Where do you go when you’re not allowed to confront your accusers?  How do you get past a mechanical, electronic monster that doesn’t even have voice mail options? 

I am so angry right now I can barely contain myself.  The day started with a ray of hope.  I made a presentation to BNI (Business Networking International) where I was able to pitch WinnieToons to potential advertisers.  I began the day readying myself replete with business cards and fliers promoting WinnieToons.  I pitched Google AdSense directing potential advertisers to place ads on my blog.  It was a pretty fancy lunch, at the Palm Restaurant, ironically famous for the cartoons hand-painted on the walls (originally in New York) by cartoonist “Jolly” Bill Steinke way back in the depression.  The FIRST Great Depression, that is…

(By the way, the recession is over, in case you hadn‘t heard).

Legend has it Bill Steinke found himself embarrassed at not having enough money to pay for a steak dinner, so he painted some caricatures on the wall to pay for his meal.  Other regular patrons saw his deft handiwork and wanted their caricatures on the walls too.  Jolly Bill is long dead, but the tradition carries on in all the Palm Restaurants to this day.

I proudly presented my tiny topic to BNI, hoping to find both advertisers and/or perhaps investors.  The lunch was delicious, as the formula at the The Palm is quality food in a jovial, high-class atmosphere that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Their beginning have not been forgotten – and Bill Steinke’s contribution lives on…

My blog on the other hand, is in the tradition of that cartoonist‘s work AND (in my humble opinion), unique.  It’s all original material, cartoons and editorials on which I have spent incalculable hours creating.  These cartoons started as a way to cheer myself-up after loosing my job following a progressive work-related injury.  Injured and twice the age of everyone else in the department where I worked, (at an institution that can buy and sell the City of Philadelphia), I found myself on unemploymentOut the door, if you will..  My new dog Winnie became my muse, and the one and only thing in my life I could count on to get me through.

But I digress.  I was presenting my ideas at the Palm, pitching Google AdSence, floating on air following a fine meal – (in stark contrast to the rice and beans I’m feeding myself these days), when I returned to find my AdSense account had been deactivated, suspended, HALTED – STOPPED, and all my advertisers pulled.  My paltry earnings which had only been monetized a week ago, are now in limbo.  Only yesterday I mailed off a form to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s Unemployment Division informing them I’d earned an additional $147.50 for the month of August, reporting a weekly average of $36.87 on my blog – which will be applied to my unemployment records, potentially effecting what I may receive from my unemployment.


THOSE GOD-DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING SPOILED ROTTEN GEN-X ENTITLED ASSHOLE BILLIONAIRES, (and Google founders), Larry Page and Sergey Brin, by the policies they have instituted, have decided there is some kind of ‘hanky-panky’ going on with my blog – AND REMOVED ALL MY EARNINGS…!!!  My blog has had over 1,000 hits since I launched it last month.  I link – AND advertise my blog ONLY on Facebook – and my fan page.

I count myself lucky to have hundreds of Facebook friends, and a growing number of fans on my fan page.  Three-quarters of whom are people I‘ve never met face to face.  I like these people because of the intellectual exchanges we’ve shared.  Some of these people with faces like little postage stamp-sized thumbnails send me messages I look forward to receiving everyday.  I honestly can say I love a great number of these people I’ve never seen in person. 

I work on a blog post 2 or 3 days in advance – doing research – writing the text and illustrating my words.  I know I piss off a lot of people, but an exceeding number of individuals drawn to my blog understand and appreciate the viewpoint I‘m presenting.  I rely on current events to drive my posts.  But THREE FUCKING DAYS AFTER I’VE POSTED SOMETHING ON MY BLOG, I can’t get a thumbnail on Facebook that connects a reader to my blog. 

If you send the Google-geeks or that thieving Mark Zuckerberg money online, it’s in their account before you can wipe you ass-clean after a steaming dump.  But it takes my blog posts longer to go live on Facebook than it takes to train from New York to Los Angeles on AMTRAC.

And NO – this is NOT Barack Obama’s fault.

