to his surroundings and regional cuisine.  Word reached the Romney Campaign headquarters how the Illinois GOP had once been the ‘Party of Lincoln,’ so Romney rose to the occasion by doing his best cameleon-like impression of our legendary 16th president.  He’s reportedly sending-out campaign literature to the ‘Land of Lincoln’ voters using a list of names supplied through current Mormon records of the re-baptized dead.   His strategy is to reach-out and annoy Illinoisans from the century before last.  Curiously enough, some of these Chicago residents, mourned over 145 years ago, appeared on the state voting register until shortly after Mayor Daley’s last term.  A number of the deceased signed a ballot-initiative ‘postmortem’ for the Blagojevich reelection campaign, which is presently on a ten year hiatus.

Eager as Romney is to shamelessly (or Seamusly) cater to the local vote, Mitt was prevented in the nick of time from making a desperate public appearance in mistral-face while trying to appeal to minority voters.  His wife Ann put a stop to it stating she felt it “might draw attention to his record as the architect of Obamney Care.”

- Dissociated Press, 3/20/2012

Obama Has No Control Over Gas Prices And Neither Would A Republican President Even If Oil Was Granted ‘Personhood’

Obama has no control over gas prices and neither would a republican president.  Get used to it people, and stop blaming Barack Obama for things that are outside his control.  OPEC controls the prices of all international petroleum exports.  The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) originally founded in Baghdad, to this day controls all gas and oil prices on the world market.  Blaming Obama for gas prices is like blaming George Bush for being stupid – both are issues beyond their control.

The fact of the matter is, America produces more than enough petroleum products right here in the US.  However, the petroleum conglomerates we subsidize with corporate welfare fold-in OUR American produced oil into fungible reserves (which are mixed-in) with all the other oil produced on the international market — and then sold BACK to us by these same tax-payer subsidized corporate whores based on the price fluctuations set by OPEC.  It is NOT anything within the jurisdiction of any past, present or future American president to dictate.  So pull your head out of your butt-holes searching for gas and catch-onto the fact that blaming Obama for gas prices is not directing your anger at the right people.  If “corporations are indeed people, my friend” then blame the gas and oil corporations — I mean “corporate people…”

Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney – or even Rick Santorum – (when he’s not focusing on your crotch) – are NONE OF THEM in a position to dictate oil prices or promise $2.50 per gallon if elected president.  It’s another smoke-screen to make the gullible believe Obama has failed.  He hasn’t.  You know what DID fail?  A bogus war in Iraq intended to make Iraqi’s feel beholden to the United States in an effort to strike a sweetheart deal on the price of oil.  You’ll notice that didn’t turn out all that well…

But that brings me back to the original point.  No matter what any president or presidential hopeful says about who or what to blame concerning oil prices — those prices are set by OPEC — NOT by the President of the United States.  And the fact that we, the taxpayers in the United States subsidize American-based oil companies who export oil overseas for fun and profit — only to sell it right BACK to the American people for even MORE fun and profit, is the crux of the matter.

If you want to villainize anyone over what you’re paying at the pump — focus your attention on Mr. ‘Personhood’ Exxon Mobil or Mr. ‘Personhood’ British Petroleum or perhaps Mr. ‘Personhood’ Chevron Oil and Mr. ‘Peronshood’ Shell Oil – ad nauseum.  Obama doesn’t belong on the hook for this issue.  You might find a more direct link to your contemporary ‘pain at the pump’ by tracing the money-trail starting with Bush and Cheney’s combined conflict of interest as oil men while serving as our Imbecile in Chief and faithful sidekick – it’s up to you to decide who was the sidekick…  The long and the short of it is, prices at the pump are NOT Barack Obama’s fault nor are they within his jurisdiction — and that’s an irrefutable fact.

Chris Christie Picks His Brains for Saint Pattie’s Day and Fishes Up Visions of Ann Coulter

OK, I’m a day late, but I did wear green.  Driving out the snakes was celebrated yesterday, but in reality it’s a never ending task.  I’m back to being my snarky self here in center city Philadelphia where there must be a dozen or more Irish pubs within spitting distance.  I survived the evening in time to throw together Sunday’s blog…  There’s been something bothering me all week:  Chris Christie.  That’s not unique.  He bothers me every time I see him.  It’s as if the man MORE than embodies everything smug and self-aggrandizing about GOP politics.  Christie lost his cool during a display of bluster this past week, cementing his inability to act like a mature adult when asked a civil question by a veteran Navy Seal.  The governor is apparently off his medication or needs the dosage upped to counteract his swelled-head and gluttonous girth.  (Don’t give me grief about calling a fat slob – I’ve been a fat slob, so I know one when I see one – that makes me an expert.)

