Without structure there is no order. Without order there is no freedom.

Closed Nationa ParksWinnieWashingtonFramedrightWithout structure there is no order. Without order there is no freedom. It’s really a very simple concept–while counter intuitive to some on the hard right–our freedoms do not thrive in an atmosphere of chaos. In going after the government of the United States with the unrepentant goal of crushing our president, the Tea Party has proven just how green at the gills they really are. They’ve proven how little they and their followers understand about how our nation and economy function. If anything good comes from this mess, it might be a sophomoric lesson in governing for those foolish Congressional freshmen. As much as none of us like career politicians, it’s far worse when Tea Party ideologues from all walks of life waltz into office touting a barely nodding acquaintance with the workings of their own government, only to be let loose like weevils wielding power without any forethought of action.

1_photoSimply because some yahoo campaigns for public office and wins–doesn’t distinguish that person as a Constitutional scholar any more than it sets him or her apart as an inspired leader. In point of fact getting elected is a lot easier than governing. It has become abundantly clear that certain elected officials have a severe deficit of knowledge about anything and everything useful. Take for example Texas Republican congressman, Randy Neugebauer, who confronted and berated a National Park Ranger standing guard at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. for simply doing her assigned job. The simpleminded Rep. Neugebauer in a moment of priceless stupidity blamed the ranger for turning veterans away at the entrance to the monument, telling her that she “should be ashamed” of herself for blocking the door. In reality the locked monument had nothing to do with any decision-making process on her part–she was assigned to guard the entrance during the government shutdown–period. She WAS doing her job while the grandstanding Neugebauer was not. Neugebauer himself had voted for the government shutdown without any of the consequences ever crossing his mind. He is incompetent, unqualified and unfit to serve in a_560x375public office. And if he believes the words that fell from his lips, he’s pointblank stupid to boot. Sadly among the fractured remnants of the Grand Old Party, his type are more common than not. Ted Cruz and simpleminded Sarah Palin arrived at the World War II Memorial this past weekend to pretend they were patriots with Cruz blaming his own irresponsible actions on President Obama.

Joe WilsonSouth Carolina Representative, Joe Wilson thinks that a government shutdown just might be the ticket to help fix the economy. Wilson, who is most famous for inappropriately shouting “You lie!” during President Obama’s first State of the Union address is too ridiculous to grasp the ripple effect his congressional constipation has on the average American citizen–let alone the very business moguls who bankroll his party. Curious how Charles and David Koch have publicly distanced themselves from Ted Cruz’ government shutdown. Why? Because between the sequester, the government shutdown, furloughed employees and the looming Debt Ceiling–the rich are starting to understand that this tactic will not only backfire–it will cost THEM money. The only one benefiting from this foolishness is Ted Cruz who swept the “Values Voters Straw Poll” which is about as politically useful as winning a game of solitaire.

TeddyDuckEvery single day that our government functions remain in suspended animation–the supposedly “fiscally responsible” Tea Party further runs up America’s bar tab, past due bills and interest payments. The Grand Old Tea Party has ground us to a halt under the naive belief that standing still doesn’t cost anything–when in reality it costs taxpayers up to $300 million dollars a day and counting. That accumulative invoice will eventually come due and have to be paid–but it’s the so called “party of fiscal responsibility” who is wholly at fault for digging our fiscal grave ever so much deeper. As best as I can tell, there are only two good things coming from the intestinal blockage in Congress: The GOP is imploding (which will hopefully lead to a more reasonable alternative party). And the national parks are getting a much needed break from being trampled into oblivion by tourists. But in the end, order needs to be restored if any of us are going to continue enjoying our freedoms. And knowing that freedom comes at a price–why in the world pay more than necessary?

– Disassociated Press, 10/14/2013

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One thought on “Without structure there is no order. Without order there is no freedom.

  1. I don’t think that even Ted Cruz is going to get any good out of this. His shit-headedness is driving the popularity of Congress as a whole, and the GOP in particular to such spectacularly low levels, that I doubt he could win an election against Josef Stalin with only his own parents voting.
    Yesterday, I saw released the popularity numbers for Congress. Latest numbers, Congressional Popularity is at 5% FIVE FREAKING PERCENT! That is one person in twenty agrees with Congress right now. 2014 is coming and there IS going to be a big shake-up. Depending on how stupid the American voter is, this is either going to be the salvation, or utter destruction of America. If they try to drag things further Right, we are all finished. They will HAVE to move things to the left if they don’t want America to look like Somalia.

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