It is, however the fault of the parents of my own generation who’ve raised spoiled, unscrupulous, entitled children, who at the time of the technology boom amassed vast wealth and power beyond the developmental level of their own maturity.  No, “Greed is NOT good”, Mr Gekko.  All I want is enough to get by.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin A bouillabaisse of spoiled brats.

Just try and find a complaint department with a living, breathing human being at Facebook or Google.  They don’t exist.

Immature Billionaire and corporate Commander in Thief , Mark Zuckerberg

A Bad NIght’s Sleep. 3rd Day in a Row…

Midnight – I really have to stop doing WinnieToons and get some sleep.  I haven’t slept in days.

12:15AM -  Can’t sleep.  Winnie just killed a mouse right in front of me with the deft speed of her breed.  And while I appreciated it, I had to get the corpse away from her.  She was very pleased with herself.

12:30AM - Ruminating about how I’m going to pay my bills and keep my house.

12:45AMHear a squeaking noise coming from downstairs.  Try to ignore it.

1:00AMThe squeaking stopped.  No, I’m wrong.  It’s started up again.

1:15AMMore squeaking.  There is some sort of “code” being spoken downstairs.  It’s getting louder and louder…

1:30AMDamn that old queen who used to own the hardware store around the corner for selling me an energy-draining electronic clicking-device that mice are supposed to misinterpret as a predator.  They’re dancing to it like I have some kinda rodent disco down in the kitchen.

1:45AMThe dance is getting more frenetic.  I picture the little heathens whirling about…  There’s some kind of dervish ritual happening down there.  Winnie has awakened and she’s listening with perked ears.

2:00AM – Oh… my… GOD…!!!  They’re fornicating to the rhythm of that accursed electronic metronome – sold ONLY to soft-hearted suckers like me.

2:15AM – I DON’T WANT mice in the HOUSE.
  I don’t’ even want them in the SENATE.  But we’re already over-run with them.  It’s our political reality. 

2:30AM – Jim DeMint must be one freakin’ scary dude to be f**king over Karl Rove like that.  That takes some serious balls to go up against Belabubba. 

Civilization is doomed.

3:00AMI should really get traps.  Or maybe a pet snake.  Something that can get behind the refrigerator and the stove.  I’d never have to pay to feed it.

3:15AMI don’t want to really kill the mice, but if you put them outside, they just get back in again.

3:30AMIf I have to kill them, perhaps I can think of them as reincarnated republicans.  But what if the snake goes after Winnie.  She’s only 18lbs…?  I don’t find snakes ‘cuddly’.

3:45AM – Strom Thurmond – maybe Jesse Helms or Jerry Falwell…!

4:00AM - I should get up and put on some lights and read, but I can’t focus.

4:15AM – CHRIST ALMIGHTY…!!!  They’re not in the kitchen – they’re screwing in my own bedroom.  WITH the lights on.  I wasn’t even that free with my body when I was younger and looked good.

4:30AMI’m glad someone in this house is getting a little.  I remember sex.  Sort of…

4:45AMI wonder if Pristine O’Donnell will turn all of congress into rodents and vermin?

5:00AMShe’s too late.  It’s already come to pass.

5:15AM - DeMint is really screwing-over Rove.  Part of me is glad to see Karl takin’ it up the bum. He deserves a dress-down.

5:30AMI hope the republicans deteriorate into full-scale confusion and dysfunction before the midterms to the point where even the great unwashed realize what a bunch of con-artists they are. 

5:45AMSwitched on the TV and Channel surf.  A documentary on the Sci-Fi Channel about spontaneous human combustion.

6:00AM - I know that’s how I’m going to die.  I’m so gassy anymore.  Rice and beans are cheap.

6:15AMAll they’ll find of me will be a pair of bad wingtips and argyle socks.

6:30AM - Note to self.  Buy argyle socks.  Will I know which day to wear them?  Will I get some sort of warning on the day I burst into flames?

