The Rise of the Republican Political Vixen

Winnie has a play date with an alpha-female – it didn’t go well for her.

Almost anything can go wrong, including the women’s movement.  And I’ve held-out so much hope for them.  I’ve witnessed a lot of things change over the years, not the least of which has been the women’s movement.  Women can’t have it both ways and still remain a lady.  And republican women are spittin’ tobaccie on the fluur telling’ everyone else to “man-up”.  (Picture a high school production of‘Annie Git Yer Gun‘.)  But we’re talking more Eve Harington here.  The hard-centered ambitious girl with a deceiving exterior.

Beanie is the bomb.

I’ve seen ‘All About Eve“.  Repeatedly.  It’s a field-guide for survival.  Read the play or rent the film if you haven’t already. 

A new creature was born of the McCain/Palin ticket, the very buoyant, driven/vixen shipwreck-in-the-spotlight.  The PalinAntiLogical political representative of the Lawrence Welk Party.  Palin was the original female George Bush, but other contenders forged themselves in the image of Cap’t ‘Wrong-Way’ Palin becoming creating her own frightening Halloween ‘Pageant of Protégées’.

There was a great media opportunity missed this electoral season.  The ‘Babes of the GOP Pageant’.   We, the televiewing public were denied the republican/Tea Party swimsuit competition.

I think all female republican candidates should compete in both swimsuit and evening gown categories.

We’ll forego the talent.

The men should compete in them as well.

Imagine a swimsuit challenge between Harry Reed and Sue Angle…

“Televised live from Caesar’s Palace grand ballroom in Las Vegas, (musical accent with drum roll) It’s the Swimsuit & Evening Gown Competition of the Nevada Senatorial Debates…!!!”

Harry Reed would have it all over Sharron Angle.  She already looks like a garbage bag full of cottage cheese.  Put out my eyes…

But just think of the ratings…  All the betting going on in Vegas.  Wall street could televise the thing and sell futures based on late night rerun revenues.  Sounds like a solid financial product.  I can see the nationally advertised promotional campaign in lights – right before my very eyes:

“ANGEL vs. REED” Swimsuit and Evening Gown Knockout Showdown (with a light peppering of questions from our hand-picked celebrity panel – grilling both hopefuls with pressing questions about their vision of how we can best achieve world peace.)

Maybe we should put the talent competition back in.  Harry Reid could do a high wire act while Sharron Angle mud-wrestles with her own image in front of a mirror.   Hard questions from the press only

…with carnival lighting of course.

Who would you vote for?  The choices are pretty grim – but Harry Reid still remains the only grown-up in that race.


Grandma Betty’s classic threat.  When she connected, it stung.

Lets move along with our Republican Beauty Pageant “behind-the scenes” look at the contestant from Delaware:

Christine O‘Donnell is the candidate to most likely to re-emerge from her campaign humiliation, as the Brenda Vaccaro of politics.  She’ll put in an appearance wherever they’ll have her.  She’ll eventually get a raspy voice, and circum to an actual sex-scandal printed in the shopping rags.  But more importantly, she would be VERY disappointing in a swimsuit.

My hunch is she‘s ‘large in the can with piano legs’.

Picture if you will, Miss California, Meg Whitman in a swimsuit… (blind yet?)  She’d be well advised to scan Esther Williams SwimsuitsPlus catalog for dark colors with a skirt.  Don’t go too sleek, draw attention from your tight-end/wide-receiver build by accenting your face with a floral bathing cap.  Maybe thicker lashes.  Think Peggy Lee.  The floral bathing cap would bring the added focus of lending Meg the illusion of having hair.

Miss Minnesota, Michelle Bachman could go directly from evening gown to swimsuit in a rehearsed skit, renting at her garments until the skirt is torn away down to her bathing-suit revealing a somewhat stew-bird-like sinew.

How unappetizing.

I can not picture Carly Fiorina looking either all that bad or all that good in a bathing suit.  That said, personally having had a bad run of problem-products made by Hewlett Packard during her managerial matriarchy there, I can testify, she ruined the company.  I’ve sworn off HP products.  Enough of them both.

Jan Brewer, our contestant from Arizona has chosen that rather than doing either swimsuit or talent competitions alone, she is going to combine both disciplines into an offering of performance art.  I picture her impersonating some ancient pre-Colombian mummy found on the side of a cliff somewhere, but wearing a ratty blond wig badly in need of conditioner.  Her mouth dried open with brain-freeze and lips like hardtack peeling back around her gums.  Headless, of course, she turns, and crumbles into dust.  Applause.

