The Coffee Party – More Caffeine, More Energy

If the GOP can capitalize on the synthetics of the ‘Tea Party’ you’d hope the Democrats could harness the sincere grass roots energy of the ‘Occupy Wall Street Movement.

So much for the ‘Tea Party’ – say ‘hello’ to the ‘Coffee Party.’  More caffeine, more energy.  It takes a lot of hot coffee to sustain an outdoor protest in damp October weather.  Right now as I write this, there’s a cold rain outside – also outside are countless 99 Percenter’s protesting in cities across the world – shining a light on economic inequity in the new era of modern robber-barons.

A genuine gathering of the masses is a lot more unsettling to the backward GOP (party of greed) than a synthetic gaggle of hired losers with teabags dangling from their tricorns.  The ‘Occupy Wall Street Movement’ has taken the Republican Party by surprise and cut-off the AstroTurf Tea Partiers at the knees.  This movement has so unsettled authoritarians, Oakland, California police used tear-gas and violence to disperse peaceful protestors.  Granted, police conduct themselves according to orders – but whosoever issued those orders obviously had no understanding of how badly that action would backfire – especially in light of the only major injury being incurred by an Iraqi war veteran, unemployed 24 year old Scott Olsen, in attendance at the protests, now hospitalized in serious condition with a concussion.  That’s quite a homecoming for a man who risked his life in a fruitless Republican instigated oil-war.

Violence toward peaceful protestors only cements their resolve and diminishes the moral and legal standing of their transgressors.  It’s difficult to believe any of the policemen themselves were in full agreement with the orders issued.  The Fraternal Order of Police themselves stand to benefit from the protestor’s message – as illustrated by Wisconsin’s collective bargaining protests.  Nothing unified the anti-Vietnam War protests more than when the National Guard fired-on and killed 4 innocent college-age students in a peaceful protest at Kent State, Ohio May 4th, 1970.  As I said, it’s gonna take a whole lot of hot coffee to see the protestors through this ordeal.  And who better to supply that coffee than Señor Duck Valdez (a.k.a. el Pato) while no Che Guevara, Duck Valdez makes a fine cup of coffee, Irish-laced if you prefer, and every bit as potent as her famous Long Island Ice Tea recipe.

The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protestors need more that just coffee – they want jobs and fairness restored to America, AND they deserve a hot cuppa Joe.  Unlike the scripted Tea Party zombies, 99 Percenter’s are not pissed-off at illegal immigrants.  The national sit-ins are about a chance for all people to live decent and productive lives with hope and opportunity.  To my understanding the 99% are not even opposed to capitalism or the rich – only to the wrong-minded and the greedy.  There’s a widely held ‘Tea Party’ misconception that Hispanics take away American jobs.  No folks – you got it all wrong –  it’s the very same corporate “people” who finance your embarrassing ‘Tea Party’ who’re taking away American jobs – mostly by sending them overseas.  Wake-up Tea Partiers – you’re eating out of the hands of your own oppressors.  It was fascinating to watch Stephen Colbert’s farm-worker job challenge yield only one natural-born American citizen willing to take-on thankless and poorly-paid migrant farm labor work.  The motivation behind the “god granted” Tea Party’s paranoia is the fear that brown-skinned people might achieve future successes underscored by America having a minority president.  Heaven forbid vanilla people should loose their superiority to the grounds keepers…

I’ve only attended the ‘Occupy’ protests here in Philadelphia, but what I’ve seen have been well behaved, committed and diverse people across the racial and ethnic spectrum drawing attention to the worst disparity between the rich and poor since Vander built the railroad.   What’s at stake is the American dream.  It’s time for the Coffee Party to toss the spoiled tea overboard.

 Note:  All Hispanics do not wear wool ponchos and silly hats – nor are they all picking beans.  BUT the Latin American community might just be the next major block of American voters.

7 thoughts on “The Coffee Party – More Caffeine, More Energy

  1. Again, a well-written commentary, Beihl. You & Winnie should make contact with the OWS folks in Philly & offer WinnieToons as a "voice" for their movement. You write very well, understand their point of view because you are a 99%er, & your illustrations & creativeness are unsurpassed. Think about it. You could do for OWS what you have previously done for Animal Rights & lost dogs & cats – who are among the "meek" who shall inherit the Earth.

  2. As you know, while we're both not exactly "meek" – we're more socially and financially hog-tied. Therefore we inherited nothing – at least from Grandma Betty. BTW – I have been handing-out cards to the 99% folks. Still don't expect to ever inherit a thing during THIS life, and I'm not so sure the "next life' exists. Sigh.

  3. Well spoken, Beihl but one correction. Scott Olsen did not suffer a concussion, he received a skull fracture. They are waiting for the brain swelling to subside a bit so they can operate.
    I was totally disgusted with the video, watching Oakland's Gestapo toss a flash-bang grenade into the crowd that had rushed to Scott's aid.
    Also, from Denver, the Occupy Denver site, at 29°F air temperature, the sprinklers were turned on at 2 am.
    The Official Body, with their Wall Street paid for Storm Troopers are starting their direct physical attacks on the OWS movement. Kent State is on it's way, I can feel it. I hate it, but it is certain to happen. This time however, I don't see peace as the outcome. I see blackness ahead. It is consuming my soul, it is so dark, so deep, so full of screams. Pray the Coffee will keep me awake so I can't hear any more screams.

  4. The first reports were that Scott Olsen had a concussion, and I never re-checked the technical condition. Brain-swelling is horrifying. I had a friend who went through that.

    Ironic how all the wrong people are getting arrested. I too hear the screams.

  5. They say that prognostication is a myth. If that is the case, why did a seven year old boy tell his dad that if Nixon won the reelection it'd be a bad thing? That same feeling returned for Bush's reelection, and now, the future "feels" like a black, bottomless pit.
    I don't know if it is comforting, or frightening, that I am not the only one who hears the screams of the future.

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