What Did Jersey Do to Deserve Chris Christie?

There are two Chris Christies – the one Michele Bachmann states publicly as a prime pick for the 2012 GOP presidential race.  The other Chris Christie is a spoiler who makes choices which will wreak havoc on the residents of New Jersey for years and years to come.  Christie, a former lobbyist, who’s had his name linked to various scandals involving his brother and shady financial dealings.  But this sort of thing is all so common-place in public “service”, that it‘s taken for granted.  Michele Bachmann recognized New Jersey Governor, Chris Christi as being a real right-wing team player.  In other words, he’s screwing-up big time, and that fits with Bachman’s own world view.  And any candidate or politician endorsed by Michele Bachann, you can pretty much count on as having the reasoning powers of a person recently kicked in the head by a horse.

Christie’s incompetence in power was first lauded as “fiscal responsibility” when he slashed the budget for a variety of services in New Jersey ostensibly to balance the budget.  The most notable cuts came to the New Jersey school system — traditionally considered one of the best in the country.  He cut the budget to the quick, and then proceeded to fail to properly fill out government grant forms which would have qualified New Jersey for $500,000,000 which would have gone a long way to pick-up the education department’s financial shortfall — effectively leaving the New Jersey public school system, crippled.  Whatever anyone might think of me or my opinions, I am a product of the New Jersey public school system. I found when I went to college, I was head and shoulders above most of my contemporaries in all subjects — not because I‘m some kind of genius — but because I‘d had the advantage of a good, solid public school education.  Republicans may claim to be fiscally responsible (with their own ill-gotten gains) however, taxpayer dollars, should never be allowed near republican leaders…  But after all, a poorly educated electorate is a more easily manipulated electorate.

Cassandra Complex

When it comes to politics and world affairs, nothing happens quickly, even when events come as a surprise.  But they shouldn’t come as a surprise.  It’s a matter of no one paying attention. We’re an “immediate gratification” society. We want the problems that crept-up on us for years, to be fixed overnight so we can all get back from the shopping mall in time to watch fake-reality TV shows.  There’s plenty of REAL reality to go around – the problem is, none of it is entertaining to the general public. We didn’t get into our financial crisis overnight, nor will we get out of it by any definition of ‘short-order’.  President Obama has told us this repeatedly, but it’s not the kind of thing voters want to hear.

The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was enacted following the great depression to prevent banks and other lending institutions from getting into each others financial markets – so if the basket came crashing to the floor, not all the eggs would be in there at once.  In 1999, pressured by a belligerent (blow-job obsessed) republican majority in congress, a cornered President Clinton signed the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, effectively removing the very fail-safes that protected and insured a stable US economy.  Republicans wanted to “free-up the markets”.  A.K.A, pick the pockets of the middle-class until we all were bleeding money out our eyes. It took roughly 10 years, but under George Bush ‘the Lesser‘, the economy collapsed back into the very abyss the Glass-Steagall Act was enacted to prevent.  The crisis was further enabled by the incompetence and greed of the Bush/Cheney administration‘s cosy relationship with corporate America and big oil. Not to mention the trillions of dollars spent on that gas-station robbery in Iraq, which to this day no decent person can justify.

‘The Three branches of Government’ painted by William Thomas Whiting.

At the risk of stating the obvious, current events are built on the foundation supplied by yesterday’s history.  But Americans are sheep.  Impatient, short-sighted and for the most part poorly – or entirely misinformed sheep.  Listen to the brain-rotting bleating coming from the right-wing fantasy news machine on FOX , and you’ll have your head filled with wedge-issues ranging from gay-rights to abandoning the 1st Amendment of the Constitution in favor of prejudice — claiming all the while to be staunch supporters of the Constitution.  In reality, FOX News’ far right-wing agenda is the most unpatriotic, yet effective propaganda machine our country has ever seen.  They’ve accurately calculated a large segment of America to be stupid and trusting.  What FOX and their conspiratorial pundits and politicians are really doing, is confounding any and all efforts by the Obama administration to correct America’s economy – which is the only REAL issue that actually DOES effect the everyday voter.  But never mind that, get riled-up about an Islamic Community Center, or gays in the military, or whatever diversionary tactic du jour the right-wing-think-tank can concoct to draw attention away from the litany of messes they’ve created.  Go ahead – let history repeat itself.  No one wanted to study it in the first place, so now it’s history’s turn to whip around and bite us all in the rear.

‘Floundering Father’ by William Whiting

Note: The portrait to the left of George Bushington, titled ‘Floundering Father’ (After Gilbert Stuart, Acrylic on canvas, 1996) – was painted by William Thomas Whiting during the baby Bush reelection campaign. The portrait was sold at an AIDS fund-raising event for $1,400 which went to feed people with HIV/AIDS through a Philadelphia food bank called MANNA.

‘The Three Branches of Government’ – also a donation to MANNA went for $2,200, and was painted during the ‘hanging chad’ calamity when the Supremes gifted us with baby Bush in the first place. Proceeds also went to MANNA.