Connecticut’s Linda McMahon had better look good in her bathing suit.  Or at least tell her she does.  The woman has people on-staff who can rough you up.  Best not to dwell on it.

The original cracked mold, and “star” FOX herself, Sarah Palin probably looks the best of them all in a bathing suit.  She’s kept herself in shape and she‘s had adequate runway practice modeling them.  None of her experience however, makes her intellectually qualified for responsible public office of any sort or definition — what-so-ever.

Enter the year of reverse chauvinism.

Each and every one of  these women want all their male opponents to ‘man-up’.  “Get it up” fellas !!!  That’s what republican woman pine for.  They want to rouse the passions of their sexually-suppressed ‘Casper Milktoast’ democratic male opponents. 

Man-up and maybe they’ll all go away?

Just picture any male politician telling a woman to “grow a pair”.  That candidate would have his eyes pecked-out for an eternity.  That said, I’d love to see Harry Reid really sock it to Sharron Angle on election night.  Heart-shaped bed at the Mirage.  Harry in lingerie, Angle in a laced-up leather truss.  Now there’s a ‘Pay PerView’ adult entertainment experience waiting for you.

Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve verbally, sexually ‘redressed’ every single female republican candidate who comes immediately to mind – (with a guest appearance by Harry Reid) – based on sexual bias and stereotypes.

Your employer is obligated to give you time to exercise your right to vote.

Nah, nah, nannie, nah, nah I’m a queer, so therefore viewed as lower on the sociopolitical food chain.  As a suppressed minority, I can say whatever I please.  Just ask me.


Sound specific.  Is that too much to ask?  None of the candidates have campaigned on specifics. Most of the candidates from all conceivable fractured directions are avoiding any specifics on how to restore the economy.  The only one with a plan is the president, but he’s not running at least for himself – and his own party has left him out to dry.  The reason being, there are no easy, painless answers to jobs and the economy.  We’re in for a long haul.

Specifics in a campaign become a matter of record, and no candidate wants to run on recorded specifics when you can use wedge issues, smoke screens and hide away from the press in an undisclosed location.

That’s because none of them have any answers.  Especially the Tea Party republicans who are entirely about directing the misdirected energy toward republican regaining power in 1012 — not in doing the people’s business.

Republicans and Tea Party clones chant on about smaller government and lower taxes – neither of which are valid plans, they’re sound-bites.  The fundamental need is a combination of things starting with allowing the Bush tax-cuts for the wealthy to lapse, returning them to the level they were back during the Regan years – or lower.  The money in this country is so dreadfully off-balance, with 2% of the nation controlling 87% of the wealth.  Most average Americans are completely unaware they’re actually GETTING a tax cut.  Only people earning over a QUARTER MILLION per year are facing tax hikes.  But all people need to hear is the words “raising taxes” (even though it doesn’t apply to them) and they’re all in a lather. 

People who don’t like health care reform fail to understand it, much as voters initially failed to understand Social Security when it was first passed.  The money you and your employer pay to insurance companies, does not in large part go to pay for your health issues, your doctor’s services or your hospital.  It goes to insurance company shareholders – the same top 2% who already have every spare penny in this country in lock-down.

Democrats need to get voters to understand how and where monies are best spent and which legislative changes are the correct fixes for the economy.  It’s a hard sell, because the benefits are not yet felt by the voting public. 


Republicans need to stop leveraging wedge issues and “man-up” if you will, about how they’re in the back pocket of corporations and banks — their time-honored plan is to attack opponents with half-truths and blatant lies, drawing attention away from the realities by boonswaggling voters into believing gay rights, Muslims, immigrants or abortion are the real issues.  They aren’t.  The real issue is the imbalance of wealth in this country and how to level the playing field to restore the middle class.  Republicans stand for extending tax cuts for the wealthy, bleeding the middle class dry, out-sourcing jobs and taking us back to the days of George W. Bush.  Do you think for a minute the Republican Party is going to go on record as stating how they, and their own cronies need loosen their tightened fists off their bulging purses and put greed aside.  Not gonna happen.

Voters were already fooled once by the Bush Administration.  To quote the “master” himself:

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” —President George W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002.  Yeah, what he said – hehehe.

‘Wash those neo-cons right out of your hair and send them on their way’ — at the voting booth this coming Tuesday…  Rain or shine.