6:45AM - Turn off the TV.  The next program is on space-alien abduction.  I can’t face it. I know they’ve been sizing me up as an experimental specimen for years…

7:00AMMy eyeballs are exploding out of my head, and I’m grinding my teeth, but I did just yawn.  That’s a good sign.

7:15AMAmerica is going to vote-in wannabe witches and people who have children appearing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’.  None of them can form full coherent sentences.

7:30AM -
Getting drowsy…

7:45AMWent right past me.  I must be asleep.  John Boehner is trying to tell me something.  I know he’s John Boehner, but he looks like Jocyln Wildenstein.  He’s trying to sell me beige wall to wall shag carpeting.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

8:00AM – WHAT…?  WHAT…?  WHAT…?  WHAT…?  What’s that sound..?  It’s the phone.  I jump out of bed and answer it out of breath with my heart pounding and still half-asleep.  It’s a CitiMortgage collections agency robo-call.  They’re 3 minutes late.  What if I’d been counting on them to get me up on time?!!!  Bastards.

8:15AM - Winnie is walking on my head and licking my face. I turn-on the night table light, and the light bulb explodes.  Winnie is spooked and made water on the sheets.  It could have triggered me to spontaneous combustion, and wasn’t even wearing my argyle socks.  Close call.

8:30AM - I get up and pull-on a sweat-suit and old sneakers and walk Winnie to the park.  The nor’easter that missed us last weekend left us with with blinding sun glare.  Normally I’d call it a beautiful day.  She pulls me to a spot in Washington Square Park that holds some scent that interests her.  The park’s sprinkler system timers goes off all around us and we are being pelted with our own personal rain-storm that no one else is experiencing.  Well, now at least I’m fully awake and showered.  In the current economy, I might as well get used to the idea, given my financial circumstances.

Here you’d have thought the republicans would have filibustered to have all the sprinkler systems turned-off in National Parks as an act of “fiscal responsibility”.  Another spectacular Monday morning has set the tone for the week…


Our first WinnieToon Challenge entry comes from Carleen, by way of a quote from the Daily Beast:

Newt: The GOP’s ‘Fat Elvis’

The Daily Beast’s John Batchelor has the inside scoop on a closed-door breakfast Newt Gingrich had with GOP House members recently. As it turns out, John Boehner and his associates were the only members there. For younger Republicans, Newt is seen as out of touch, a fossil. Batchelor details how House Republicans call him “Fat Elvis” in the cloakroom and openly snicker when he comes to impart his wisdom. “The young people who have no ties to him,” an observer explains of Gingrich, “they think, what an asshole.” Another source says, “You appease Newt, and then he won’t say bad things about you on TV.”

Original ‘Daily Beast’ link below:

Green Pristine

When seeing clips over this past weekend of Delaware’s GOP senatorial candidate, ‘Pristine’ Christine O’Donnell, appearing on Bill Maher’s ‘Politically Incorrect’ in 1999, claiming to have “dabbled in witchcraft” - well, like everyone else – I knew she was crazy.  That wasn’t the big news – but rather the sheer confabulation of her comments are what’s shocking.  She’s a sociopath.  Her recorded words address her instability and barely nodding acquaintance with truth and reality.  This is a person who is so starved for attention, that she made a great braying-ass of herself on national TV 2 dozen times including her MTV ‘chastity’ anti-masturbation gigs.  I’m waiting with bated-breath to see the next gem Bill Maher releases.  Miss O’Donnell is now avoiding the media, no doubt cloaked in darkness in her ‘den’ drinking tomato juice and reading Twilight.

What does this clip tell us about Little Miss Morality?  It tells us she’s a drama-student-dropout who exaggerated the retelling of a date she once (supposedly) had with a ‘Goth’ dude.  All contemporary Doris Day virgins read vampire romance novels and pretend to chase bad boys as opposed to confronting reality.  My interpretation is, Christine was at some point in her youth a ‘Goth’ wanna-be.  Apparently that didn’t work out either.