Chris Christie struts around like a winner even when he diminishes himself to a mere jumbo-petite in the arena of verbal assaults — throwing his weight around calling a veteran studying law enrolled at Rutgers Camden Campus as an “idiot” when the young man asked a very simple question about the Rutgers University merger with Rowan College.  Christie is the WWE professional Cretan of GOP politics, and one giant heart attack waiting to happen.  After watching a dozen YouTube videos of the governor bullying former Navy Seal, William Brown about the veteran’s objections to higher education issues in the State of New Jersey, what remaining shards of respect I might have had for the governor are shattered.  Granted they were pretty miniscule shards to begin-with.  Maybe that’s why ‘Morning Joe’ won’t let me post WinnieToons on their Facebook page any more…(?)  Joe Scarborough thinks… – (no he doesn’t, I take that back) – Scarborough keeps trotting-out Christie like he’s the rock-star of the GOP, when in reality Christie’s the Fatty Arbuckle of the Republican Party – a gluttonous and embarrassing scandal waiting to happen.

Here it is Saint Patty’s Day marnin’-after –  and I could have sworn ‘Christie’ was an Irish name – so I looked it up.   It’s Scottish for ‘Oh Christ.’   I’ll go along with that: “Oh Christ, it’s the thing that ate New Jersey.”  However to look at Chris Christie, I’d have pegged him for an extra in the Sopranos – and I’m still not sure he isn’t…  Christie has that rough around the edges, earthy, unrefined quality that appeals to the less intelligent among us.

Speaking of which, Ann Coulter, who we all remember damning Christie with feint-praise saying: “If we don’t nominate Chris Christie, Romney gets the nomination and we will loose.”  Good old Ann, it’s all about winning or losing – not what’s best for the country – but rather what’s best for Ann.  What an unholy union Ann Coulter and Chris Christie make…  I don’t think we have to worry about them consummating that union – the physical logistics are beyond unimaginable…  Geometrically impossible in fact.

Having been raised in New Jersey, I feel a kind of sadness when I see what Christie’s doing to the state – slashing his way to nowhere, destroying a public education system that was once the best in the country.  And to what end?  So America can be a less educated and more easily manipulated population?  A plot that’s appearing to be reaching it’s goal ahead of schedule.

I admit there can be something disarming about Chris Christie.  Perhaps it’s the swath of bodyguards around him and the mere heft of his presence(?)  It’s lost on me personally – but I get it.  People want to drink a green beer with him.  Well maybe not you or me – but someone wants to have a green beer with him.  Ann Coulter perhaps?  She could use the calories.  Christie for all his tonnage, is a light weight who can’t even give a civil answer with respect to a soft-spoken veteran — and that made the big man appear very, very small.  Quote:  “Damn, man, I’m governor, could you just shut up for a second?!!!”  That’s not exactly how an inspired leader speaks to an American war veteran seeking an education.  Those are the words of a very small man – no matter how big he is – or tries to be.

Barack Obama Learned Early There’s a Lot Less Traffic on the High Road

President Obama learned early in life that there’s a lot less traffic on the high road.   Read his words or listen to him speak, and you’ll hear a man committed to serving and representing the American people as a whole.  I’ve had a number of heated conversations lately – both in person – and on Facebook with right-wing sympathizers who claim their irrational fear and hatred of Barack Obama isn’t racially motivated.  Then without so much as taking a breath, they’ll reveal their true colors by making a thinly veiled racial slur they don’t even register as having said.  One neocon was outraged that Obama filmed a ‘get out the vote’ campaign ad directed toward African Americans.  I watched the filmed announcement, and saw nothing wrong with it or irregular about it.  In the world of capitalism, it’s what’s known as target marketing.  My neocon was upset that the president was “pandering to those people.”  It never occurred to him for a minute he’s pandered-to on a daily basis by FOX News.  Is it pandering to the Hispanic population by placing Spanish language ads on Telemundo?  Both parties do it.