Dance Little Lemmings, Dance.

The choices are dire this year and the consequences even more so.  There is a rise in violence, lunacy and extremism.  I’m hoping there are people out there who will vote with an eye toward fairness and opportunity for all.  I’m hoping for voters who recognize a wedge issue for what it is, and understand the serious consequences of the midterms.  Women need to vote, and be smart about it.  So do racial and social minorities.  

I’m never called by the pollstergheists, now that I only have a cell phone.  Once I got rid of my land-line, my polled-opinion fell off the sampling map.  Is it wishful thinking to believe that only older, frightened senior voters still answering landlines are the only ones being polled?  I’m not knocking seniors, far from it, as I very nearly am one.  But I never take political polls.  I rarely take an online poll outside of animal rights issues.  God knows I have opinions and I put them out there, but nobody ever asks me for them.

So exactly who is getting sampled in these polls?  No one I know.  We’ve all carefully guarded our cell phone numbers because we only want to hear from the people we want to hear from without regard to anyone’s campaign.

I detest robo-calls – That’s what email junk-files are for…

We can be bombarded with radio, print and television campaigns walking down streets lined with candidate placards – but none of that is going to make up our minds on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Our consciences will.

If you look deeply enough into your conscience, you’ll realize that a vote of conscience will in the long run be a vote toward prosperity.  Anyone who’s views or platforms are built on racial or ethnic prejudice, homophobia or religious radicalism is doing themselves and their country a disservice.  Patriotism in America is about inclusion.  Preaching or campaigning on division is a waste of human resources meant to benefit us all.

I’m hoping there are more people like me who aren’t in the pollster’s speed-dial – and that we realize we have more power than mere “noise”.

We hear a lot of noise. 

Does a lack of noise on the part of the progressives really mean we don’t care?  Perhaps cooler heads will prevail and the din from all the political cacophony will turn out to be just that – all shouting and no substance.

The choices in many races seem grim, but as an old former drunken boyfriend called out at a sing-along screening of  ‘The Sound of Music’ – “If this were ‘Sophie’s Choice’ I’d let ‘em take Leisl.”  

Just make a choice and VOTE, but dammit, think about it first.

Vote on Tuesday Even if It’s a Bad Hair Day

There’s been a lot of money thrown at the 2010 midterm election.  More than any other in history.  But is the public paying attention?  I’ve spoken to a number of people – the woman who just cut my hair, the dude at the corner store, a local hospital worker.  Are any of them voting?  No.  They aren’t even aware of the issues.  They all know Bristol Palin sucks on the dance floor, but they don’t have any idea what’s at stake to insure their own futures.

The Supreme Court’s ‘Citizens United’ decision MUST be repealed and squashed.  It has more slippery holes than a warehouse full of inflatable Mary’s.  Sudden shadow non-profits have taken root under the guidance of Karl Rove and other blatantly unpatriotic greed mongering power brokers.  I don’t use the word “unpatriotic” lightly.  A good, long look at Rove’s shady history and affiliations make it abundantly clear he’s literally declared war on the American middle class — while manipulating them all masterfully.

People don’t want to believe the things that are taking place in this country, and have a blithe ignorance as to how we got into the plethora of messes plaguing us.  A sad, and colossal portion of the American population is belligerently stupid and goddamned proud of it.  They follow FOX News and are so unquestioningly patriotic, that they can’t discern when they’re actually being led into unpatriotic waters.

Political office in America has always had a leaning toward the highest bidder, but with the ‘Citizens United’ legal loop holes, lobbyists and corporate dollars of questionable and foreign origins threaten to devalue the individual American vote forever.  A vote that has already been sadly deflated in value slowly over years of indifference.  That’s not to say you should say “why bother?” and stay home from the polls…  Rain, sleet, snow or a bad hair-day – GET THERE and vote as if your life depends on it – because it does.  This may be the most crucial election in early 21st century of American history.

It took a long slow boil for the republican party to all but destroy this country — and 2 years is not enough time for cooler heads to set us back on the righteous path to fairness.  Elect Republicans and Tea Party freaks at your own peril.  Doing so will insure complete and total congressional constipation.  NONE of the people’s business will get done.  We’ll be mired in stalemates and goose-chases to impeach Obama over a fictitious confabulations about his birth certificate and whatever distractions and wedge issues can be manufactured by the right-wing.  It’s all about Republican’s regaining the White House in 2012.  It’s not about improving the quality of your life and liberties as a citizen.  Vote out big money.  It’s the only chance you might ever get of seeing even small portions of it in your own wallet – ever again.

