A SHAMELESS series of holiday PLUGS

I was stunned when I walked outside yesterday to see a blanket of snow covering the ground.  Yesterday was one of those days where I batted one problem over the net after another as fast as I could.  I took poor Winnie outside and made it no further than a block or two before I had to carry her.  WHY do people INSIST on using environmentally AWFUL rock-salt on their sidewalks rather that pet-safe products like ‘Pet Guard’ or ‘Safe Step’s Ice-melt’ – In Philadelphia, I get both of those products at 10th Street Hardware at 257 South 10th Street (215.922.0720)  http://www.facebook.com/pages/10th-Street-Hardware/153435280848 .  I urge people to STOP using rock-salt – it physically HURTS dog’s paws.  Winnie starts to limp and whine in pain so I find myself having to lift and carry her home.  But you can’t change people.  So WE have to change our own patterns with new solutions.

A brand-new pet supply store opened-up in time for Christmas right around the corner from me called ‘Litterpaw Pet Supply’ – at 267 South 10th Street in Philadelphia (215.82r5.5626) http://www.litterpawpetsupply.com .  ‘Litterpaws’ is a privately owned small business which I will support.  I like spending my money in places other than chain-stores.  Litterpaws carries a great new style of rubber boot for dogs that retail for $14 and includes a dozen boots per package.  Each boot is like a heavy-duty balloon that you stretch-on over the dog’s paw, including the prehensile toe.  They stay ON and Winnie doesn’t have problems walking in them.  They allow the dog to feel the ground beneath their feet while keeping the paws dry and free from burning sidewalk chemicals.  That product is called ‘Protex Pawz’ - if you’re outside of Philly, they can be contacted at http://www.pawzdogboots.com which is by the way, actually MADE in America.  For immediate gratification, OBVIOUSLY go to Litterpaw Pet Supply – for food, toys and a variety of pet supplies.

Winnie’s stunninly ‘chic’ outfit is from the Canine Couture Collection® 966 N. Lawrence Street Philadelphia, PA 19123
Phone: 215.625.3758
I got Winnie’s winter coat and matching harness and leash last year, from Canine Couture, where designers Suzanne and Frances could not have been more terrific.  All of Winnie’s coats are so well-made that they look like they’re brand-new after you wash and dry them.  Canine Contour has the best quality coats and accessories around.

For other earth friendly ‘green’ products including biodegradable pee-pads, and convenient poop-bags that come in a dispenser which attaches to the leash complete with refills — go to the Big Green Earth Store http://www.biggreenearthstore.com/ Big Green Earth Store is a VERY dog friendly business located at 934 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 – 267.909.8661.  Big Green Earth Store carries more than just pet supplies, but a variety of products that can help reduce your personal ‘carbon footprint.’  Dogs get treats and rock-star treatment when customers come in to shop.

Another great product is the Weiss Walkie http://www.emilyweiss.com/ – it’s perfect for animal advocates who want to keep a leash on their person in coat pockets or purses and backpack — should you happen across a stray you want to rescue.  I carry an extra leash and collar in my coat pockets always.  You never know when you’re going to be on a wild goose chase to capture a lost animal.  Then again, most people aren’t as crazy as me.

For anyone looking for an honest and reliable dog walking service with people who really CARE, I recommend Susan Senn’s Sniffles and Friends Professional Dog Walkers, Philadelphia, PA. 215.203.0117 – http://www.snifflesandfriends.com/
Sue is one of my primary contacts working with me to post fliers for lost and stolen animals.  Her business is more than merely a business – it’s a passionate caring for animals.  She is an indispensable animal advocate who I highly recommend.

Well, that’s my list of shameless holiday plugs for today.  I’ll get back to raging against the ‘machine’ in my next post.

One thought on “A SHAMELESS series of holiday PLUGS

  1. I never knew that salting the walk was a problem for pets. Thanks for the heads up. Fortunately the Seattle region gets rain, not snow. However now I know that if it does snow, I need a better ice melt. That is a better public service than the plug for the stores, since it is hard to support a local business that is not local, LOL. I'll look around King County for similar shops.

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