The entire country has lost it’s collective mind. We are more fractured than ever before, and it’s simply because the GOP cannot and will not accept two very simple FACTS:  First, that they utterly failed to make anything but a dysfunctional mess of our nation during the past administration.  And more disappointingly, they resent having an intelligent, cool-headed black man as the head of state, steering the nation through the painful process of getting us back on the proper course.  That alone galls the neo-cons.  No matter what wedge issues and diversionary tactics the republicans and tea party deploy, they remain incompetent, closet-racists with the vocabulary of a two year old – “NO” – and no other words.

Gay rights, gay marriage and gay military service – are no different than anti-abortion, fear of immigrants and mosque-bashing Islamophobia.  All fall under the same category of wedge-issues.  Each being underhanded methods used by the GOP to drawl attention away from the real issues that genuinely effect the daily lives of most Americans: the economy.

John Beohner blathering on about how “now is not the time to raise taxes” as he banks on a misinformed populace to not grasp how its only the ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ which are already due to expire, and are only applicable to wealthy Americans earning over a quarter-million dollars a year.  That’s a penny or two more than most Americans earn – most Americans will benefit by ending the tax cuts for the wealthy. Most Americans will enjoy a tax cut while the wealthy finally start paying their fair share. However, the average FOX News junkie is the very gullible group of people easily manipulated by this kind of strategy.  They’re also the group most likely to be harmed by the republican/tea-party agenda.  The FOX News propaganda machine sponges up the gullible – frightening the very individuals who will be most harmed in allowing the wealthy tax privileges to stand unchallenged. The wealthy have everything to gain, and the middle class has everything to loose if the Bush tax breaks are not allowed to expire. We’ve been grifted long enough by big business, lobbyists and other greed mongers

Elect the GOP to both houses of congress at your own peril.

…That said, on the other hand, any extreme far left-winger who doesn’t believe “enough has been accomplished” during the early days of the Obama Administration and the democratic congress is sorrowfully naive as to how life in government works.  This congress and this president have accomplished MORE in 18 month in office than any previous administration in decades – AND in the face of belligerent non-cooperation from the party of “NO” across the aisle – from health care reform to banking reforms. The problems facing this country are nearly insurmountable, and NONE of those problems will be quickly or easily remedied.

Take a deep breath, people, and calm down.  Realize that the road back to fiscal, moral and political sanity is going to be a long, long haul.  And conservatives are not going to win the battle any other way than by lying and cheating. The extreme right are on the wrong side of history.  America is becoming an increasingly diverse population who will have their fair share when the line is drawn under the math – but that can only happen once 2% of the nation no longer controls 87% of the wealth. The momentum is on the side of progressives, as woman and minorities fight for and win increasing power and control in years to come.  Our country cannot survive the level of corporate corruption embedded with power-brokers from both parties. A wealthy of the minority cannot be allowed to cheat, steal and swindle the largest slice of the country’s pie without dire consequences ensuing.  Read some history people – just don’t read any history books approved by the Texas Board of Education – they’re allergic to factual material.

I never Knew What She was Going to Say Next

As this is Grandma Betty’s 90th birthday weekend blowout – I thought a couple Grandma Betty posts would be in order.  When I visit her at the home, I often struggle for things to discuss as her mind fades in and out – but who’s doesn’t?  She lives somewhere between her own memories confused with plots from old soap operas she used to watch on TV…  but that doesn’t prevent her from delivering the occasional ‘zinger’.

Grandma Betty hadn’t pulled a democratic lever since FDR until Baby Bush got into office.  She voted for Kerry and then for “that well manored black gentleman” who’s name she still can call-up on command.  But she didn’t like “that woman” running against him in the last presidential election. There was so much fuss about Sarah Palin, my mother completely missed the point that John McCain was the actual presidential candidate. She thought Sarah Palin reminded her of someone she never cared for from when she was young – perhaps Livia the Poisoner (?)

More Gems from Grandma Betty

Today is my mother, Grandma Betty’s 90th birthday party.  We’re gathering at my cousin’s farm – and we’ve located a couple of her surviving contemporaries to join us.  Betty is the last of the WWII generation of our family.  She didn’t serve during the war, but she knitted sweaters and scarves for the soldiers, like a champion.

Last weekend I was telling her about her upcoming birthday party and she got all excited, and wanted to talk to my older brother, Bob – her first born.  However, she looses track easily, as illustrated…

Listening to Sarah Palin bungle her words while discussing her defination of a “Constitutional conservatives” is like listening to someone with English as a second language reading the ‘Jabberwocky’ aloud from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

The woman can’t form full coherent sentences. But I suppose that’s her appeal with her base. Certainly it worked for Bush.  Sarah, dimwitted grasp of the Constitution is her perceived right to cut and paste the document to suit her own distorted worldview.

Reverend, Pastor Terry Jones of Florida, is holding a public rally to burn copies of the Muslim’s Holy Qur’an to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of the attacks on Nine/Eleven.

This blithering asshole is a Christian minister…?!!!

I suppose it shouldn’t come as any surprise, as the only thing as awful as “radical’ Islam, is the hypocrisy of “radical” Christianity.  No wonder I have no appetite for organized religion.