The WinnieToons 2010 Hall of Shame

Still alive and counting against all reasonable odds, Dick & Zsa Zsa.

There is no point in avoiding the truth – 2010 was a mess.  So much so it almost felt like we were still in the Bush years.  I’ve had a difficult time narrowing down my favorite WinnieToons into a year-end collection.  BUT rather than dwelling on a morbid tribute to who DIED in 2010 – We’re taking astonished aim at the idiots and ideology unexplainably still alive.

The Health Care Bill is still alive, but the ‘Public Option isn’t.  Dick Cheney is living artificially through the wonders of modern medicine without a pulse, while Zsa Zsa is being prepared for taxidermy to be placed in a tableau-vivant from one of her “classic” films.  Hopefully “Queen of Outer-space”.
The ‘wedge’ issue is still alive and kicking and tearing America apart at the seams.  Be it gays in the military, abortion or any issue that involves someone else’s crotch, low information voters can’t get enough wedgies.
Pope Benedicthead XVI is still kickin’ in his red Prada shoes.  This has been a banner year for the former Hitler-youth turned world “spiritual” leader.  He’s been implicated in numerous clergical sex-scandal cover-ups – and now he’s been caught red-handed in a Mafia scheme using priests as front-men for the Cosa Nostra where automatic-teller-machine, perpetrated a robbery on the Italian public.  Now there’s a stairway to heaven’.  Just sayin’…
Racial prejudice and ethnic profiling are alive and well in their headquarters in Arizona.  Gov.Jan Brewer is still alive even though she nearly beheaded herself with lies and moments of ‘brain-freeze’.
No matter how many good people pray for a career ending injury, Eagle’s quarterback, Michael Vick is suddenly and undeservedly old Saint Vick.
Greed is still alive and well.  Here Winnie explains Wall Street for Dummies.
Incompetence is thriving with no sign of letting-up especially in the financial sector.
Government cover-ups and public-service in the pockets of lobbyists, is as healthy as it ever was.
Lest we forget the ‘Great Oil-Spill of 2010′ Offshore drilling is still alive and kicking the crap out of the environment.  No one has learned their lessons, and Sarah Palin is too stupid to learn anything.  The damage just keeps on damaging – both Sarah’s and the oil spill’s.
The nation’s demand for oil has yet to abate in spite of the profits going to countries who’d love to see us annihilated
Felons in high places remain unpunished.
But we can keep on hoping…
And still the gulf and it’s residents are suffering. They barely got to their knees following Katrina. Makes you wonder what role environmental racism plays?
Like so many optimistic politicians before him, President Obama went to Washington with hope in his soul and wound-up with soap in his hole.  It happens…
The bed-bugs are going strong – oh, wait, that’s congressional constipation, not bed-bugs.
The “Birthers” will never die, nor will nonsensical conspiracy theorists.
Blithering idiots were voted into power. Thanks low-information voters !
Rush Limbaugh hasn’t yet dropped-dead from a lightening-strike due to lying, but now there’s hope he might suffer the big one while getting laid. The old gasbag is still polluting the airwaves unabated.
In 2010 – the dumber you were, the more air-time you got.  No surprises there.
America, the land founded on religious freedoms nationally conspired to deny that freedom to others based on irrational fear, and in doing so diminished themselves.
The same idiots who hold 9/11 heroes on a pedistal when convenient, also fought tooth and nail to stop the 9/11 1st Responder Hero’s Bill.  It took Jon Stewart to shake the Senate to their hollow core.
The war in Iraq sort of ended and sort of didn’t.  Afghanistan is still raging-on.
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is sort of over.  Just don’t tell anyone while showering in the barracks.
Without regard to sexual persuasion, insurance companies gypped surviving family members of soldier’s insurance policies to boost their bottom line. Greed never dies.
Prop 8 in California, died then lived then died again.  I WILL go down eventually.
In 2010 Michelle Bachmann was appointed to the 2011 “House Intelligence Committee” – That would be funny on it’s own if it weren’t so frightening.
Perennial loosing Delaware candidate, Christine O’Donnell is still flying-high in spite of a probe into financial wrong-doing during her failed run for congress.  My guess is she’ll ‘twitch’ her bewitched little nose and become a FOX News “analyst” or nihilist.
Grass-roots being too messy, environmental cannibals and capitalist pigs invent the “AstroTurf” movement known as the Tea-Party for manipulating mental midgets.
The Palin Family Soap Opera saw the on-again off-again romance of Bristol and Levi Johnson – who modestly covered his Johnson for Playgirl.  He “cheated” on Bristol.
Mama Grizzly shot a reindeer on prime time national TV so children everywhere could share in the moment.  She should do her next reality TV show with Michael Vick.
With the on-going death of intelligent life on earth, people listened to Glenn Beck while paying no attention to Stephen Hawking.
Michael Steel only opened his mouth to change feet, but somehow he guided the republican’t party to a major victory in the House – in SPITE of little accidents like the donations-line connecting moral-majority contributors to a phone-sex line AND the scandal of taking young republicans to a lesbian strip-bondage club.  They fired the bookkeeper like shooting the messenger.
While greed on Wall Street led to the mortgage melt-down, CitiGroup founder Sandy Weil, now retired comfortably, thank you, led the charge by hurling money at congress through lobbyists to reform the Glass-Steagle Act of 1933 – enacted to prevent the current crisis we face.  1 in 4 homes are in foreclosure, including mine — for the short-term profit of putting all your eggs in one basket – and selling bets on foreclosures as a legitimate financial product.
Jullian Assange brought about the death of privacy to “mixed” results.
Some people thought privacy died with the new airport surveillance systems.  Really, nobody cares what your genitals look like in Xray format. Go for the cavity search.
So as we bid a tearful goodbye to 2010, let us not forget:


I Feel Like I Was Hit in the Stomach

I have been a loyal Obama supporter throughout thick and thin, but all it can take is one particular type of gaff to alienate me, and the president may have just pulled that gaff.  When Barack Obama went out of his way to telephone Eagle’s owner, Jeffrey Lurie to congratulate him on signing convicted felon, Michael Vick, I was speechless.  I thought I knew our president better than this.  What made him think this was a good idea?  Why did he even feel compelled to weigh in on this topic?  If he wanted to reach-out and congratulate someone on rehabilitation following a criminal history, I’m sure there were far better struggling examples to have been lauded.  This is in my eyes merely one more example of the rich being allowed redemption with little or no consequences.

I volunteer in the Philadelphia area designing lost animal fliers to be used online or printed for local circulation.  There is a marked up-tick in missing and stolen animals in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.  No, I’m not suggesting Michael Vick has done this, but his all-to-quick “rehabilitation and resurrection” leads me to wonder if this ‘bad-boy’ image of his has emboldened at-risk youth to follow in his footsteps?  Especially in the Delaware Valley.  We live in an era when ‘bad’ is good, and ‘good’ is punished.  This is how a society deteriorates before our very eyes.  Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ”

Michael Vick didn’t do a minute of time in prison for animal cruelty, for which he is profoundly guilty.  Vick did time for the lesser crime of racketeering.  Today a person gets the best justice money can buy.  If you can afford a crack-legal team – you get off with a slap on the wrist.  The message being sent to America’s youth is appalling.

Three and one-half years ago, my dog Edna was abducted, held for ransom and tortured while I was left helpless to listen on the phone while her abusers did their worst.  The abductors were children, and one, a 15 year was sentenced to a year in prison.  I have never been emotionally the same after that horror.  It took place while Vick’s crimes were top news stories – when he had recently been convicted on the lesser charges allowing others to take the real fall for him.  No, I don’t believe in coincidences where this sort of thing is concerned.  

Mr President – that was not a well-thought-out endorsement.  I don’t have scientific evidence to support my suspicions, but I suspect a large number of animal rights advocates have a liberal persuasion – your base.  I also suspect animal rights people, are more inclined to VOTE and be politically active than sports junkies.  I am very, very saddened by your judgment,  Mr President, stay out of ‘pop-culture’ and sports, and get back to doing the things we elected you to do.   