Both Democrats and Republicans criticized Barack Obama for attempting to find a healthy middle-ground during the major balance of his first term.  I think he was wise in doing so.  He gave the GOP the chance to come to the table and endorse any number of ideas and programs which in many cases were ideas originated by high-ranking republicans.  But when Obama endorsed those same concepts they were suddenly painted with a broad-brush as an evil socialist plot.  Democrats wanted to see Obama squash the GOP.  Instead, he allowed them to squash themselves with their own hatred and bigotry.  I’ve been consistently impressed with our president’s even hand, calm demeanor and what he’s accomplished in only 3 years (an outlining of which will require a post of it’s own.)

Take by comparison, Rick Santorum’s recent comment in Puerto Rico about potential statehood being contingent on the people of that commonwealth completely converting to speaking English — ignorant of the fact that English is a required course taught in Puerto Rican schools.  Santorum (who makes no secret of his disapproval of public education) was target-pandering to his right-wing constituents — most of whom probably don’t realize Puerto Rico is a self-governing American commonwealth which makes them already full-fledged American citizens.

What’s at work here is fear.  Fear that the lily-white world of Santorum’s vision is doomed to eventual obsolescence.  Santorum embodies the irrational fear of a future where people of color meld with white America — and that fear can be measured by the degree of shrill cat-calls coming from the far right.  Their days as the ruling majority are numbered.  Even blind, unquestioning religious faith is losing its foothold.  The noise you hear them making, are the death-throes of ignorance and fear when confronted with change and the unknown.  I was raised in a very, very white-bred family.  I had ardently racist uncles.  I remember as a little boy listening to the racial jokes being told at the card-table on a Saturday night while they were playing poker and drinking beer.  I also heard the lessons being taught on Sunday mornings in church school and noted the stark contrasts between the two — leaving me wondering at an early age what this mixture of messages meant.

It’s been laughable watching neocons try to paint Obama as a Muslim in a nation founded on religious freedom, when the man is a self-proclaimed and unapologetic Christian.  These same people wasted our time trying to build a false case against Obama as not American-born in the face of overwhelming and conclusive evidence to the contrary.  This is racism at it’s purest, and is in direct damning conflict with the Christian doctrine to which neocons so desperately cling — not to mention the Constitution none of them have read or understood.

I am no longer what I’d define as a Christian.  I’d describe myself as a spiritual-agnostic if forced to define where I stand.  That said, the words of Christ decidedly helped form my worldview and what constitutes right and wrong.  In the end, I’ve come to this conclusion:  The further I get from organized religion, the more I love and appreciate the historical figure we call Christ.  I think He’d be ashamed and appalled by what’s been masquerading behind the shield of His name. I capitalize ‘aitches’ out of habit and respect.

Take a look at the bumper-sticker on the car pictured to the left… This car-owner is just begging to be rear-ended.  These words and their double entendre pretty much sum-up bible-belt Christian understanding as emboldened by conservative hatred and their undying aspirations to constantly be in the wrong.

Governor Tom Corbett Wants to Examine You In-Between Your Legs to Find Your Voter ID While ‘Fracking’ All of Us Over

Governor Tom Corbett wants to mandate an examination in-between your legs looking for your voter ID while ‘fracking-over’ every single person living in Pennsylvania.  Be careful who you vote for, he just might win…  Every citizen in the land complains bitterly about politicians — and as I’ve said many times before, you only earn the right to complain if you vote — win or loose.   When Governor Ed Rendel’s term was up, he was followed by Pennsylvania’s current reactionary right-wing governor, Tom Corbett.  Corbet was swept into power courtesy of the low-IQ-set — a.k.a. the 2008 Tea Party zombies.  Guess what, Pennsylvanians — now you have Tom Corbett for a governor.  Buyer’s remorse anyone?

Mr Corbett is a strong proponent of mandating transvaginal ultrasounds — forcing Pennsylvania women, against their will, to submit to a thoroughly  unpleasant (non-erotic) 10″ metallic invasive probe between their legs — (a.k.a. ‘government sponsored rape’) — for the purpose of making these women listen to the heartbeat and see the images of the early-stage fetus they’re carrying… even if it’s a result of rape or incest.   As if the decision to abort isn’t difficult and painful enough — Corbett, rather than respecting the overwhelming will of the people and distancing himself from this right-wing extremest rape-fantasy, has embraced the wrong side of history.  That’s where he stands — firmly and un-apologetically on the wrong side of history.  Corbett is a dim-bulb — no getting around it — no shedding light on it either.