Miss O’Donnell and I both grew-up in the same hometown, albeit decades apart.  I know exactly what kind of kid she was – as Moorestown, New Jersey’s been harvesting virginal, suppressed, religious-freak-chicks for decades.  I’m less appalled by her ridiculous views and unstable past than I am by her abrupt refusal to tough-it-out and keep her obligations to appear on Bob Schieffer’s ‘Face the Nation’ this past Sunday.  If she can’t face her own past, and publicly defend her comments, then she won’t likely be much use in serving the good people of Delaware.  She’s literally too green for responsible public office – but she’s no Elphaba – She’s more the Charo of the national political stage.  And probably won’t ever go away now that she’d finally gotten the ‘on-stage’ attention she craved- but hopefully she won’t really get anywhere either.

This Post is Full of Ships

The ‘Ship of State’ is not easily navigated.  In fact it corners like the Queen Mary.  Try as one might to change the way ‘Washington does business’ – it involves the slippery slope of having to do business the way Washington does business in order to even get in the game. Compromise, special interests, lobbyists, power-brokers, crooks and the well-meaning have been the crumbling cornerstones of government since the beginning of time – all government – not just Washington, DC.
Most American’s believe the presidency is all powerful — and everything that happens right or wrong is the president’s fault.  These low-information voters suffer from quaint naïveté.  All the branches of government wield varying degrees of power in the governmental chessboard, often checkmating the president while saddling him with the blame.  Both houses of congress were deadlocked over the past 2 years even with a democratic majority – mostly due to the record number of filibusters thanks to the party of “NO”.  
That said, a record number of reforms were instituted under impossible conditions, and the deficit is down by 8% since Obama took office.  Americans however don’t feel that in their own pocketbooks yet, and don’t want to go through the hard work of getting us back on track – they just want us to be back on track NOW — as if there’s a magic wand that comes with the Presidential Seal.
Things are going to turn around very slowly, and not at all – if voters allow the GOP to have majorities in either houses of congress.  That will result in deadlock or worse – steering us toward a whole new iceberg.  So many Americans rail against health care reform shouting “We have the best health care in the world.“  No, we have the best hospitals and doctors and teaching hospitals.  That’s not to be confused with the best insurance system.  The average person doesn’t understanding how the health care insurance industry is likened to a parasite that devours wealth from middle income people (who naturally WANT to live a healthy, disease-free life), and then transfers that wealth to a comparatively small, already rich and powerful percentage of the population — in turn effecting the downward spiral of the economy as a whole.  The rich have never been richer.  Obviously, we should have had a ‘public option’ to give the insurance companies competition that would bring them into check — but that was never going to happen if any kind of health care reform bill was to be passed.  That can only happen as an amendment after the fact – and only if the shouts from the far right have fewer voices in their chorus.   People need to stop demonizing terms they don’t understand – like socialized medicine – which is NOT what other rich, industrialized, free enterprise, democratic nations have, and it’s working far better than the flesh-eating, barbaric system we “enjoy”.  Obama has that foresight, but not the congressional cooperation.  He didn’t fold – he got checkmated at our expense.
Voters have very short memory spans, and while the democrats are far from blameless, it was the Republican conservative “right” who slammed the ship of state into the iceberg of recession we’re now suffering.  These are the same politicians who use social wedge-issues to divert their constituent’s focus away from their own best interests toward what other people do with their own crotches, and then merrily rob the coffers while banging their mistresses in the notorious “religious-non-profit House on Avenue ‘C‘”.  Hypocrites, each and every one… 
Constitutional conservatives are far from upholding the Constitution – they’re for retrofitting it to mirror their own image, and that will include curtailing the freedoms of people who’s actions have no impact on anyone else’s lives but those who choose to live as they please.  The Tea Party is already boiling over with the clash of libertarians and hard-rightwing Christians – unhappily joined at the hip, confusing capitalism with democracy.  After they formed their unholy alliance it’s just now occurring to them they really don’t share any common goals aside from getting rich at anyone’s expense as long as it isn’t their own.
President Obama is a Constitutional scholar.  And I know how difficult it is for low-information voters to trust intellectuals.  But who do you trust more where your health is concerned?  Your doctor or your insurance company?  So who should you trust more with an ailing economy?  The same politicians who held the larger hand in causing it?  Or a president who understands our way out of the corner we’ve painting ourselves into might just be counter-intuitive thinking?  We have a choice.  Endure a painful delay while the paint dries – or crash the ship of state back into another iceberg and hope the ocean freezes so we can walk to safety?  Voters, don’t jump ship yet. Give Obama more time and more support – especially in the all-important upcoming November midterms.