To send a comment to the White House on this matter use the following website:
 OR you can call the White House Comment Line at: 202.456.1414

Among other horrors here in Philadelphia, a pit-bull was found hanged to death in a North Philadelphia playground.  Another was thrown injured into the Schuylkill River,  These incidents just keep happening. A ‘few’ recent missing animal fliers follow:

A Red State of Love Alert & the Story of the Christmas Whore

A Red State of Love Alert 
& the Story of the Christmas Whore 
©WTW 2004
by William Whiting

I arranged for an unorthodox Christmas love affair about six years ago – an experiment in intimacy with no guarantees, and that’s just what it turned-out to be – an experiment, with no guarantees. 

It seems I have certain reoccurring themes in my life to which I’m forever unwise, except in hindsight.  Infallibly bad judgment in men is one of those themes…  Ignoring all warning signs in the hopes of getting laid, is another.  In younger days I tried to separate the “wheat from the chaff” by running a very specific online gay ad:

  • Gravity Defying “Fifty-Something” Seeks Something Similar… 5’10” 180 fit guy looking for same – Men over 40 a plus…(men don’t ripen ’til well after forty). Kinda vanilla here, so nothing that requires plastic drop-cloths or upsets the housekeeper. Couples, feel free to cheat-on-each-other with me, but no 3-ways, (people in groups confuse me). NOTE: I make it a practice not to date anyone I could have fathered, so NO TWINKS! No fems, and absolutely no gay-republicans, I‘m still bitter about the Bush “reelection“.

I arrived at this love-pact with a man traveling north from Alabama. We met online on a site called ManHunt, and arranged to have our experimental affair with breathless anticipation.  It was to be an adventure of love with a beginning, a middle, and an end…  and I was filled with dry-throated desire by the time he arrived. 

Rick, (my southern gentleman-caller) and I arranged our meeting online weeks in advance through emails, phone calls, (OK, phone-sex) and a game of 60 questions.  I’d receive email questions from him a half dozen at a time…”Who’s your favorite movie-star?” he’d ask.  I’d roll my eyes, try to suppress my naturally bitter cynicism and email him back with something like, “Vilma Banky”.  In playful return, I’d ask: “What top 40 bubble-gum hit, (past or present) makes you want to hurl the radio at the wall?”.  I forget his answer, but mine was “Build Me Up Buttercup”.  That song shatters my fillings.  And so it went for several weeks, occasionally talking by phone late at night, describing obscene things we intended do to each other in person and making guttural noises into the phone receiver until completion.

Rick, got into Philadelphia on a rainy Friday Christmas Eve afternoon.  It was a totally non-picturesque rain that had descended on the city.  He called me from his cell-phone, he‘d rented a car at the airport, and was in Center City, hopelessly lost.  I told him to stay-put, and I’d come meet him on the street.  That way I had an opportunity to pull a disappearing-act if he creeped-me-out or seemed like a psycho-killer.  No one likes to spend their Christmas holidays in a shallow grave on some remote chicken ranch.  I wanted to meet him on the street – on foot – eye to eye – in broad daylight.  Even I’m smart enough not to get into a stranger’s car.  Rick was coming up to spend the holidays with his redneck brother and homophobic sister-in-law who’d just moved to Valley Forge.  He described them as “inadequate family” but his “only family”.  We had arranged to have our affairette so as to be an oasis of no-strings intimacy and fun before his facing the “family”.  The family were expecting him at noon on Christmas day.  He’d lied to his brother about his flight time and arrival.

To my obvious delight, he was WAY cuter than his pictures.  I brought him back to the house, dried him off shared a little wine and jumped his bones 20 minutes later.  The stats were perfect: runners ass and legs, nice torso, ripped abs, meaty tits, round shoulder caps and nice arms.  The meat was the international average, (if you factor-in the population of mainland China), but who the hell cares?  He had such an adorable face with a broad open smile, beautiful green eyes, and a sexy hint of gray at his temples.  But for all his obvious charms, it was the dirty talk in that lilting southern-drawl that pushed me right over the edge…

“Make luv to me cuddly-bear.  Do whatever you like.”

