I Feel Like I Was Hit in the Stomach

I have been a loyal Obama supporter throughout thick and thin, but all it can take is one particular type of gaff to alienate me, and the president may have just pulled that gaff.  When Barack Obama went out of his way to telephone Eagle’s owner, Jeffrey Lurie to congratulate him on signing convicted felon, Michael Vick, I was speechless.  I thought I knew our president better than this.  What made him think this was a good idea?  Why did he even feel compelled to weigh in on this topic?  If he wanted to reach-out and congratulate someone on rehabilitation following a criminal history, I’m sure there were far better struggling examples to have been lauded.  This is in my eyes merely one more example of the rich being allowed redemption with little or no consequences.

I volunteer in the Philadelphia area designing lost animal fliers to be used online or printed for local circulation.  There is a marked up-tick in missing and stolen animals in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area.  No, I’m not suggesting Michael Vick has done this, but his all-to-quick “rehabilitation and resurrection” leads me to wonder if this ‘bad-boy’ image of his has emboldened at-risk youth to follow in his footsteps?  Especially in the Delaware Valley.  We live in an era when ‘bad’ is good, and ‘good’ is punished.  This is how a society deteriorates before our very eyes.  Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ”

Michael Vick didn’t do a minute of time in prison for animal cruelty, for which he is profoundly guilty.  Vick did time for the lesser crime of racketeering.  Today a person gets the best justice money can buy.  If you can afford a crack-legal team – you get off with a slap on the wrist.  The message being sent to America’s youth is appalling.

Three and one-half years ago, my dog Edna was abducted, held for ransom and tortured while I was left helpless to listen on the phone while her abusers did their worst.  The abductors were children, and one, a 15 year was sentenced to a year in prison.  I have never been emotionally the same after that horror.  It took place while Vick’s crimes were top news stories – when he had recently been convicted on the lesser charges allowing others to take the real fall for him.  No, I don’t believe in coincidences where this sort of thing is concerned.  

Mr President – that was not a well-thought-out endorsement.  I don’t have scientific evidence to support my suspicions, but I suspect a large number of animal rights advocates have a liberal persuasion – your base.  I also suspect animal rights people, are more inclined to VOTE and be politically active than sports junkies.  I am very, very saddened by your judgment,  Mr President, stay out of ‘pop-culture’ and sports, and get back to doing the things we elected you to do.   

To send a comment to the White House on this matter use the following website:
 OR you can call the White House Comment Line at: 202.456.1414

Among other horrors here in Philadelphia, a pit-bull was found hanged to death in a North Philadelphia playground.  Another was thrown injured into the Schuylkill River,  These incidents just keep happening. A ‘few’ recent missing animal fliers follow:

2 thoughts on “I Feel Like I Was Hit in the Stomach

  1. Me too. There was no earthly reason to weigh-in on this. But given the alternatives on the horizon I'll probably still vote for him – at least he isn't blowing-away caribou on national TV.

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