A Guest Rant by Mark Powell

Mark Powell has graciously accepted to write today’s blog and work on the illustration while I’m nursing a broken hand and wounded pride – hehehe.

OK people, this one is important. It appears that a wild hope called ‘Justice’ has gone missing in America. Turns out it has been missing for some years and was just recently reported. The loss went undiscovered for years because the majority of persons responsible for guarding it, called “voters” were just not paying attention. Best estimates is that ‘Justice’ may have been kidnapped or stolen some time in either the early ‘70’s or ‘80’s. Search parties are being organized periodically every first Tuesday in November. Please go to a government office and register to become a “voter” to help find ‘Justice’ and return her to America.
More seriously, justice and freedom in the US depends on voters being informed and thoughtful. This past mid-term election wedge issues and fear won out, and justice took a giant step backwards.  If you are, or know of a person old enough to vote who feels it is just too much trouble, or doesn’t matter, have them look at the losses all Americans, and the world as a whole are suffering at the hands of the neo-con right and their illegal wars, environmental desecration looking for oil and their repealing of our basic rights.
We are supposed to be the stewards of our future by governing those who govern us and yet we don’t watch. They exercise corruption and duplicity and we let our freedoms be whittled away in silence. Our money goes to special interest groups, foreign corporations and waste and we remain silent.
We need to be more watchful of our legislature and less on the bedrooms of our neighbors. We need to be watching what company monies are being given to our leaders to double cross us rather than what church others go to (or don’t go to).  One wise novel once held the mantra “Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.”  If we allow fear from wedge issues like sexuality, spirituality or immigrant status to close our minds to the truth in the government then we, too will face obliteration, just as the Roman Empire, the Napoleonic Empire and the British Empire.
Because we fear appearing less affluent, we watch as our nation is becoming indebted to China, a country that has no love for democracy or the US, and say the economy isn’t so bad; we love our large homes that we never see. We fear change and watch as we become addicted to foreign oil because we want our SUV’s and air conditioning, and destroy the Gulf of Mexico  rather than find alternative energy sources, we watch as we allow bullies to drive any teens that are different to suicide and say that homosexuality is evil out of fear, so bullying is OK. These petty fears make us all smaller.
You think Cheney or Bush is the problem? They do not work in a vacuum; there is a power behind them too. When Cheney finally succumbs to villager’s torches like the Frankenstein monster he is, another will take his place until WE THE PEOPLE stand up and say enough is enough and we want our government, our hope and our liberty and justice BACK! And let me let you all in on a little secret, WE are the only ones who can, or will return them to us, by thinking, by paying attention, and by being active in our governmental affairs (and I don’t mean Monica). So register, help your friends register, think, and vote so we can have a future. It is no longer just for a better future, but to have a future at all. WE need to fight for it, and WE need to defend it.
Next election, remember what has happened these past 10 years. How eight years of greed and irresponsibility (on top of past ills) have impoverished most of the country, and two years of waffling and “compromise” left the repairs empty, and the low information voter ripe to be harvested for a backslide to the past. Don’t let this happen again. Be the informed voter who can bring in change. Maybe then, the future can once again have home, and little lost ‘Justice’ will come home.