Before either of us knew what had happened, it was 7PM, and we had 8 o’clock dinner reservations at a chic little bistro around the corner.  Was it possible we’d been going at each other for 5 hours?  Or had it been a lost-time experience in duet?.  We showered together, and had trouble getting out of the shower.  While getting ready, we caught glimpses of ourselves in the mirror. Both of us had such a rough beards, our lips were peeling, our nipples were raw, and we both had nothing short of a full-body-whisker-burn.  I was a little self-conscious when we walked into the restaurant.  We were so red-faced and covered in moisturizer so no one could tell we were peeling as if we‘d spent the whole day in hot tropical sun.  I felt like everyone was looking at us – we had the guilty look of two people who’d just spent countless hours licking each other half to death.  But I always look guilty whether I’d done anything or not.  During dinner we laughed and played “footsie” under the table, stopping only to stare into each other’s eyes with nearly bovine bewilderment.  It was one of those rare ‘love-at-first-sight’ realizations.

After dinner we strolled hand in hand through the city, and later kissed in the moonlight in Washington Square Park while we walked my dog.  Lust set-in in the park and we ran all the way back to my house – tore off our clothes and went at it again like minks.  He uttered those classic words in my ear: “I want to feel you inside me”.  To which I gleefully complied.  But once sheathed-up and my attentive soldier had “gone-in, “ I stopped to look at how handsome his face looked with both of his feet flanking either side of his head.  Again he whispered to me in his devastatingly sexy southern-accent of his, “…Cuddle-bunnie, I haven’t been entirely honest or forthright with you”.  I suspended pumping, and dumbfoundedly stared at him, saying “WHAAAT…!!!?”.

“Well,” he replied, “I’m not really 48, I’m 52″

“I don’t have a problem with that.”  I said.

“I have a long-time lover down in Georga.” he said sheepishly.

Looking at him hesitantly, I said “I thought you told me you were from Alabama?”

“Ah-ahamm” he replied, turning 2 syllables into 6.  “Ah live in Alabama, and mah lovah lives in Georgia.”

“No worries, I’m not asking you to marry me.”

“It’s not legal anyway.”  He said, a little too quickly.  “But there’s Something’ else…I dye my hair and only leave it gray at the temples” he said.

“So do I“, I replied.  “Very skillfully done.”  I commented while trying to re-stoke the rhythm.

“…and while Ah read youah profile thoroughly, I neglected to tell you I’m a gay republican who voted for George Dubbua Bush.”  Without saying so much as a word in-reply, I firmly grabbed both ankles stretching his hamstrings to the max, and pumped him at an appreciably less courteous and romantic thrust.

“Ah campaigned doah to doah.”

I wasn’t even attempting to be polite about my physical reaction to his words. – deliberately fucking the living crap out of him until his teeth chattered. 

“Ah gave - (uh, grunt) – two - (squeel) thousand (gasp) dollahs (ahhh) of mah own (arrrggghhh) money (Oh, Oh, Oh Jesus) to his (OH GOD) Ah’m a major donor (I’m cumin’!!!) to his AAAAAAHHHHH….CAMPAIGN…!!!”

What the hell, was that?  He loved it.  The harder I pounded him the more he liked it.  You can’t win with these people – they’re impossible!!! 

So call me weak, I gave it to him again the following morning.  Thanks to (a little blue pill from Pfizer and Centrum Silver).  I even fed him breakfast, (which I thought was damned civilized of me as a member in good standing of the Northern Aggressors.)  

We didn’t get together again after that, but he has called and emailed a couple times.  Its a closed chapter as far as I’m concerned, besides, he lives in Alabama.

While reflecting on that sleazy trick six years ago it occurs to me there may be a political implication as to how progressives need to calm the conservative right – screw ’em ’til they squeal like the little piggy’s they are and pump-up-the-thrust.  Deep down inside you know they really, really want it.

Merry XXXmas !!!

*       *       *       *       *

WinnieToons is going to take off a week while Beihl works on some long overdue repairs to his house, his artwork, and his life. 

What Just Happened Over the Past 2 Years?