When asked about women being forced against their will to view the results of such an outrageous over-reach, Corbett replied: “You just have to close your eyes.” He doesn’t mention whether or not you get the option to close your LEGS too.  It never ceases to amaze me how the GOP claim they want to get big government out of our lives — and in the next breath, they’re forcing governmentally mandated painful metallic rods up, sensitive human body parts and then expecting the victims to cheerfully pay out-of-pocket for the violation.

In my opinion Corbett is three for three in the looser column.  He’s pro-fracking, he’s signed a voter ID law that will unfairly target minorities and now he wants to rape already traumatized Pennsylvania women sending invasive medical equipment up their vaginas.  This is not a medically necessary procedure.  This is wrongful legislation spitting in the face of both the patient’s will and her doctor’s advise.  With deceptively crafted language the right wing have titled this as ‘The Women’s Right to Know Act.’  Give me a freakin’ break…   Syntax being everything, call it “The Government Painfully and Forcefully Probes Between Your Legs Act” — then only deviates would support it — oh, I forgot we’re talking about the Republican Party here…  Had ‘Citizens United’ been more accurately titled ‘Corporations Throwing Money at Candidates to Subvert the Will of the People Act’ — REAL citizens-united might have paid closer attention prior to it becoming law and thrown rotten eggs at Supreme Court “justices.”  I can’t help but wonder how these rich old white men would feel about the humiliation of state mandated proctological exams?   Better still, involuntary catheterization with a rusty tuning fork — or perhaps adult male circumcision of the unwilling…  only to later be invoiced for the “pleasure.”

OK other Pennsylvanians whoever you are — YOU voted for Corbett — I didn’t.  I voted for Dan Onorato, making you so much more the fools.  I’ve earned my right to complain.  Those of you who stroked Corbett’s leaver earned the right to have ‘buyers remorse.’  Somehow I suspect you feel much worse than than I do.  I’m merely angry.  As a Corbett supporter, you’re not only angry, you’re embarrassed, foolish AND ashamed.  Way to go Pennsylvanians.  Way to go…

Winnie Explains Wall Street on a Bad Day

Greg Smith resigned from Goldman Sachs today.  He was the executive director and head of the firm’s United States equity derivatives business — encompassing all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  He resigned with an op-ed in the New York Times, leveling charges in no uncertain terms, international financial giant, Goldman Sachs is morally bankrupt and thinks of their clients as “Muppets” – you KNOW where the hand goes up a puppet don’t cha’…?  Glad to hear you’re finally coming clean, Greg.  But are you just now figuring all this out?  The man was with the firm for the past twelve years, pretty much paralleling the period of financial/moral decline that led to the collapse of the economy during the last days of the Bush presidency in 2008 — you can’t accuse him of a rush to judgement…  I can’t help but wonder “why now and not earlier?”

What’s so different today?  What aren’t we being let-in on?

As I’m writing this, GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is tap-dancing for funds with hat in hand — pandering to financial giants including Goldman Sachs — working to secure backing from the very same predatory lenders who robbed us of our way of life.  King of the Wild Frontier at your service.

The reason this post is so brief, is because MY LIFE is impacted daily by the decisions made outside of my control by fat-cats on Wall Street — sucking the life out of me starting with the marrow.  No matter what problem you have in life it’s always exacerbated by or connected to the financial crisis.  Translation:  Everything is every bit as awful as it would have been any way — but now you’re doing it poor and not by your own doing.  As we approach November, remember, voting ‘counter’ to your interests is baiting a rerun of events that will drop us back off where we started at the end of 2008.

I’m furious, and I have no time…  But I can’t help but wonder WHERE the governmental agencies were assigned with monitoring the banking industry?  And the original question still hangs in the air like a stale fart — When are they backing buses up to the financial sector and hauling people off to jail?  Maybe Greg Smith will turn state’s witness?  We’d love to know who made off with the Gold in Goldman Sachs…

Little Mittens Romney Likes Cheezy Grits, Playing With American Cars and a Chance to Drown Rick Santorum….

Last night, the Alabama and Mississippi Primaries Newt Gingrich saw the spelling medal snatched from his imaginary jaws of victory.  Ron Paul is only in the race as a spoiler proving it’s his right not to know how to spell if he doesn’t want to.  Mitt Romney was in New York raising money in order to avoid spelling-out a concession speech – and blithering idiot, Rick Santorum, spelling disaster for the GOP won big in the south — where voting counter to your own best interests is a matter of Dixie pride.