The Crusades Ended 750 Years Ago (Except in the Swing States.)

Mark Powell is today’s guest blogger.  The only changes I’ve made to his words are alter the order of GLBT to LGBT – ladies first, always.  But Mark is a straight guy, so cut him some slack, he has the message right.

In 2007 many narrow-between-the-ears low-information voters where saying if a black man was elected President the country would fall apart. In many ways this is becoming true. NOT because of any problems that the President’s policies have caused, or decisions have done.

The trouble is because the ne’er-do-well right wing nuts and those with an ax to grind or those pandering to the low-info voters are causing dissent, dissatisfaction and distraction to brew up trouble, and to get the backward thinking, knuckle-dragging crazies like Palin and O’Donnell elected. The lies they spew are having an effect, it’s causing uncertainty which slows the economic recovery. This too, plays into their hands as they can then say that Obama’s policies are failing
If the elections go to the right next week, we will fall back into the era when bigotry and ignorance ruled. The right wants to take things back not to 2000, but to 1950. The LGBT community will be forced back “into the closet” a woman’s right to choose on reproductive matters will to back to back alley “coat-hanger” choices, and religions other that Catholic and Protestant will no longer have a voice.

If you fall outside the right wing conservative opinion of what is “normal” (read WASP and wealthy) then you will be the outsider looking in at what this countries bounty can provide. The U.S.A. can do things that would make us ALL wealthy beyond need to worry so long as the top 2 % understand that this means they don’t get to be richer than rich. After a certain point, more money means NOTHING. It little matters to quality of life whether you have $25,000,000 or $40,000,000,000. The U.S.A. could easily become the riches country in the world, with the highest standard of living, if we remember that being greedy is a dead end road we can end the need for greed> Surprisingly, the technology is there, or on its way, that can do this without destroying the planet.

43 years ago, a dreamer with a Hollywood connection created a rather utopian world where want, prejudice and jealousy were outmoded. Granted much of Star Trek was then, and always will be somewhat a pipe dream. Don’t expect phasers or transporters any time soon. However leaving behind the bigotry and hatred of the past centuries can happen. It doesn’t even need a trip to the stars to happmen.  The fear that religion instills about other faiths will fade.  The first step is true tolerance. Holding a grudge for what happened in the Roman era, or the Middle Ages does no good in the 21st Century. Holding onto hatred for the descendants  of who may (or may not) have held your ancestor in slavery doesn’t help you today. Hating the descendants of the slaves your ancestors were forced to flee will not make your life easier. The Crusades ended 750 years ago, and the borders in the mid-east have always been a best-guess. The hatred there is not making anyone’s life easier, and if either side succeeded, they would only look for someone else who wronged their ancestors a millennium ago.

How does this legacy of fear and hate affect us today? Simple, narrow minded fearful politicians, or just plain greedy ones, or unintelligent ones can use these old religious, racial and geographic wedge issues and scare tactics to steer low information voters by that fear to vote so they, the greedy, stupid or crazy ones, stay in power, taking the power, and the freedom away from us.

I have my prejudices, yes, this is true, and some have shown in the things I say online. However, these issues are mine, and mine alone. I do not have the right to make them another person’s problem, so I don’t ACT on them, or vote by them. In under a week, one of the most important mid-term votes in decades takes place. If you are afraid, if you are confused, stop and do one VERY IMPORTANT thing –THINK. Does that name on the ballot belong to someone who is preaching from the polls? Does it belong to the person who is filling the airwaves with wedge issues that are not relevant to making your life better? Or does it belong to a person who is addressing the issues that really matter? That a person up the street may be gay, or bi, or a witch or a Muslim, or Chinese, or Irish REALLY does NOT matter anymore! Terrorists come from any group, and do not define any religion or race. Making them go away won’t make your life better. Taxes, services, the economy, healthcare, all do matter to your day to day life. They dictate whether you can put food on the table, or even HAVE  a table. They dictate whether you can get help if you are sick. They dictate whether your roads can be driven on, how your kids are taught, whether you can keep much of the money you earn, or if you’ll be able to retire when you are old and worn out by the drudgery most of us have as careers. 

The one thing I’d like everyone to take away from this is this: Tuesday vote the issues, not the fear, not the ancient prejudices. Make this world look like some sci-fi dreamers pipe dream so that the hate can fade away, and we can all be enriched by it. 