    A brief tally:
  • The Health Care Bill
  • Credit card and financial reform
  • The Stimulus Bill
  • Saving the American auto-industry
  • Drawing the War in Iraq to a close
  • The extension of unemployment benefits
  • The Food Safety Bill
  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • The START Nuclear Arms Treaty
  • And finally the embarrassingly LONG overdue 9/11 Heroes Bill

What has happened in the past 2 years? Barack Obama has delivered in record time on the majority of his campaign promises.  The far left were merely not patient enough to factor the word ‘strategy‘ into the equation.  A president is not an omnipotent king or pharaoh who’s word is law.  A president is a person who must work with the other branches of government, even when there are serious disagreements and differences of opinion.  I’ve spent most of these past two years believing in our president.  Admittedly, I wavered briefly after the low-information voters brought about the change in the balance of power in Congress during the midterms – but I should have held to my gut beliefs.  The ‘Ship of State’ is in very capable hands.  President Obama is a man who has strategies up his sleeve we mere mortals can’t comprehend.  He has mature patience, an old soul, and the precious quality of knowing how to bide his time while strategizing his promises into reality.

What most progressives fail to comprehend is how difficult it is to steer the aforementioned ‘Ship of State’ — let alone to corner the same-said ship in treacherous waters.  Whether or not Obama becomes a one or a two-term president is almost immaterial.  (I for one, will most certainly vote for him in 2012) — but he has already made his mark on history — not merely for being the nations first Commander in Chief of color — but for being the man who has set our country back on the right course.

Look at how much social change has come about, and how many necessary moral decisions which have been made — largely during the ‘Lame Duck’ session.   The question is, were they brokered by President Obama’s perceived caving into the Republican mantra of “tax-breaks” for the wealthiest 2% of Americans who control 87% of the nation’s wealth?  The answer is a resounding “yes.”  This, sadly is what passes for bipartisanship in the years of republican obstructionism.  That isn’t Obama’s doing, it’s the hand he was dealt, and Obama played that hand with a poker-face.  He’s distanced himself from the heartless decision to further sink our economy by extending tax-cuts to the wealthiest Americans – and it was curiously wise – as Republicans now OWN it.  He has distanced himself from the recent failure of the ‘Dream Act’ which would allow the children of illegal aliens be given a legal pathway to citizenship by completing college or serving in the military.  The republicans now own that too.  Along with a laundry list of obstructionism summarized by John Boehner’s and Mitch McConnell’s incessant declaration of “HELL NO.”  They now own that opposition in the face of progressive success.

This coming year redistricting changes will add electoral college power to largely to republican states — that said, it’s important to remember the overwhelming numbers of those states have growing Hispanic populations – and the old republican guard may find themselves not quite so smug in their power – unless they start fixing elections and preventing people from voting.  Won’t be the first time…

President Obama is a Constitutional scholar and a Nobel Laureate, as well a brilliant, even-tempered man.  His detractors, headed by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are unrepentantly evil, (see the earlier posts.)  Have no fear in the increased republican presence in Congress.  Nothing happens without concession.  Progressives, independents and thoughtful centrists should revisit the idea of “hope you can believe-in” — but this time temper that thought with patience.  It’s how grown-ups operate.

BTW – When is Spell Check going to stop “flagging” Barack Obama as misspelled words?

Don’t Cry for Me Octogenarian

Don’t Cry for Me Octogenarian. The Truth Is I Could Never Stand You.

The 111th Congress, including the ‘Lame Duck’ session has been one of the most productive in history in spite of “NO” appreciable cooperation by the republicans in both the House and the Senate.  Everyone has their favorite villains, and one of mine is Mitch McConnell – a man who’s transparent evil leaves me breathless as to HOW he keeps getting reelected(?)  Perhaps there’s something being placed in the drinking water rendering his constituents perpetually stupid.  OH… I forgot, he’s from Alabama where perpetual stupidity is the hallmark of state-wide pride.

McConnell is a man who has said “NO” to the ‘Health Care Bill’ – fought and won killing the ’Public Option’ thus watering-down the effectiveness of the bill.  He unconscionably voted “NO” for health care for the heroic first responders working at the site of 9/11 — a disproportionate number of whom are now dying prematurely from illnesses they suffered which are directly related to the risks they took saving lives, recovering the dead, and proving their patriotism.