In Honor of the FOUR-HUNDREDTH WinnieToon –
Why shouldn’t you write one?

There are ONLY 3 rules:

1.)  Your name will be attributed as being the author of the piece you submit (140 CHARACTERS OR LESS).  You are not limited on what you submit, and I will NOT edit YOUR words.

2.)  I get to illustrate your essay without restrictions with the exception of depicting Mohammad.  (Not that I don’t think I should be able to – it’s not reasonable territory given the string of “accidents” that follow cartoonists who try to exercise that particular ‘freedom of expression‘). 

3.)  Entries will be considered from all walks of life – black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, gay, straight, bi, transsexual — and without discrimination to age or gender.  Entries can come from any faith including varieties of Islam all the way to reform and fundamentalist Christian or Jew (and all the shades of gray in-between).  Atheists and agnostics are invited, as are Buddhists, Quakers, Movers and Shakers. We welcome input from Wiccas, Witches and Pagans too.  Entries can be Democratic, Republican, Independent, Tea Party, Tory or blatantly insane.  You get the idea…equal-opportunity offenders of every stripe.

Nancy’s precious ‘Triumph’ does the pasadoble with  Winifred P. Jumpingbean.

Voice your opinion and Winnie, Duck and Beihl, along with Grandma Betty will illustrate the winning entries for my WinnieToon blog:

Choice of subject it yours.  The choice of which entries are chosen is mine, and that of a small select panel of anonymous judges who flatly refuse to stick out their necks by identifying themselves.

There are no prizes, aside from being heard and illustrated.  Like WHO has money to give away?  So contestants gotta settle for low-level prestige…  More than one person can win or win more than once.  The point of this exercise is to open a dialogue between opposing viewpoints.   Be brave, get pissed-off and let me know what you want to see given voice in print.

Post entries on my blog, and copy them to

Pristine O’Donnell

Perennial right-wing candidate, Christine O’Donnell, henceforth to be known as “Pristine” O’Donnell was born the year after I graduated from high school, in the same snooty upscale town where I grew-up.  She graduated from the same high school I attended, in Moorestown, New Jersey.  There were a lot of O’Donnell’s there – I graduated with several.  Let’s face it there are a lot of O’Donnell’s everywhere.  Only this particular rabbit is saving her reproductive rights until sanctioned by the Lord.  She isn’t whacking-off in the meantime either, which might account for her derangement.

I recall seeing Ms O’Donnell on MTV years ago making off-the-wall claims about how condoms don’t prevent AIDS (contrary to all scientific medical evidence) She stated something to the effect that masturbation was an “abomination” – and in her ‘you-know-kinda-like-Valley-Girl-voice:  “If a guy masturbates, then he already knows what it feels like, so what does he need me for?”.


I’m sorry to hear that Ms O’Donnell has such low self-esteem as to consider herself merely as receptacle, for a man – now THAT’S really tragic.  While reaping the benefits of the women’s movement that preceded her, she’s clearly missed the point, and has some deep-seeded unresolved sexual issues to prove it.

Cut from the hem of Palin’s dress pattern, Pristine O’Donnell has a laundry list of soiled foundations, from false claims about her own educational credentials, to mismanagement of her financial ‘affairs’ – the only kind of ‘affairs’ she apparently has.

