The Palin Gang Done Rode Into Town…

Yes indeedy, the ‘Palin Gang’ has done gone and rode theyselves into town.  In fact in every town in America all at once, like the invasion of the Beverley Hillbillies.  The Palins were collectively perspiring here in Philadelphia at the Liberty Bell just the other day during the record-breaking heat wave.  But it really got hot when her bubble-headed bus tour trampled Mitt Romney’s “moment” to announce his official presidential GOP candidacy in Stratham, New Hampshire – while only ten miles away, Palin, complete with dog and pony show were drawing-all the press attention away.  Truth to tell, I don’t want a Mormon for president any more than I want a moron – both have the trappings of a cult, by my lights.

Palin has also ridden into dusty Arizona to establish residency in the lower forty-eight.  This has got to have Arizona Senator John McCain breathing into a paper bag between his knees.  The Palin Klan didn’t so much as unpack their bags in AZ before launching-out on a family vacation, titled “The One Nation Bus Tour.”  Whoa there Maverick – (make that runaway cow) who the hell “names” their family vacation…?!!!  It’s kinda like the Palin family’s own “Desert Storm.”  The entire Klan are like gremlins – “don’t get ‘em wet or feed ‘em after midnight.”  They’re everywhere at once – like locusts…!!!

Secretly Winnie, Duck and Beihl are all hoping for a Palin/Santorum GOP ticket in 2012.  We’d love to see them further split the neo-con vote.  Rick Santorum, with the IQ of an oyster was recently quoted as saying John McCain didn’t know as much as HE did about “enhanced interrogation techniques.” 

Pause…  we all need a collective paper bag moment here…

Whatever you may think of McCain’s politics, you can’t take away from him his status as a genuine American war hero who survived prolonged torture and confinement in Vietnam.  McCain, watching the monster he created in Sarah Palin combined with the insulting mediocrity of Rick ‘Sanitarium’ must make the poor ol’ gentleman long for his days tied to an ant-hill.

Unlike McCain, Palin genuinely is a Maverick – in other works, a wild cow run amuck with political A.D.D. and an agenda that has nothing whatsoever to do with anyone’s best interests but her own.  What’s next?  National Geographic Present’s Sarah Palin’s America?  I certainly hope not.

The best we can hope for is for Sarah and her traveling freak-show will ride into the sunset in their GIANT shrink-wrapped bus boasting the Constitution.  Palin has a barely nodding acquaintance with the Constitution.  All it means to her, is she can pack heat and put people in her crosshairs without taking responsibility.  But she sure does know how to mesmerize the great voting unwashed.

3 thoughts on “The Palin Gang Done Rode Into Town…

  1. i'm just sorry that jack kervorkian died. now there's no one to usher palin quietly into the big dirt nap she so richly deserves.

    jack! take her with you! pleeeease!

  2. That stain of santorum saying he knows more about torture than one of its victims? Talk about arrogance. That's as bad as telling the press that Paul Revere was warning the British and riding his horse through town to fire warning shots and ring the bells…….

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