McConnell said “NO” to the ‘Dream Act.’ – “NO” to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  And “NO” to the ‘START Nuclear Arms Treaty with Russia’ which is vital to our national security, claiming there wasn’t enough time to review it before the end of the Lame Duck session.   The START Treaty was signed by the Russians, and has been sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk for EIGHT FREAKIN’ MONTHS !  McConnell’s ONLY goal is to be an obstructionist in an effort to bring-down the Obama presidency.  He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what’s good for the nation.  This is a chess game in his eyes, and winning is everything to him without regard for how many lives are adversely impacted.  He did however ‘stonewall’ until the extension of the Bush tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires were firmly in place.

The man has elevated hypocrisy to an art form – saying “NO” to ‘earmarks’ – which are a comparatively small portion of the national budget – this, in his eyes is a ‘cost-saving’ measure.  but only because the low-information voters who comprise the Tea Party say-so.  In reaction, McConnell has made an ’about-face’ and views ‘earmarks’ as the devil’s work.  No one mentions he holds the record for wasteful-spending through earmarks – mea culpa – mea culpa.

Mitch McConnell has spoken out blatantly stating “the single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.”  Not word one about what would be good for the country – only that his party who spent 8 years lying, cheating, misleading, starting illegal wars, killing and destroying the environment and the economy — be restored to power — by a white Republican candidate, of course.  This man, along with other congressional playground-bullies such as the hateful Jim DeMint, the tearful John Boehner, and the perpetually self-contradictory John McCain do not have any useful answers for this nation – nor for our world standing.

I dread the ramifications of a diminished democratic vote in the Senate, but I’m horrified by what a Republican House majority will do to turn back the hands of time to the ‘bad old days’.  ‘Conservative’ has come to mean ‘backward toward the future’ – Liberal has come to mean ‘progressive efforts to insure there IS a future.’

At least Mitch McConnell, even while bitching about the National Deficit HE helped create, was able to retain his own selfish tax-breaks for America’s wealthiest Americans — who do NOT create jobs by the way…  These people can’t even live long enough to spend the money they currently HAVE.  The middle-class needs the tax breaks.  The rich do not.  A great many of the wealthy, including Warren Buffet are people of conscience who disapprove of the tax breaks being sent their way.  But the aforementioned wealthy Americans have a sense of patriotism – a concept lost on Mitch McConnell.

As of 1PM today, the American national debt is $13,899,297,890,117.80 – or 4.25 BILLION per day.  The tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans will cause our nation to have to borrow more capitol from Russia and China adding another $13.86 trillion to the national debt, PLUS accrued interest.  And Mitch McConnell wants to cut ‘entitlement programs’ for the needy.  How about making-up the difference by taking FROM the GREEDY instead?!!!

The Dishonorable, Senator Mitch McConnell wept openly when fellow Republican, Judd Gregg retired.  He and John Boehner have a running contest to see who can embarrass themselves more times by crying on CSPAN.
Too bad neither of them can find it in their hearts to openly weep in shame for all the hardship and evil they’ve wrought upon the people of our country.

An older assault on Mitch McConnell’s integrity – or lack thereof.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is REPEALED…!!!

The Senate just repealed DADT a little before 4PM today.  Over 200 years of military injustice will be set “straight” and signed into law by President Obama this coming week.  I’m off to a holiday party at Philadelphia Gay News owner and publisher, Mark Segal – a Philadelphia legendary gay rights pioneer I have known for decades.

Tonight’s holiday party is bound to be more festive than any in recent memory.  There’s something REAL for everyone to celebrate.

Only 8 republicans voted, including Scott Brown – he just got cuter in my eyes, even if he wouldn’t personally ever care to meet me.  Face it, he is handsome, but neither he nor any heterosexual person need now or ever fear anyone from the LGBT community.

Let’s CELEBRATE equality and justice for all…!!!

Next, find a way to revive the ‘Dream Act’ and we’ll be on our way to fully fulfilling the American dream for everyone.

*       *       *       *       *

Postscript – After reading my friend Mark’s comment, I replied with the following words and decided to add them to the posting:

Mark, as a gay man I have to admit 2 of the major perks of BEING gay have always been, to MY eyes, NOT getting married and NOT serving in the military.  In the same breath I don’t want anyone to tell me I can’t do these things, as a member of a discriminated-against minority.

