How MUCH is That Bullshit in the Window?

The New York Post quotes Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick may be getting a little bit ahead of himself on his rehabilitation tour: He told NBC News, “I would love to get another dog in the future.” He said such a move “would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process. I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love and my passion for animals … I miss having a dog right now.”

Take a deep breath…


The answer is a flat and resounding NO…!!!

I don’t begrudge Mister Vick an opportunity to earn a living.  I’m sorry it has to be in such a highly visible and profitable way — as the message it sends to American youth on the fringe is very troubling — and especially in the Philadelphia vicinity where according to the local press, dog-fighting is on the rise.  One can’t help but suspect the light sentence and profitable embrace of the NFL and the Eagles football team have a lot to answer for regarding that tragic development. 

No game (read profitable conglomerate) is above reproach when sending a message that ‘animal cruelty and death’ are forgivable with a slap on the wrist and a multimillion-dollar salary.  I don’t give a rats-ass if the Eagles ever win another game.  I cleaned-out my toilet with my Eagles jersey over a year ago. The team doesn‘t exist to me.  I’m always delighted to hear they’ve lost a game or that Vick has been injured.  What does he think about while he endures his own physical pain?  Does he reflect on the pain he inflicted on helpless animals?  Does he think at all beyond his own selfish worldview?

Do I hate him?  

No.  He’s too pitiful to hate.  

I have no problem pitying a sociopath – while hating that person’s actions.  Nor do I have any problems with him based on his race – don’t even go there.  I look down on him for his disingenuous reformation.  Vick was recently quoted as telling a group of school children he’d “still be involved in dog fighting if [he] hadn’t been caught.”  Going on to say he didn’t realize he was doing anything wrong.  None too swift on the uptake, and chilling to boot.

What a pathetic man he is, to have been given so many gifts in life, and to have so ill-used those opportunities. 

Tomorrow morning, my friend Romy is stepping forward on WCHE 1520 AM at 9:15 Thursday morning (12.16.2010)  interviewed by talk-radio host, Matt Lombardo.  You can listen on the radio or check-out the broadcast via the website on  – Better still call-in at 610.701.9243 and add your own convictions to strengthen Romy’s lone voice.

Simply put – animal cruelty is not to be tolerated – nor rewarded.

3 thoughts on “How MUCH is That Bullshit in the Window?

  1. Pro athletes will continue to be excused for atrocious behavior as long as people keep shelling out bucks to waste an afternoon at a sports doldrum. I would rather watch paint dry. Take a step towards penalizing multi million dollar criminals, don't go watch them play games, or buy clothes with their corporate ID (ie, team name and jersey number) or watch them on TV. If you like a sport, get together with friends and play it, and screw the "pros" as the corporate fat-cat pirates they are.

  2. with that kind of screwed up vic logic, child molesters could argue that they need a juicy young kid around to prove that they've been rehabilitated. what. a. tool.

    no dogs for you, vic! you don't deserve them.

  3. Romy was terrific on the radio, and kept to point throughout. I agree with you both. I want to see people across the wealth spectrum – be it sports or the banking industry or congressmen — punished the way regular struggling citizen are – when those fat cats get out of line. But it rarely ever happens. You get the justice you can afford in America.

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