When  Miss “Pristine” beat long-time moderate republican incumbent, Mike Castle, even Karl Rove ranted-on FOX about the potential disaster for the GOP.  Rove later recanted, from his role as FOX News analyst - back into party lock-step.  While O’Donnell makes like butter wouldn’t melt up her ass with a blow-torch, she falsely accused her opponent (Mike Castle) of homosexuality with no grounds on which to base the claims.  Castle is not expected to endorse her, as the Republican Party deteriorates on their way to potential victory in the 2010 midterms.  Don’t discount this “gal” – she’ll say or do anything to keep her political scam career alive.  Just what we need – another duplicitous nitwit in Washington.  And this particular grisly cub is dangerous.  Very, very dangerous.

As With Insurance, There Are No Assurances

As With Insurance, There Are No Assurances – Baby Jamison is covered.

My sweet-faced baby nephew, Jamison has just hit the one year old mark – the beginnings of the 2nd year – launching the ‘terrible twos’.  His parents are more than capable of the challenge. His mom was a police officer dealing with child abuse.  His dad, a veteran of the first Gulf War is now himself a police officer.    But the terrible twos, while the cutest period to look at and the most horrifying wake-up call for a young parent to face.  A little better than a week before his 1st birthday Jamison, who’s big for his age, managed to bounce himself off the bed and onto the floor earning himself a skull-fracture.  He’s fine, and his parents are vigilant and loving – but these things happen.  It was a scare for all of us, but all indications are he’s merely a rough and tumble little boy who will survive this and other close calls.  Parents live through these things, and for the most part, so do children.  These mini-horrors only serve to make parents love and appreciate their children all the more.  By the way, those bumps and bruises continue for years to come.  It’s a harrowing experience to be a parent.  I’m glad not to be one.

Nothing pains a parent more a child predeceasing them.  Nature instills in all decent parents an instinct to preserve the line through their children.  My brother has a son who predeceased him, and years later the pain resonates through the whole family.  My brother’s son died in an automobile accident, not in war – but loss is loss…

However, in recent history, we’ve lived through an era where no one was allowed to photograph or see the flag-draped coffins of fallen patriots.  Obama changed that eye-opener – humanizing the loss.  I’m fortunate insofar as all the young people in my family who served in the gulf made it home alive, but not necessarily without scars, if only emotional.

During the Bush years, that fool initiated 2 wars, only one of which while misguided, was somewhat justified.  Obama now finds it about as easy to extract ourselves from these wars as setting additional forest fires to prevent the whole woods from burning down.  No easy choices here — painful but necessary.  Knowing those wars were mishandled under Bush (Afghanistan) and with regard to Iraq, simply illegal and in defiance of the Geneva Convention.  Bush and his republican clones voted-down measures to supply body-armor to soldiers the GOP themselves had sent into battle — forcing families to reach into their own pockets to help save their progeny. 

In 2009 a was deal struck with the insurance companies to defray paying-out lump-sums to the surviving family members of fallen heroes the Bush Administration had placed in harms way.  (Remember, Obama did not start that war).

The New York Times through Bloomberg News reports:  “The Department of Veterans Affairs agreed in September 2009, without telling six million soldiers and their families, to allow Prudential Financial to withhold lump sum payments of life insurance benefits owed to survivors of service members, according to documents made public through a request under the Freedom of Information Act.  The amendment to Prudential’s contract is the first document to show that department officials sanctioned a practice that has prompted lawmakers and regulators to call for investigations. Since 1999, Prudential has used so-called retained-asset accounts that keep death benefits in its general corporate account, earning investment income for itself, instead of paying out a lump sum immediately”.

There is a class action suit in progress over this injustice.  I don’t want my great-nephew or any young child to inherit a world so filled with injustice and indifference as the one in which we currently live.  We collectively need to do better as a nation.  Let’s start by reigning-in corporate interests — corporate America, thanks to the Supreme Court have the rights of citizens.  Staggering dollars will be spent on astro-turf movements like the Tea Party to confuse people into ruining their own futures, and that of their children and grandchildren.  This cannot be allowed to continue.

If my niece and her husband are reading my blog down in Florida – my birthday gift to baby Jameson for his 1st birthday, is really a gift to the two of them — a portrait of “Sweet Baby Jamison”, so they might always have it — and may they always have him as well.