I’m frankly amazed how the republicans have been so disinclined to use gay people as cannon fodder. And as much problem as I’ve had with gay Log Cabin Republicans, I have to hand it to them. Their experience in *”wanting to be a member of a club that doesn’t want them to join” – has certainly paid off. 

*Thank you Groucho Marx

We’re Doomed

There is nothing to say here.  The world as we know it is over.  Tax-cuts for the wealthiest Americans.  Rejected health care for 9/11 first responder heroes.   And now Michelle Bachmann has been appointed to the National Intelligence Committee.  Henceforth all future appointments have been permanently diminished.  The bar is officially lowered.

A SHAMELESS series of holiday PLUGS

I was stunned when I walked outside yesterday to see a blanket of snow covering the ground.  Yesterday was one of those days where I batted one problem over the net after another as fast as I could.  I took poor Winnie outside and made it no further than a block or two before I had to carry her.  WHY do people INSIST on using environmentally AWFUL rock-salt on their sidewalks rather that pet-safe products like ‘Pet Guard’ or ‘Safe Step’s Ice-melt’ – In Philadelphia, I get both of those products at 10th Street Hardware at 257 South 10th Street (215.922.0720) .  I urge people to STOP using rock-salt – it physically HURTS dog’s paws.  Winnie starts to limp and whine in pain so I find myself having to lift and carry her home.  But you can’t change people.  So WE have to change our own patterns with new solutions.

A brand-new pet supply store opened-up in time for Christmas right around the corner from me called ‘Litterpaw Pet Supply’ – at 267 South 10th Street in Philadelphia (215.82r5.5626) .  ‘Litterpaws’ is a privately owned small business which I will support.  I like spending my money in places other than chain-stores.  Litterpaws carries a great new style of rubber boot for dogs that retail for $14 and includes a dozen boots per package.  Each boot is like a heavy-duty balloon that you stretch-on over the dog’s paw, including the prehensile toe.  They stay ON and Winnie doesn’t have problems walking in them.  They allow the dog to feel the ground beneath their feet while keeping the paws dry and free from burning sidewalk chemicals.  That product is called ‘Protex Pawz’ - if you’re outside of Philly, they can be contacted at which is by the way, actually MADE in America.  For immediate gratification, OBVIOUSLY go to Litterpaw Pet Supply – for food, toys and a variety of pet supplies.

Winnie’s stunninly ‘chic’ outfit is from the Canine Couture Collection® 966 N. Lawrence Street Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: 215.625.3758
I got Winnie’s winter coat and matching harness and leash last year, from Canine Couture, where designers Suzanne and Frances could not have been more terrific.  All of Winnie’s coats are so well-made that they look like they’re brand-new after you wash and dry them.  Canine Contour has the best quality coats and accessories around.

For other earth friendly ‘green’ products including biodegradable pee-pads, and convenient poop-bags that come in a dispenser which attaches to the leash complete with refills — go to the Big Green Earth Store Big Green Earth Store is a VERY dog friendly business located at 934 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 – 267.909.8661.  Big Green Earth Store carries more than just pet supplies, but a variety of products that can help reduce your personal ‘carbon footprint.’  Dogs get treats and rock-star treatment when customers come in to shop.

Another great product is the Weiss Walkie – it’s perfect for animal advocates who want to keep a leash on their person in coat pockets or purses and backpack — should you happen across a stray you want to rescue.  I carry an extra leash and collar in my coat pockets always.  You never know when you’re going to be on a wild goose chase to capture a lost animal.  Then again, most people aren’t as crazy as me.

For anyone looking for an honest and reliable dog walking service with people who really CARE, I recommend Susan Senn’s Sniffles and Friends Professional Dog Walkers, Philadelphia, PA. 215.203.0117 –
Sue is one of my primary contacts working with me to post fliers for lost and stolen animals.  Her business is more than merely a business – it’s a passionate caring for animals.  She is an indispensable animal advocate who I highly recommend.

Well, that’s my list of shameless holiday plugs for today.  I’ll get back to raging against the ‘machine’ in my next post.

How MUCH is That Bullshit in the Window?