- Mark Powell, Washington State, guest blogger 10.27.2010.

How Would You Best Describe A Coward?

How would you best describe a coward? 

A good example might be a large grown man stepping on the head and neck of a young woman peacefully protesting for the opposing side of a senatorial debate in Kentucky.  I think that would pretty much sum it up.  Tim Profitt, a campaign official for Tea Party Republican, Rand Paul with the assistance of another hefty Rand Paul supporter abused and forced a young girl to the ground, ripping-off her wig off and stepping on her head in full view of security guards, police and rolling cameras.  This is all you have to know about the Tea Party.  They are Cretans, in the unflattering sense.  (Not to be confused with the good people of that beautiful idyllic island.)

Why was Move-On protester, Lauren Valle wearing a wig?  She was impersonating the bubble-headed “babes” who pass for FOX New analysts holding a sarcastic sign awarding Rand Paul with the RepubliCorp Hypocrisy award.  Paul had chastised other candidates for taking corporate funding from special interests, and then magically morphed into one of the biggest recipients of said, same funding.  Poor Lauren must have been representing the defunct ‘Whig’ Party – who made a hell of a lot more sense than that Tea Party.

It isn’t politically correct to make comparisons to fascists, but I don’t care.  This is the sort of appalling conduct that defined the early days of Fascism in Germany back in the 1930’s.  History is an invaluable road map to follow when attempting to avoid repeating obvious global mistakes.  There, I said it.  And Tim Profitt needs to spend jail time in the company of people who’s life-experiences and skin-color do not match his own.  His action was premeditated malice with potentially life-threatening consequences for a 23 year old Lauren Valle.  Profitt’s rage at being confronted with an opposing viewpoint was an attempt to break the neck of a peaceful young woman.  He and his other large male accomplice need to face a battery of charges including attempted, premeditated murder.  Stomping on the neck, shoulder and head of a personal already subdued to the ground is pointless, and could easily have killed her.  All this took place in the presence of police and Rand Paul himself.  Rand Paul is on record as once forcing a young woman from his college days to submit forcibly to his will.  I see an ugly pattern forming.  Where are Rand Paul’s “libertarian ideals” when the rights and well being of a young woman were being violated.  Perhaps in his distorted worldview – that atrocity WAS his right.  


And while I know it’s also politically incorrect to call people stupid sometimes the unavoidable truth hurts…  ANYONE who physically assaults an individual peacefully representing an opposing political opinion is not only stupid, but a coward.  Rand Paul is also a coward, as his press releases dealing with this debacle lack any convincing integrity.

Other Tea Party candidates’ henchmen have without justification physically assaulted liberal people with dissenting opinions.  Weird, Halloween-vampire, Sharron Angle’s has shuffled-off her goons to rough-up peaceful protesters who’ve tried to get a straight answer out of the purposefully reclusive candidate.  She’s reclusive for a reason.  She doesn’t know what she’s doing, and when confronted with a difficult question she either runs from the press or evades them all together.  All she has to do is open her mouth for racial venom and incoherent comments fall out.  Angle is so deranged as to employ decoy doubles to throw the press off her path.  As I recall someone named Adolph used a similar technique…

Sarah Palin’s Alaska senatorial political pick, Joe Miller had his dumb-thugs physically assault and hand-cuff a dissenting voice representing a political blog who’s staff members include peace-prize winning authors.  Nothing inflames the stupid like being asked a question they’re too dimwitted to rationally answer.

What I’m describing IS exactly what the fascists did in Germany in the 1930’s.  No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist.  I’m paying attention.  Sarah Palin and Mitch McConnell both have made blatant comments and innuendos about lifting your firearms to take-out politicians in the cross-hairs who don’t adhere to the white-bread vanilla worldview they espouse.  Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly have ranted dangerous life-threatening rhetoric that’s resulted in the murders of abortion providers.  One gunned down (Dr. George Tiller) in his own church during services in the presence of his family and congregation members.

The Tea Party is insane, unproductive and dangerous.  The Republican Party, tagging on the coattails of these escaped lunatics is in disarray — and evil history is dangerously close to repeating itself if fair-minded voters don’t turn out at the polls in great numbers on Tuesday, November 2nd.  I don’t care if you’re busy.  Screw that report due at 5PM. VOTE – AND VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT – BECAUSE IT DOES.  Everything America stands for is being pitted against a radical extreme craving a return to power – so they can screw you even deeper.  Don’t be fooled.  There are NO reported incidents of liberal and democratic voters turning violent.  That’s the Tea Party’s method.