Watching the excruciating train-wreck known as the 2012 GOP Primary has given me an acute case of ‘Blame Obama’ fatigue.  It’s part of the dumbing-down of America.  I listen to Republican strategists and the androidal candidates constantly equating Barack Obama with failure.  Where were these people and what were they thinking when the historic failures were actually taking-place under Bush/Cheney?  The economy is on a slow, steady recovery but the right-wing has no winning cards in their hand other than pure bluff and wedge issues.  The fun part is watching them chew each other-up.

Romney knows better, even as he delivers his one fixed stump speech (after complimenting local cuisine) saying “the economy hasn’t turned-around fast enough under Obama.”  The economy hasn’t turned around fast enough for anyone, but electing either Romney or Santorum isn’t going to make the recovery any quicker or less painful.  It leaves me in slack-jawed amazement when I read polls placing Romney in a virtual dead-heat with Obama — and Santorum only a short striking distance behind.  Are the American people actually so stupid that they’ve forgotten HOW we fell into our collective national mess?  Are they confused about which party drove us to the precipice?  Turning around the economy and drawing two ill-advised wars to a conclusion isn’t as quick and easy as butting-in-line at a fast-food restaurant.  Americans, screaming at microwaves across the nation demand an unreasonable turn-around time on all our national problems without completely grasping the role of past and recent history in shaping our present reality.

Rome, as they say, wasn’t built in a day.  And rebuilding America’s future isn’t going to happen in four or even eight years.  The mess we’re in arguably started with the ‘greed is good’ attitude of the 1980’s — if not before.  The country has reaped what we’ve sewn and none of us much like it.  Barack Obama could very well have sped-up our national recovery had there not been so much gridlock caused by the Republicans in Congress (the House of Representatives in particular.)

Two years in, people were discontent with the speed of the recovery – or lack thereof — and lost interest.  During the 2010 midterms the right wing voted-in a ‘house’ full of inexperienced knuckleheads at the insistence of the Tea Party.  Those people have done nothing useful and only constipated progress stalling government to a stand-still.  On the other hand, Democrats (both serving in office or living in the public sector) did nothing constructive to help the president succeed either.  Democratic voters didn’t turn-out during the 2010 midterms to cover their president’s back.  All anyone did on either side was complain in useless non-productive stagnation.  We’re a collectively spoiled, short-sighted nation, and it’s pathetic – but neither Mitt Romney nor Rick Santorum are going to make it any better unless they’re allowed to do the very same things congress prevented Obama from accomplishing in the first place.  I say stay with the visionary…

Ask almost any American who won the Superbowl — who took the World Series — who won the Oscar or who swept Dancing With the Stars, and they can tell you.  Ask them who’s the governor of their own state or who represents them in congress and they stand there scratching their heads.  Ask Americans if they understand the negative economic impact of a profit driven health care system on their own personal household budgets…  And do they get it?  No – nor do they understand how difficult it is to inherit the governance of a nation controlled by corporations and special interest greed.  The president has to cozy-up to some pretty smarmy forces while fighting them at the same time.  Can you really see any of the GOP candidates having the courage to stand tall and do that?  Really…?  Romney and Santorum would only further sink us, both having played a key role in our national ruination.

Tell the average voter (assuming he or she even votes) that Mitt Romney played a significant part in sacrificing jobs for the American middle class, and it’ll be the first they’ve heard…  Let ‘em in on Rick Santorum’s history screwing-up as a Washington insider, and even Pennsylvania voters look perplexed – half of them didn’t even know he’d once been their senator.  Do the American people understand that Ron Paul is nothing more than a nihilist with racist financial backing fighting for the right to dis-include civil liberties to people based on race, color and creed?  Probably not.  Do they know Newt Gingrich left his position as Speaker of the House under a cloud of disgrace and wrong-doing?  I doubt it.

Everyone’s focused on ‘March Madness.’  Basketball is much more entertaining.

I’d venture to say an alarming number of Americans don’t even exercise their precious right to vote — and aren’t even sure who the GOP candidates are.  They’re too busy watching ‘Access Hollywood,’ but they know Obama is black so maybe that’s why they’re broke.  Think again.  What I can tell you without hesitation or pause is this:  By not paying attention or participating in the process, you forfeit your right to complain.