The Wintour of Her Discombobulation – The Highlight of Fashion Week 2010

Project Runway queen, Tim Gunn reported seeing Vogue’s dragon-like editor and ‘Prada-wearing devil,’ Anna Wintour carried down the stairs during Fashion Week by 4 security guards using a fireman’s grip.  Apparently Wintour can’t walk in heels or at least not after a cocktail.  Just when you thought the woman couldn’t get any more peculiar, she outdoes herself.  What could be more delicious than a cat-on-queen fight between Wintour and Gunn…?  The mind reels — in heels.  New for spring: Sedan chairs.

Is Newt Gingrich crazy? — or crazy like a FOX News sound-bite?

Newt is clearly following Fashion Week.

Watching last night’s sad concession speech by 9 term moderate Republican candidate, Mike Castle conceding defeat to Tea-Party wing-nut, Christine O’Donnell, who ran on an abstinence and  anti-masturbation platform…say what…?  One can’t help but wonder if Jerry Springer’s guests are finally getting the representation they crave (as long as they don’t understand the meaning of the word abstinence). The midterms are going to be VERY weird this year, foretelling perhaps an even more peculiar presidential run-off in 2012.  That’s where the old Newtster comes into play.  Is Newt Gingrich crazy? — or crazy like a FOX News sound-bite?  Manipulation has long been the forte of both – banking on people being gullible enough to believe whatever Tom Foolery is put in front of them.  That would be the ‘Birthers’ and the ‘Tea Party Movement’ for anyone who hadn’t already figured it out.

Newt has his eye on the presidency – something that no one in their right mind thinks is a good idea.  Just ask all his ex-wives.  But what galls Newt the most, is the fact that we have an intelligent, effective black president - even if the poll number don’t reflect this fact.  The nation’s deficit is down 8% since Obama took office, and the GOP can‘t hang their hat on that progress – the word “NO” isn’t very helpful coming form the crowd who put us in debt.  The economy, while draggin’ along is improving, but slowly.  Talk to any old timer – and the math is easy.  The great crash of 1929 didn’t result in a full scale depression until 1931 and 1932.  (Translation :1999 – 2012).  Our worst days may still lay ahead. But it won’t be Obama’s fault.  The Queen Mary corners slowly too.  Today is the anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Republicans chanting their chorus of ‘NO’ with disgraced puppet masters like Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey behind the curtain pulling the strings have far more to answer for. 

You can drag Obama’s birth certificate to all 4 corners of the earth, but he was born in Hawaii, and an American.

Americans need to understand how someone has to pay for the financial recovery.  The American people have already footed the bill for the bail-out’s.  The progress of which is still in it’s fledgling stages.  We‘re paying for a decade of fiscal irresponsibility at the hands of the GOP. The the poor to the middle-class have paid-it-forward – so it’s time for the Bush Tax Cuts to expire.  The rich flourished while the country suffered.  Enough.  Go sell the yacht.

As tax breaks for everyone earning over a quarter million dollars a year are about to expire – a desperate democratic majority postures to force the republican’s hand on the issue with a vote.  Republican rhetoric about ‘tax-cuts’ no longer sticks.  Smart people realize this is only going to effect the top 2% of the nation’s wealthiest citizens, helping the rest of us who struggle. 

But when all else fails, lie, create a wedge issue and confuse the public.  Who better to start-with than Newt Gingrich appealing to the ‘Birthers’ by scaring them. Marginalize Barack Obama with his exotic name.  Make him sound less-than-American.  Use a Voodoo-link to the president’s deceased father by coming out with crap like Newt’s latest cry for attention referring to Obama‘s agenda as “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior”

If I’m not mistaken, America was founded on “anti-colonial behavior”.  That’s what the founding fathers were doing when we fought for our independence.  Give it up Newt.  We all know you’re a liar and a cheat.  Obama is steering the ship of state in the right direction.  The Republicans and the Tea Party want us to jump ship over to the Titanic – after all – they have all the life boats.