Let’s ‘Concentrate,’ People and Remember the Ignorant Always Demonize That Which They’re Too Lazy to Understand

It is not politically correct to call anyone a Nazi, but people on both sides of any issue these days are all too willing to do so.  As a member in good standing of the world’s oldest continually persecuted minority I’ve been noticing a shift in the focus of hatred in America today.  It’s become very easy for far-right wing preachers to demonize the LGBT community as a way of expressing their collective hatred of blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Native Americans and immigrants of every stripe.  Gay people have a rainbow flag for a good reason.  We’re of every race, color, creed, ethnicity and national origin.  There is no family or culture where gay children are not born into heterosexual families.  But a boisterous sector of society doesn’t see LGBT people as their sons and daughters, mothers and fathers – they see gay people as the cause of all their problems even though none of the dots connect — much the way Jews were demonized by the Nazis during World War II, largely due to their affluence.  History is repeating itself with that same attitude being leveled at the gay community.  We’re perceived as rich.  I personally am not, and know very few gay people who are, but that’s not the point.  People guilty of not looking too deeply into anything always need a scapegoat on whom to blame their own self-created problems.  The gay community did nothing to hurl this country into financial desperation — nor are we responsible for the world financial crisis, but the ignorant need someone convenient to persecute.  I’m reasonably certain Christ would not come-down on the side of discrimination – ever.  Christ never once mentioned same-sex issues, frozen embryos or any of the nonsense fundamentalists get worked-up over.

Obama’s public support for the LGBT community has shifted the focus of intolerance.  The new wedge issue is more than merely persecuting women and minorities its accomplished it all by focusing on the LGBT community.  Far right-wing fundamentalist Christians are quick to level fascist and Stalinist accusations at Barack Obama while wearing foolish teabags hot-glued to their hats.  These same people and their minions carry posters depicting our president as Hitler or Satan based on preconceived prejudice reinforced through the shameless hubris of FOX News and other Rupert Murdock noise-machines.  They promote the myth of talk about Obama’s hateful agenda; an agenda I have yet to witness.  I’m a news junkie who never misses an opportunity to read Obama’s words or listen to him speak.  I have never heard nor read one divisive word fall from our president’s lips.  But I’ve heard a lot of things attributed to him he never said.  That’s the way things work today.  Tell a lie, then tell it again so eventually the gullible latch onto it.  It’s dicey in the political arena to blatantly hate black people these days, though the ‘haters’ have enjoyed some recent success hating women and Hispanics, which isn’t politically wise either.  However, now that Obama has stepped forward to endorse full rights for the LGBT community, bigots can vicariously hate everyone at once by focusing their bile on gay people.

All this hatred hiding behind Christianity is nothing new, it’s merely getting wider attention.  An ignorant Podunk pastor sets the Qu’ran on fire in a nation based on religious tolerance and the result is countless deaths in the Middle East.  Then he and his say, “told you so,” without acknowledging his lack of wisdom and world understanding is the direct route cause of those particular deaths.  Another Podunk preacher advocates to his Parrish that children as young as four be “punched” if they display signs that can be interpreted as not falling into typical gender stereotypes.  All that fool minister will accomplish is gay teen self-hatred leading to suicide or individuals who live out their lives filled with self-hatred and ultimately come equate violence with sexuality.  Neither preacher is bright enough to be tolerant nor wise to the dangers of the dogma they spew.

Now we have a North Carolina preacher who advocates gathering-up all LGBT people and confining them within electrified barbed-wired compounds and starving them to death separated by gender.  There is nothing in the New Testament which would give credence to his ideas being in alignment with Christ.  These preachers and their misguided sheep are the real, genuine new Nazi movement.  You never heard Obama singling-out a minority for containment in a concentration camp devoid of all civil liberties.  Historically, you’ve heard Hitler say that and now you’ve heard far right-wing fundamental Christian preachers say the same thing…  To which I reply “The devil hides in the damnedest places – like in houses of worship.”

Freedom of speech may allow the boneheads at the Westboro Baptist church to disrupt the funerals of soldiers and homosexuals who died of AIDS.  Freedom of speech may allow an exceptionally ‘slow-minded’ woman to give addle-brained testimony before the Nebraska State Legislature stating that gay people pray on children and routinely work to puncture each others colons.  No, if that’s happening, it’s not happening on a large scale.  At 62 years old, I’ve been gay over 2/3’s of my life and I’ve never heard of anyone puncturing anyone’s colon as part of a sex act.  I’ve also never personally known a child molester in the adult gay community.  Most sex offenders are overwhelmingly heterosexual, as are most rapists and murders.  It’s just so damned easy to blame everything on the time-honored hatred of gay people.  Society may have stopped burning witches at the stake, but they’re slow to stop bundling gay-people into ‘faggots’ of kindling — only this time in an effort to burn our president.  When did hate become the core principle of Christianity?  More importantly, when is it going to stop?  To quote Mahatma Gandhi, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

Below is a link to a recorded ‘hate sermon’ about confining LGBT people to concentration camps if you have the stomach to watch the old fool and his rant:



11 thoughts on “Let’s ‘Concentrate,’ People and Remember the Ignorant Always Demonize That Which They’re Too Lazy to Understand

    • It’s pretty stomach-turning isn’t it? I believe what we are really witnessing is the death throes of dogmatic religious faith. Religious faith doesn’t need to be monstrous, nor should it be. But monsters make a lot of noise when threatened or cornered. There’s a lot of information out there now in this age. People can see through the old mythologies.

