Chick-Fil-A is Run by a Homo-hating Man Named “Cathy” Willing to Feed You Filthy Food With a Side-dish of Ignorance

Chick-Fil-A is a Christian corporation.  Fine.  Keep it to yourself.  It’s bad business at best to alienate consumers by rending judgement on even a small portion of your customer base and employees.  Who does Chick-Fil-A they think they are?  The Amish?

I’m not quite sure why “thinking” people are expected to show tolerance and respect for the opinions of bigots who’s worldview is shaped by intolerance and disrespect.  And the in case of Chick-Fil-A: BLATANT LIES.  Lies like “all gay people are pedophiles.”  No, truth be told, most pedophiles are disproportionally heterosexual.  If you’re looking for pure truth here it is: The poultry industry is filthy beyond repulsion.  Unless you know where and how the chicken was raised, you’re taking a risk by consuming it – especially at a fast food chain like Chick-Fil-A.

It would be one thing if Chick-Fil-A’s dimwitted president, Dan Cathy held his backward thinking to himself, but “Cathy,” as I prefer to call him, is actively raising money to bring substantial harm to the lesbian and gay community using funds to fight the implementation of equal rights for taxpaying LGBT citizens.  Why?  Because HIS religion teaches intolerance.  I have no appetite for extending tolerance to the intolerant knowing intolerance has become the primary agenda of “moral majority” right-wing Christians.  Genuine Christian doctrine is lost on them.  Christ never once made mention of homosexuality nor did he condone persecution of any kind.

In the case of Chick-Fil-A and “Cathy” the dunderheaded CEO, not only is the company promoting hatred and misinformation, they’re selling a potentially tainted product.  Chickens are raised in disgusting, over crowded, disease laden conditions.  Processed chicken, produced for the mass market are filled with chemicals, not the least notable of which is arsenic.  Seriously, there’s arsenic in your chicken sandwich as well as a heaping helping of greasy, salty, fattening hatred.  In other words, if obesity, heart disease and the idea of ingesting questionable foods into your daily dietary intake doesn’t bother you, then choke back a Chick-Fil-A with that warm, fuzzy feeling that you’re coming down on the wrong side of history AND your own health.

If you’re none too quick on the uptake, then “hell, it’s a damn good chicken sandwich” is all that matters to you.  That’s probably because the company selling the sandwich isn’t actively trying repeal your human rights.  Their only concern is destroying your health for a tidy profit.  Between the grease, the sodium, the mysterious chemicals and the appalling growing conditions, prepared with tender, loving prejudice and hate; poorly educated American consumers can’t get enough fast food.  The only upside to this controversy is the people addicted to this poisonous fare will live shorter and less healthy lives.

Given the choice between eating at any kind of a “chain” restaurant and taking a meal at a privately owned restaurant, I’ll choose the small business every time.  Fast food slaughter houses like Chick-Fil-A are for long trips on the turnpike when there are no better options available.  Still, I recommend merely using the bathroom and leaving hungry in disgust.  I know a gay man who used to work for Chick-Fil-A when he was in college and he told me what went on in the kitchen was repulsive and he’d never eat the stuff.

Lobbyists and corrupt congressmen have seen to it the Food and Drug Administration lost all its teeth a long time ago.  In other words, no one is really protecting you from the harm that can befall you from eating animal products in general.  Mad cow disease is back in the news.  Animals get mad cow disease from adding ground-up animal waste parts to the feed served to livestock that would otherwise be vegetarian by nature.  This taints the safety of the slaughtered animal food supply leaving consumers with a disease that can have a ten year incubation period and no cure leading to progressive nervous disorders and ultimately death.  MCD it is not necessarily confined to cows.  Mad cow disease cannot be eradicated even if you burn the barn down around the animal.  The charred corpses will still test positive for mad cow, so you can’t “cook” it clean.  Or in the case that “tasty” Chick-Fil-A, you can compromise your health and your integrity all in one toxic bite.   So why not live dangerously?  Have a disgusting, unhealthy fast food sandwich severed with tender-loving ignorance and hatred, knowing full well that it might just ruin your life.

5 thoughts on “Chick-Fil-A is Run by a Homo-hating Man Named “Cathy” Willing to Feed You Filthy Food With a Side-dish of Ignorance

  1. First, an artistic applause for finding a chicken sandwich picture that actually does look like deep fried dick and balls in a bun. Hats off to you.

