What Just Happened Over the Past 2 Years?

    A brief tally:
  • The Health Care Bill
  • Credit card and financial reform
  • The Stimulus Bill
  • Saving the American auto-industry
  • Drawing the War in Iraq to a close
  • The extension of unemployment benefits
  • The Food Safety Bill
  • Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  • The START Nuclear Arms Treaty
  • And finally the embarrassingly LONG overdue 9/11 Heroes Bill

What has happened in the past 2 years? Barack Obama has delivered in record time on the majority of his campaign promises.  The far left were merely not patient enough to factor the word ‘strategy‘ into the equation.  A president is not an omnipotent king or pharaoh who’s word is law.  A president is a person who must work with the other branches of government, even when there are serious disagreements and differences of opinion.  I’ve spent most of these past two years believing in our president.  Admittedly, I wavered briefly after the low-information voters brought about the change in the balance of power in Congress during the midterms – but I should have held to my gut beliefs.  The ‘Ship of State’ is in very capable hands.  President Obama is a man who has strategies up his sleeve we mere mortals can’t comprehend.  He has mature patience, an old soul, and the precious quality of knowing how to bide his time while strategizing his promises into reality.

What most progressives fail to comprehend is how difficult it is to steer the aforementioned ‘Ship of State’ — let alone to corner the same-said ship in treacherous waters.  Whether or not Obama becomes a one or a two-term president is almost immaterial.  (I for one, will most certainly vote for him in 2012) — but he has already made his mark on history — not merely for being the nations first Commander in Chief of color — but for being the man who has set our country back on the right course.

Look at how much social change has come about, and how many necessary moral decisions which have been made — largely during the ‘Lame Duck’ session.   The question is, were they brokered by President Obama’s perceived caving into the Republican mantra of “tax-breaks” for the wealthiest 2% of Americans who control 87% of the nation’s wealth?  The answer is a resounding “yes.”  This, sadly is what passes for bipartisanship in the years of republican obstructionism.  That isn’t Obama’s doing, it’s the hand he was dealt, and Obama played that hand with a poker-face.  He’s distanced himself from the heartless decision to further sink our economy by extending tax-cuts to the wealthiest Americans – and it was curiously wise – as Republicans now OWN it.  He has distanced himself from the recent failure of the ‘Dream Act’ which would allow the children of illegal aliens be given a legal pathway to citizenship by completing college or serving in the military.  The republicans now own that too.  Along with a laundry list of obstructionism summarized by John Boehner’s and Mitch McConnell’s incessant declaration of “HELL NO.”  They now own that opposition in the face of progressive success.

This coming year redistricting changes will add electoral college power to largely to republican states — that said, it’s important to remember the overwhelming numbers of those states have growing Hispanic populations – and the old republican guard may find themselves not quite so smug in their power – unless they start fixing elections and preventing people from voting.  Won’t be the first time…

President Obama is a Constitutional scholar and a Nobel Laureate, as well a brilliant, even-tempered man.  His detractors, headed by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are unrepentantly evil, (see the earlier posts.)  Have no fear in the increased republican presence in Congress.  Nothing happens without concession.  Progressives, independents and thoughtful centrists should revisit the idea of “hope you can believe-in” — but this time temper that thought with patience.  It’s how grown-ups operate.

BTW – When is Spell Check going to stop “flagging” Barack Obama as misspelled words?

4 thoughts on “What Just Happened Over the Past 2 Years?

  1. i agree, beihl. folks need to understand that the ship of state is an enormous ocean liner that takes a long time to turn, not a jet ski.

    it's hard to block a blockhead.

  2. Never even heard of "Kids in the Hall" so must be after my time.
    Yes, the ship of state steers like the Titanic. If the Ratpublican'ts are at the helm we will be putting on more coal (and off-shore drilled oil) right into the iceberg field. However, I am having the increasing field that most of the Dumbocraps are little better (most, there are some with a better track record) Is there any hope that a third option that can meet a middle ground that neither party wants anything to do with? Extremes, either in nature, politics or actions are rarely healthy. I know it takes more intelligence to deal with having multiple parties where each has a different mix of yea or nay on each issue, and low information voters don't want to think that hard. So what is there for those of us who disagree with BOTH parties? Yes, things are getting better, yes, I understand it takes time. But I also do not agree with all things Obama and the Dems are doing (most but not all, and some of the 'not all' is important to me) I agree with far less of the far right and their morals suck. It leaves me feeling very disenfranchised. Happy Solstice y'all, and have a healthy, prosperous New Year.

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