If you live in Kentucky vote for democrat, Jack Conway, if you don’t then you’ve proven to yourself and the world, that your IQ is exceeded by your shoe size.; 

The disgusting behavior of the high-ranking Rand Paul Committee precinct coordinator, Tim Profitt can be seen in the link below.

If Only Rain Will Pour-down In Certain Districts…

Barack Obama can not please everyone all the time.  No one can.  I think he’s quite possibly the bravest man on earth, merely for attempting to straighten out the tangled mess left behind by his predecessors.  It may take decades to undo the calamitous damage brought on by Baby Bush (with Dick Cheney’s hand up the man’s ass making his lips move.)  But Cheney wasn’t the only one fisting ‘Baby-Bush-the-face-man‘.  Karl Rove is quite literally ‘Bush’s Brain’ – not something I’d care to brag about if I were he, but I’m not trying to control the world either.

Obama’s decision-making has not been flawless, but he is a man who carefully considers his actions and thinks for himself.  The rage being leveled at him by the Tea Party and the billionaires who fund those tea-baggers has more to do with race and keeping the playing-field uneven than anything with helping everyday hard-working Americans.

One week from today we face the most crucial midterm election we’ve seen in recent history.  An election where low-information voters and the “undecided” may well cast our fate by pulling levers representing decisions they don’t understand.  These folks rail on about the bailouts and health care reform, endorsing candidates who will ship jobs overseas and privatize social security – shooting themselves in the foot because of the unspoken, or rarely openly expressed predjuice over having a black intellectual president.  To low information voters that trumps all common sense and enlightened self-awareness.

No regular viewer of FOX News knows the national debt is down 8% since Obama took office.  Nor do they know that the auto-giants bailouts saved countless American jobs – and in some cases, American cars (Ford in particular) are outselling Chinese made vehicles –IN CHINA…!!!  We’re on the right track, but it’s a slow road — too slow for ideologues to grasp.  Health care reform WILL – if allowed to thrive will be amended to include universal health coverage giving health care monopolies a reason to lower rates making the market more competitive.  But American’s don’t feel those changes in their wallets yet…  That being the case, they’re easily seduced by radical dissenting voices from the right-wing.

There are no end to the underhanded tricks and low-life schemes coming out of Karl Rove.  Suddenly obscene amounts of mysterious money are being filtered into Republican/Tea Party candidates.  Not for the betterment of this country – but with an eye on regaining power and seeing to it hard-won reforms by the Obama Administration are quashed.  This is part of the larger attempt to regain the White House in 2012 – so they can continue to screw the middle class and get richer and richer and richer…

Vote common sense in the Midterms.  And if your common sense tells you, you want to see a black president fail — then I hope it pours rain in your district.

Sestak is Thankfully Gaining on Toomey

Pat Toomey is the last thing Pennsylvania needs – a bigoted, backward thinking Wall Streeter who sends jobs overseas.  And those are the very nicest things I can come up with to say about him.  He’s making false, unsubstantiated statements about Joe Sestak’s voting record in clear hopes no one will search the records.  He’s the master of the toxic, false sound bite – the new way of doing political dirty business.

Toomey is anti-abortion to the point where he has actually suggested pushing for the repeal of Roe v Wade, suggesting the retroactive arrest and imprisonment of physicians who performed legal procedures even while this is the ‘rule of law’ of the land.  These comments are unarguably radical and unconstitutional. 

Toomey is the classic opportunist who will most certainly abuse  power if allowed to serve in the senate.  The most outstanding thing on his resume is his experience abroad working in Hong Kong advancing the economy of China at the expense of American jobs.

If you’re looking for a reason to vote for Joe Sestak, all you need to know, is he’s the complete polar opposite of Toomey — on all the issues from social, to international, to financial.  I missed the debates while they were happening in real time, (I had prior volunteer commitments working with law students and faculty at Penn, who are in turn helping me with my legal issues.)  So I watched the debates online after the fact — stopping and analyzing my gut reactions to answers and rebuttals from both.