    In addition to the sauce made from Haterade, I have to concur on the basically toxic nature of food in ANY fast food joint. Years ago, when I first worked at McDonalds, the beef came in labeled “USDA Grade D BUT EDIBLE” [i]BUT EDIBLE?[/i] Wow. It no longer says that on the box. No, they did not go to better beef, they just stopped labeling the USDA grading.
    The ONLY thing I’d eat at McDonald’s is the Egg McMuffin. Grade A local eggs, Kraft American Cheese, Thomas’ English Muffins and Hormel Canadian Bacon. Same quality and brands you’d get in the grocery store. Everything else, especially the salad, is suspicious. However, I am not a big fan of the McMuffin, so I just don’t eat at Mickey D’s.
    As for the attitude that Cock Full Buns Cathy is afflicting the world with. Would it surprise you to know that I used to consider homosexuality to be a mental illness? That I thought that homosexuals needed therapy, not rights? Forced if need be? True, I felt that way. I grew up in a Roman Catholic/Republican household. However, watching several homosexual friends, and one great lesbian couple that is as well tied together as my wife and I changed that. Granted, it was easier to deal with an attractive lesbian who I worked at McDonald’s with, and we’d watch for “hot chicks” coming into the restaurant together. Nothing breeds tolerance, and later acceptance, than shared lust. (Just not shared with each other!) I have been told I am the only straight man with Gaydar. I am not sure, maybe just one of the few that admit that it works, because it doesn’t bother me. I now know who around me is LGBT (usually, I’ve had one false negative) but you know what? I don’t care. It doesn’t affect or threaten me! I hold out hope that Cathy and the other knuckle draggers can learn and grow and get to where knowing something does not mean that it is a problem. I doubt it. but miracles happen.

    • Hey Mark – Truth to be told, when I was growing-up and realized I was going to be gay, I was sick with self-hatred because that was the learned attitude of my parents and the community. When the same attitudes you describe are directed at yourself, it really is a mind-fuck.
      It took me years to accept who I am and realize the attitudes inflicted on me were nothing more than hand-me-down prejudice – which is what most prejudice really is….

      As for the phallic Chick-Fil-A’s, obviously I Photoshopped the sandwich merely to give it some ball and a good head. I resisted adding the special sauce. That would have been overkill.

      But back to your point, it’s meeting people who are gay or realizing you’ve got a valued family-member who is, that changes attitudes. No matter what Marcuth Bachmann may lisp to the public, you can’t “pray away the gay” – all those people can do is lock a gay person into the closet and force them to deny their natural self and desires. Doing so never ends well for the victim of religious zealotry and ignorance. You’re an example of someone who has thought for himself and arrived at his own conclusions over submitting to cultural brainwashing.

      • There are two traits about myself that I feel rather justified pride in (at least I feel the pride is justified) – the ability to look at myself and see the good and the bad honestly, completely. I don’t fool myself, ever, and my ethics to always tell others the unvarnished truth. (When the truth is hurtful, I can keep my mouth shut, or phrase is judiciously to avoid unnecessary harm when silence is impractical) I know that my viewpoints were an attempt to reconcile the reality that homosexuality is nature, not nurture, with the “sickness” prejudice I was raised with. Thinking for myself is why I left the Roman Catholic church (mentally) when I was 13, and stopped going to mass physically when I was 15. I realized what they said was bullshit. I’d already started seeing holes in it when I was 6 in Bible Class hearing about the Crucifixion and being afraid that was what awaited all of us. I am a LOT less afraid of death knowing that I won’t get there nailed to a cross. At least, I HOPE I don’t :-)
        However you really burst my bubble, I thought you’d found a chicken sandwich image that showed the truth of how fucked Choke-Ful-Crap is making the US population. REALLY good job of “shopping” the image.

        • Sometimes you have to improvise when you’re trying to make a point. That said, ChicK-Fil-A would be well advised to offer-up a line of chicken flavored phallic foods. Perhaps both dark and white meat gonad-shaped batter-fried nuggets. Anything is possible in the terrifying world of processed foods.

        • I sure hope not, for the GOP’s sake would be embarrassing for them The Democratic Convention Brought to you by the National Education Association The Republican Convention- Brought to you by Haliburton, Phillip Morris, and Colt International Firearms

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