      I consider myself to be a spiritual agnostic with a great admiration of the historic figure of Christ. Both testaments originated with oral traditions handed down for centuries. Each retelling was embellished. Once it was written down texts were further diluted with personal agenda implanted by the people in power. All of it was subjected to translations into numerous languages where everything from blatant to subtle meanings were lost in the morass of interpretations that don’t accurately align. These are sad times when Christian ministers evoke the principals of Nazi cruelty and genocide merely to defeat people who hold different beliefs.

      Right-wing evangelicals make the incoherent argument that gay marriage will destroy traditional marriage. I can’t see how unless one has married a person who wasn’t truthful about their sexual orientation prior to taking the vows. Anytime a government, religious sect or hate group gets bent out of shape over what other people do in their bedrooms – it’s an unjustifiable over-reach which flies in the face of our core Constitutional principles. If you pay taxes in this nation, then you’re entitled to the ‘pursuit of happiness.’ That doesn’t mean happiness is going to come your way — but if you’re actively prevented from being who you are, minding your own business and prevented from loving a partner – THEN you’re right to pursue happiness has been severely and unfairly curtailed.

  1. First, I have a little peeve on syntax I have to voice:

    “real, genuine new neo-Nazi movement”

    Neo means new, so what you said is they are the genuine new new-Nazi movement. Now, unless the existing Neo-Nazi movement has folded it’s tents, I think it is sufficient to merely point out that they are the new Nazi movement in America.

    Now that THAT is off my chest, the ridiculous vilification and bestial attitudes that the Religious Reich and their GOP henchmen display are symptoms of a small soul and an atrophied brain. I think that you are correct that this is a death throw of the Fundie religious dogmatic groups. I also believe that it is the death throws of the far right political ideology. I am hopeful that there will rise a new political power group that is so far left of where the Democrats are that the Democrats will, only by comparison be considered conservative. We, as a nation need a giant step to the left. SO long, capitalism as an ideology, greed as a faith has had its sway, to all our detriments, economically and spiritually. Its had its run, time to go.

    And I dispute your claim that you are not rich. You are a very wealthy, in friends, the only true treasure there is.

    • I have a couple of good straight friends. But I have lost friendships with straight guys because of my sexual orientation. That is just the way it goes sometimes. But i definitely feel you on hanging around the weirdos and not attaching myself long term to any one person. You need to make friends with people who can support you. And people you can support back. My problem tends to be I end up doing all of the supporting and no one holds up there end. I burn out.

  2. I will correct your observation and 2 more typos I found in the re-reading. I’m going to eliminate the prefix of neo. I do think they’re the NEW Nazi movement. The neo’s never seemed to my observation to be aligned with Christianity, but I may be wrong.

    As for my wealth, it’s more spiritual (hehehe) but I have no doubt someone will make a fortune off me once I’m dead.

    • OK, I can buy the “spiritual wealth” as another wealth you have. So between your spiritual wealth and your friends, I think you are a very lucky man.

    • Yes I mind, capitalism is not something to understand, it is something to DEFEAT. It is a poverty of the soul that the ignorant think can be filled with “stuff’ rather than affection, camaraderie, love or spirit.

      • You should have witnessed my attempted conversion of a Republican yesterday during a pub-crawl. We didn’t make it to fisticuffs. We’re both too civilized. But as we knocked-back Jamisons and lager his girlfriend kept us in line. We spent from 1pm until 10pm trying to convince him he’s a Democrat and just doesn’t realize it. The subject of ‘capitalism’ got me so steamed I lost my voice all day today. Hehehe. He’s a good guy, he merely needs some guiding.

        • The Republican “True Believers” – don’t confuse us with facts, we’ve already made up our minds.

          There is an instructor at the ITT I go to that is a Tea Party True Believer too. I even showed him the evidence he was wrong, he claimed I manufactured it. I could have bitch-slapped him into Puget Sound I was so pissed off. Call me a liar and I do not forgive it. My integrity is non-negotiable. I NEVER lie. If I say something, you can be sure that if it is wrong, it is because the data given me was flawed, not because I fabricated something out of whole cloth.
          Sadly, no matter how blatant the evidence, the True Believers will never see it.

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