My consistent observation with Toomey’s performance was a lackluster preparedness when he answered questions regarding national security.  Especially with regard to the Middle East. Toomey’s eyes evaded the camera, and his words were fumbled as if taken off guard in unfamiliar territory.  These are my own visceral responses, and I’ve learned to trust my gut.  Joe Sestak was on far firmer ground on these issues, having just been in the Pentagon minutes prior to the 9/11 strikes resulting in his loosing close friends and colleagues.  Sestak has served on the National Security Advisory Committee and on the soil of the conflicts in the Middle East.  His answers as to why a preemptive strike against a nuclear Iran were thoughtful, considered and in his words “potentially disastrous”.  Words coming from a place of wisdom and experience.  We already have 2 costly failing Middle Eastern wars under our belt not counting the tensions in Israel – even with the face-saving withdrawal from Iraq.   

The uneasy “peace” following our withdrawal from Iraq can hardly count as a victory.  Toomey faked his way through those Mideast questions, failing to make cohesive arguments while pandering to hawks and low-information white supremacist reactionaries — even as he attempted to assuage Jewish voters.  It’s a hard road to whore – and way out of his political range.  You can’t have it both ways.  Pat Toomey would be a disaster for Pennsylvania.  We don’t need a bigoted, backward thinking Wall Streeter/lobbyist who sends jobs overseas.  We need a man with experience in these crucial days.  America is in trouble, and greed is not the answer.

When Sestak was asked what was the most threatening force facing our national security, without missing a beat, he said “the economy.”  Not the wars.  But they are not mutually exclusive issues.

Who do you trust on military strategy and national security?  A usurer who’s devoted his life to amassing embarrassing wealth?  Or an admiral who has seen war and considers it the most desperate last resort?  At the risk of being obvious, war ends lives, innocent and otherwise – and destroys the infrastructure of nations.  You think you’ve got it bad with a sparse economy, you know nothin’…  try going through all you’re experiencing now, only with bombs over head.  That’s the obvious reason why peaceful solutions have to be the voice of reason.

Aside from misconstrued “factoids and allegations,” Toomey’s performance was mediocre and ill-prepared peppered with hinted underpinnings of greed-motivations – a.k.a. “business as usual“.  I urge you to watch the Sestak/Toomey debate online, and defy you not to see the stark difference between a squirrelly opportunist, and a genuine military man of courage who believes war is the last resort in a volatile world.  We need a leader who recognizes the power of diplomacy and embargoes before lobbing reactionary bombs.  Two failed wars and a hemorrhaging economy are enough for American to straighten out at one time.  Sanity must be held in higher esteem.  The world depends on it, and Pennsylvania carries the burden of placing one more sane piece in the puzzle of fairness and responsible wisdom.  To hell with knee-jerk thinking.

Who do you trust on military strategy?  A usurer who’s benefited from international unrest?  Or the alternative?  Pennsylvanians, VOTE Joe Sestak for Senate on November 2nd.  He cleans up after his dog, according to his TV ad (I appreciate that).  I have every confidence he can clean-up Toomey’s messes too.

Mean Old Dogs Never Loose Power They Just Bite Harder

Lets connect some dots… 

Bill Clinton, the now popular ‘rock star’ of the Democratic Party was ruthlessly dogged by republicans over his extramarital affairs which had nothing to do with the power of his governance…

…Aside from being an expensive distraction from the business that really effected the quality of American citizen’s lives.

Republicans weren’t in power then – except in both houses of congress.

Among Clinton’s primary detractors were Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey.

Both of whom later left their wives after extra-marital affairs came to light following attempts to remove Clinton through impeachment.

Thank you Larry Flint.

Obama is being dogged by bogus claims that he wasn’t born in Hawaii. 

Detractors like Newt Gingrich claim Obama’s presidency isn’t legitimate, blathering something about a “Kenyan, Anti-Colonial’ Worldview.”

Whatever the hell that means…(?)

Wasn’t the American Revolution based on 13 original colonies being anti-colonial under British rule?

Maybe I missed something in history class?

By the way, loose republican cannons like Michelle Bachman swear to tie-up the Obama Administration with impeachment proceedings, witch-hunts and endless investigations if republicans gain the majority in either house of congress.

That’s what Bachman utters in her prayers when she hangs by her feet to sleep at night.

George W. Bush’s presidency has far greater claims to illegitimacy than any allegations coming from Obama’s detractors.

Remember the hanging chads in Florida? 

How about the ballots never picked-up and counted from black churches in predominantly democratic Florida counties?

So far as we know, those ballots are still sitting in those churches gathering dust – and  Al Gore was really the 43rd president… 

…We’ll never find out the truth. 

