The Looming Fiscal Cliff-Hanger

It’s not like no one saw the fiscal cliffhanger coming. Nor is it like we haven’t been in similar straits before; take the ‘dept ceiling’ crisis for example and apply it all to the do-nothing Congress; especially to the dwindling majority in the House of Representatives. Barack Obama has out maneuvered the greed-motivated GOP, both in the most recent presidential election, and in the looming “fiscal cliff.” But the GOP seems to possess only a vaguely nodding acquaintance with truth and reality. They lost. And they lost big. The nation rejected their “ideas” or lack thereof, so get with the program.

Truth to tell, if we do go off the fiscal cliff the majority of the nation will quite rightly blame it on House Republicans, who will in turn pay dearly in the 2014 midterms. In other words, it’s a win/win for the president. Speaker of the House, John Boehner knows he’s in a corner with no way out, and the American public overwhelmingly agrees with the president regarding raising taxes on the upper two percentile. If the House doesn’t do what needs to be done, then taxes will also be raised on middle income wage earners. Guess who gets to be cast as the villains if that scenario plays out? The out-of-touch rich Republican Party and it’s coterie of snot-nosed pale faced males, of course.

The economy does not exist in nature; it’s a man made concept which simultaneously does and does not exist. Money doesn’t disappear, it merely changes hands, and for the past several decades the hands into which it has changed belonged to liars, cheaters, and thieves who’ve broken just about every commandment (be they legal or sacred) to justify greed is good, all while hypnotizing gullible older voters in the bible belt. I’m all for prosperity, and would love to have a taste of it myself, but not at the cost of fleecing my fellow citizens.

Mitt Romney, the Republican Party along with tone-deaf backers like Sheldon Addle-brain, failed to comprehend that pandering to the privileged class during the worst economic downturn in recent memory wasn’t going to play well. Nor is slashing entitlement programs while preserving the financial holdings of the obscenely wealthy. You’d think even a child could wrap their minds around a concept so basic, but it looks as if the GOP needs to suffer through another political shellacking or two before they come to their senses. Granted, he’s not in the House of Representatives, but even uber-evil Tea Party Senator, Jim DeMint has bailed from Congress to take a job as the director of the Heritage Foundation where he feels he can more effectively harm the nation from outside of government.

Come year’s end, if the fiscal cliff drops the American economy into free-fall, leaving our Grecian legacy to be more than just “democracy,” the Republican Party will have effectively imploded. Things will get even more interesting if movie star, Ashley Judd, challenges and unseats the obstinate Kentucky troll, Mitch McConnell in the 2014 midterms. Don’t underestimate Ms. Judd, just because she’s glamorous, she’s a smart lady, and she’ll make the House of Representatives far easier to look at – and work-with.

- Dissociated Press, 12/6/2012

One thought on “The Looming Fiscal Cliff-Hanger

  1. You know, the easiest way to kill an elephant is to stampede it off a cliff? Works for Political mammoths pretending to be so modern and progressive as elephants as they stampede toward extinction.

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