The New York Post quotes Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick may be getting a little bit ahead of himself on his rehabilitation tour: He told NBC News, “I would love to get another dog in the future.” He said such a move “would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process. I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love and my passion for animals … I miss having a dog right now.”

Take a deep breath…


The answer is a flat and resounding NO…!!!

I don’t begrudge Mister Vick an opportunity to earn a living.  I’m sorry it has to be in such a highly visible and profitable way — as the message it sends to American youth on the fringe is very troubling — and especially in the Philadelphia vicinity where according to the local press, dog-fighting is on the rise.  One can’t help but suspect the light sentence and profitable embrace of the NFL and the Eagles football team have a lot to answer for regarding that tragic development. 

No game (read profitable conglomerate) is above reproach when sending a message that ‘animal cruelty and death’ are forgivable with a slap on the wrist and a multimillion-dollar salary.  I don’t give a rats-ass if the Eagles ever win another game.  I cleaned-out my toilet with my Eagles jersey over a year ago. The team doesn‘t exist to me.  I’m always delighted to hear they’ve lost a game or that Vick has been injured.  What does he think about while he endures his own physical pain?  Does he reflect on the pain he inflicted on helpless animals?  Does he think at all beyond his own selfish worldview?

Do I hate him?  

No.  He’s too pitiful to hate.  

I have no problem pitying a sociopath – while hating that person’s actions.  Nor do I have any problems with him based on his race – don’t even go there.  I look down on him for his disingenuous reformation.  Vick was recently quoted as telling a group of school children he’d “still be involved in dog fighting if [he] hadn’t been caught.”  Going on to say he didn’t realize he was doing anything wrong.  None too swift on the uptake, and chilling to boot.

What a pathetic man he is, to have been given so many gifts in life, and to have so ill-used those opportunities. 

Tomorrow morning, my friend Romy is stepping forward on WCHE 1520 AM at 9:15 Thursday morning (12.16.2010)  interviewed by talk-radio host, Matt Lombardo.  You can listen on the radio or check-out the broadcast via the website on  – Better still call-in at 610.701.9243 and add your own convictions to strengthen Romy’s lone voice.

Simply put – animal cruelty is not to be tolerated – nor rewarded.

We Know Who You Are, and We Saw What You Did.

Rarely do I ever have a more conflicted feeling about anything than I do about the conduct of Julian Assange through his site, WikiLeaks.  A big part of me worries about the human carnage that might result from the information he’s made public.  But that information is now out there, and can’t be taken back.  Innocent people might die as a result of these disclosures.

But future peoples might on the other-hand, live if these embarrassing facts result in a healthy change in the direction of this world and our country in particular.  I’d have preferred these factoids to have been leaked during the previous American administration, as that’s when the worst of this world’s international corruption comfortably found refuge.  Most of the the worst American “embarrassment” of revelations, doubtlessly happened within the years of 2000 to 2008.  Again, this becomes another blow-out protector problem with roots firmly ensconced in the 8 year disaster known as the Bush/Cheney administration.  And dropped conveniently in Obama’s lap.

We all want to see transparency in theory, but can we deal with what we learn once the opaque veil is lifted?

I am so torn as to how to feel about what has transpired that my reactions fluctuate between hope, tempered with confusion and grave foreboding.  So much so that I’m not able to come around to a committed conclusion on the topic one way or the other.  

I’ll have to wait and see how it shakes out.

I have great admiration for Michael Moore, and I hope he’s right in his decision to post bond for Julian Assange.  The ‘rape’ allegations based on a broken condom seem flimsy and suspicious at best.  I’ve worn countless condoms in my second-string career as a gay Don Juan — and I’ve never experienced a breakage — ever.  Maybe I’m not hung enough to tear a Trojan.  But my senior graduating class was severely chastised for dropping water-filled condoms – the size of ginormous watermelons out of the window of the hotel during our senior class trip to Washington, DC.  I did not attend, due to high-school conduct unbecoming, and was kept home by my parents under the advise of my guidance councilor.  Otherwise the whole prank debacle might have been my idea.  So on that count, I’m innocent by having the excuse of being absent from the scene, writing a past due term-paper.

With regard to broken condoms, I offer the following instructional video.  By the way, condoms are — after all — transparent.