But the state of Hawaii has verified Obama’s birth certificate as legitimate.

Enough said, so get over it.

The Supreme Court’s “Citizen’s United” decision has granted unlimited campaign spending power to corporations allowing them to back or smear any candidate they so choose.

Republicans benefit the most from corporate donations – especially donations coming from the Chamber of Commerce – and some with seriously questionable international origins.

Additional funding is coming from ‘shadow’ non-profit groups controlled by the “discretion” of Karl Rove.

None of Karl Rove’s non-profits are held to any obligation to disclose the sources of their donors under the “Citizen‘s United“ decision coming from the Supreme Court.

The outsourcing of American jobs to China has been largely championed by the Republican Party.

The Koch brothers, who own Georgia Pacific foot the bill for the AstroTurf movement, known as the Tea Party. 

The Koch brothers have a vested interest in outsourcing jobs, overturning environmental protections, and repealing health care.

You get sick when you work at Georgia Pacific or live anywhere near it.

Lots and lots of lumber in formaldehyde is the tip of that melting iceberg.

The banking scandals have strong republican roots, and calls for investigations have been consistently blocked by republican senators.

George W. Bush stacked the Supreme Court with ultra-conservative judges who‘s 5 to 4 “Citizen’s United “decision has devalued the power of each and every individual American citizen‘s vote.

Corporations are people now, just like you and me.

Former republican senator, Chuck Hagel, (the present chairman of the ethically questionable Atlantic Council) owns a tremendous amount of stock in the companies who produce most of America’s voting machines.

Record numbers of early and absentee voters are turning out in swing states.

The overwhelming number of those voters are registered DEMOCRATS.

Dick Armey is crying foul, claiming “early votes are prone to tampering”. 


That doesn’t add up.  What’s to tamper?  The fact that those early voters aren’t republicans?

Watch the exit polls this November, and if they don’t match the results, then you’ve just been had.

They’ve done it before. They’ll try it again.

Early Voting Goes Dem and Armey Screams Fraud (VIDEO)

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby !

Women have never been the same since stepping into traditionally male employment roles during World War II.  Rosie the Riveter left the house, and went to work while a large percentage of men fought abroad.  Those women got a taste of independence that changed the collective perception of how women view themselves forever… and for the better.

As a gay man I’m keenly aware that neither gay men nor gay women will ever gain the fully respected rights enjoyed by the heterosexual population until women (without regard to sexual persuasion) are accepted on a level playing field through out all sectors of society.  Great strides have been made toward equal work, equal pay.  Glass ceilings are being broken-through in ways the suffragettes could never have imagined.  Gay rights are making progress too – but like all things wrongfully demonized, it’s two steps forward and one step backward…  Advancements in the very dialogue of gay rights amaze old timers like me from the generation of Stonewall.  I see same-sex couples walking hand in hand everyday, something I’d once never have dreamt possible.  Discussions and funding are underway for an LGBT senior housing complex here in Philadelphia, open to all (including heterosexuals.)  It’s the law – but in some places gay seniors have been discriminated-against for HUD housing.  Such is the definition of “conservativism”.

Gay men would have been completely LOST were it not for the valiant efforts of the lesbian population during the early days of the AIDS epidemic. Lesbians became the saviors of the cause as gay male AIDS activists would all too often circum to the disease.

The maternal spirit is something without which the world, neither human nor animal could ever have survived.  We now see a crop of women running for office and becoming national political leaders – but such an alarming number of these women are out of their minds: Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Michelle Bachman, Sharron Angle, Meg Whitman, Jan Brewer and Carly Fiorina all share certain things in common:  All are bigoted homophobes.  None of them are wrapped too tight, and they all make a LOT of noise.  And when I say a lot of noise, I mean a LOT OF NOISE.  Controversial and unsavory conduct makes for better headlines and far more press attention.  We need the sensible, non-bigoted, women of this world to start making more noise.  Shout from the rooftops if you have to.  We need you.

Polls and surveys are indicating an “enthusiasm gap” among likely women voters in the 2010 elections, and especially among registered democratic women.  This frankly amazes me.  We need strong sensible women capable of putting aside prejudice in favor of wisdom, to both lead and vote on November 2nd.  The mama grizzly isn’t a rational role model, a mama grizzly is an animal incapable of making the humane judgments needed in a sophisticated, complicated world. 

“You’ve come a long way, baby” – Now, is not the time to backslide.