Rick Perry’s Birth Certificate Reveals He was Born Stupid

Rick Perry’s birth certificate reveals he was born stupid.  What does a high profile Republican candidate do when he’s polling in the single digits?  Resurrect a previously unsuccessful and discredited smear-campaign against the sitting president to see if he can make a turkey fly.  Like a midevil surgeon crying-out “Damn ‘ye bleeding leaches, I shall make thee succeed yet.”  Thus goes Rick Perry’s embarrassing bid for the GOP nod as he makes headlines dredging-up the ‘Birther’ nonsense. 

Even the ‘Birthers’ don’t believe their own line of bull-puckey – but it isn’t about truth – it’s about repeating the same lie over and over again until it takes on the faux-appearance of truth.  Truth being a nasty word to neo-cons – subjective at best if you want to give them that much credit, but this isn’t about the truth – it’s about propaganda and prejudice.  Even Karl Rove has conceded that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

The simple fact remains that the brightest bulb in the 2012 race is still Barack Obama and it galls the eyeballs out of the giant political bowel obstruction known as the GOP – a.k.a. Grand Old Poopers.  The GOP 2012 presidential prospects are a wounded line-up at best.  Thank God Herman Cain is spicing things-up with his own personal Saturday Night Live self-spoofery.  If you haven’t seen it, you MUST view Herman Cain’s new TV ad where some greasy sleaze-ball claiming to be his campaign manager draws on a cigarette blowing smoke at the camera lens, shot in what appears to be a back alley setting – ending with a close-up of Herman Cain breaking-out into a slow-motion grin which is nothing short of deranged.  Here’s the Yahoo link:


The far right of the Republican Party has no patience for any of the semi-coherent candidates like Jon Huntsman or Tim Pawlenty.  They want to endorse tunnel-visioned dunderheads like themselves – and none of them one can stomach the thought of Mitt Romney.  Moving right along, Rick Perry is taking Donald Trump on his word that Obama’s birth certificate is a counterfeit even though Republican officials in Hawaii have validated it’s authenticity and Trump’s credibility is almost as bad as his credit.  We’re at a point where the Republican Party has become even more transparently shallow than ever thought possible…

…Remember when some disenchanted Democrats were angry that Hillary Clinton didn’t get the nomination?  What did the Republican Party do?  They trotted-out Sarah Palin, an inexperienced former runner-up beauty queen and TV weather anchor in a clumsy effort to garner the feminist vote ending in political disaster.  Rick Perry will never be president.  Neither will Herman Cain – but you can just smell the Koch/Rove machine grooming the former Godfather Pizza CEO as a shill-candidate in an attempt to confuse minority voters.

In the end the GOP is going to be stuck with Mitt Romney, and their prospects aren’t – or shouldn’t be good.  God help us ALL if there’s a Cain/Perry or Perry/Cain ticket in 2012.  Transparency in politics is one thing – transparency where ulterior motives are concerned, is another.  Just as Sarah Palin was NO Hillary Clinton – Herman Cain is definitely NO Barack Obama.  That said, Rick Perry IS George W. Bush.

2 thoughts on “Rick Perry’s Birth Certificate Reveals He was Born Stupid

  1. http://www.alternet.org/story/152305/confessions_of_a_gop_operative_who_left_?
    Read this and see why it plays into the Republican Playbook to make people think that it is useless to vote, and to destroy the economy. Trickle down isn't supposed to work. That IS their goal. In the Revolution, the GOP would have been Tory's not Tea Partyers.
    Little known fact that the Tea Party wants to forget. The Boston Tea Party was not about having to pay too much tax, it was about not having a voice in the process, and that the Crown was forcing the people to pay a tax to support a corporation, the East India Tea Company. This event became so pivotal in the Revolution that drinking tea became considered near treason to the Continental Congress. The "truly patriotic" drink was, and still is, COFFEE, (with some adhering more to cocoa, so maybe the most patriotic drink is a mocha?)
    So I may show my patriotism by donning a tricorn hat and having a nice, strong cuppa joe. Hmm, wonder if I can hot-glue a row of coffee beans around the edge…
    So let's get our OWN grass roots movement, the Coffee Party, going, support OWS, VOTE VOTE VOTE as often as legally allowable. If you have the time and health for it, (even if you don't but are willing) go Occupy whatever city you are in, get your friends to join you.
    And harsh as it is to say it, but if the police come to evict you, stand by your First Amendment Rights, and resist, as peacefully as possible. (Yes, you will get arrested, as soon as you get out, go back to the Occupation)
    The brutality shown in Oakland, the dirty little secrets the GOP are hiding show that this is NOT just a grass roots movement, this is not campaigning for the 2012 election, this is the opening stages of a Revolution. This is the fight to protect our nation. This is the fight to take our freedom back from Wall Street.

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