Bickering Fools United Only in Folly

A look back at last night’s content-free CNN Republican Presidential Primary Debates.
How in the world did the Republican Party find themselves with such a terrifyingly comical set of dangerous imbeciles to run against Barack Obama in 2012? The bone-chilling fear is that one of these freaks might actually succeed and continue where the Bush/Cheney damage left-off.   The only marginally normal candidate is Jon Huntsman and even he seems vaguely embarrassed to be associated with this dog and pony show.  Tim Pawlenty actually gave back his rose, and voted himself off the island.
These are Herman Cain’s words, not mine.
Then there’s faux frontrunner, Herman Cain blathering on about moats full of alligators and electrified fences to separate the United States from Mexico – he’s “electrifyin’ and he ain’t even tryin’” – “With an “Uh an uh and an uh, and an uh-uh-uh…”   All he has to offer is his “999 Plan” which doesn’t begin to make any sense – but it doesn’t have to – he’s a shill for the Koch brothers where nonsense is the movement they’re funding.
Linda Evans and Joan Collins couldn’t have staged a better cat-fight.
Lest we forget Mitt Romney who earned his money as the CEO of Bain Capital leveraging companies into bankruptcy and then selling their assets and shipping American jobs overseas – and this qualifies him to fix our economy?  Talk about  naked ambition…
Mitt Romney is adding an addition to his California beach house which is larger than the entire block on which I live.  Somehow I don’t think he really ‘gets’ the plight of the everyday person.
Last night’s debates were marred by childish squabbles between all the candidates – none of whom came-across as responsible adults.  The most notable altercation happened when Rick Perry accused Mitt Romney of hiring a lawn care company that had illegal aliens on the payroll manicuring the lawn for one of his multitude of lavish homes.
An unaltered photo of Mitt Romney (dead center) when he was the CEO of Bain Capital.  What does this tell you about him?
Other hopefuls like Santorum, Paul, Gingrich and Bachmann are completely irrelevant, and they always have been.  None of these people are addressing the issues of lost jobs, home foreclosures and the dwindling middle class.  The Republican Party has NOTHING to offer, and all we can hope is the voting American public is smart enough to see through this nonsense…  But we are talking about a nation that not only elected, but reelected George Bush.  
There’s not a giant among men (or women) to be found in the GOP candidates running for the Republican presidential nod.
Who knows, maybe America wants Jerry Springer politics.  I certainly don’t – I want to live a normal life – indoors, hopefully – with food on my table.  What a sorry line-up of fools.  If Obama doesn’t get reelected, then the entire nation needs their heads examined.  It’s probably a good idea any way.

3 thoughts on “Bickering Fools United Only in Folly

  1. it's a joy to see that spoiled, egocentric cheerleader perry fail, fail, fail. pardon my schadenfreude, but his plummeting poll numbers make me want to do a little tap dance of glee.

  2. The Ratpublican't "debates" (debacle?) shows time and time again that they do not represent the common American, that they have no plan for moving America to the 21st Century and that they do not care that we do not have jobs. The sooner these bozos and boozers sink back into the ooze of whatever southern swamp they crawled out of, the sooner it'll be worthwhile to turn my TV on again.

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